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Her Toy

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Falling in love with a sadistic toy maker was never part of the plan. The Toy Maker loving her back only made things interesting. "I can't go back to how we were, Jason." His eyes searched mine, "What if it wasn't the same?" When I didn't respond he continued, "What if I made it up to you?" "How?" "I'll be yours for two months." I stared at him and started laughing when I realized how serious he was. "Fine," He said, "three." "Do you seriously think that will make everything better?" I asked with no intention of agreeing to his poorly formed plan. "I think its worth a shot," He covered my hand with his, "Do you?"

Erotica / Romance
Jane Darling
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The Start of Something New

I always thought that by the time I was in my twenties I would be trying on white gowns, picking my bridesmaids, and finally ready to wear my grandmother’s diamond broach while floating down the aisle as Canon in D plays in the background.

But life has a certain way of taking what you thought your life would be like and cramming it down the garbage disposal.

So there I was, ambushed by my mom and her, old, new husband Steve with a lopsided cake. Tristan following close behind them with a sympathetic grin stretched across his face.

They launched into a full tone-deaf rendition of the happy birthday song and waited until I blew out the small fire hazard before patting me on my back.

“So, how does twenty-four feel?” Tracy asked from the doorway. My nephew, Tyler, was tucked into her hip. His chubby hand twirled her soft blonde hair into messy spirals.

“Like twenty-three,” I crossed my eyes and Tyler’s giggling filled the air. My mom started slicing the cake and handing out crooked pieces.

I took a bite and tried not to immediately cough up the buttery spongecake that seemed to at some point been submerged in water.

I glanced at Tristan who was tucked away in the corner, shoveling a big forkful into his mouth before realizing his terrible mistake.

After scraping his tongue Tristan turned his attention back to me, “You sure you have to go back already?”

“If I don’t then I won’t get that promotion.”

“Just call your friend and tell him you have family business to attend to.”

“For some reason, I don’t think he’d be cool with that,” I laughed, “Especially because he knows that family business means beating your ass at Uno.”

Tristan covered Tyler’s tiny ears, “How dare you speak to me like that in front of my infant son.”

Tracy elbowed her husband and grinned, “I think what he is trying to say is that it seems like you just got here,”

“Just be thankful she bothers to visit you, ” My mom cut in. I tried to avoid eye contact so I wouldn’t have to go through the same argument we’d been having for a year.

Tristan cleared his throat, “So when do you need to be back?”

“By tonight,” I checked my watch, an early birthday present, “I promise I’ll come home early for Christmas.”

He wrapped his arm around Tracy, “That’s what they always say.”

“If I’m not back on Christmas Eve then you can give me five extra cards next match,”

Tristan held out his hand, “You’re on, Holloway,”

“Don’t get too excited,” I gripped his hand, “You’re still going to lose,”

“We’ll see about that,” He scoffed.

I glanced at Tracy, “Can I borrow that blue dress you were talking about?”

Tracy handed Tyler off to his Dad, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Come upstairs with me and I’ll get it.”

I followed Tracy through their small home and up to the master bedroom. Baby clothes littered the floor; I could barely make out the shaggy tan carpet hidden underneath.

Tracy caught me eyeballing the mess, “Just wait until you have a baby,”

“I wouldn’t count on that happening anytime soon.” I laughed and helped her clear a path to the closet door.

“Why not? Aren’t you and what’s his name doing it?”

“Ethan?” Heat rushed to my cheeks, “He’s just a friend.”

“So you haven’t slept together?”

“Of course not, he’s my boss.”

Tracy stared me down. After months of living together and a year of pen paling, she had come to know all my secrets, well most of them.

I sighed, “It’s really not like that.” She rolled her eyes and reached so far into her closet that she nearly disappeared.

“Got it!” Her voice was muffled by the wall between us.

Once she surfaced for air she handed off the sparkly blue number. I whistled, “That is one sexy dress,”

“Yeah, I was saving it for a night out on the town but I doubt that’s happening anytime soon,”

“I’ll put in a word with Tristan,”

She walked off and started to rummage through her drawers, “You’re so good to me,”

I shook my head and grinned before holding the dress up to my body. The full-length mirror in front of me showed every curve.

“So what is the dress for anyway,” Tracy asked, “Seducing the boss?”

“More like seducing the boardroom with my skill and-”

“Incredibly firm ass?”

I smacked her with the dress, “Shut up,”

She returned my smile, “Alright, whatever the case, you have to take these earrings with you,”

Tracy put two dangling earrings into my hand. The sapphire blue gemstones shined under the last beams of sunlight peeking through the windows.

I glanced at the clock resting beside the bed, “Shit, I have to get going.”

“Already?” Tracy watched me rush into the next room and drag out my half-packed suitcase before stuffing the dress inside.

“Sorry,” I zipped everything up and thudded down the stairs, “If I don’t get going then I’ll miss the show.”

“Oh geez, not this again,” I could hear the slight annoyance in her voice.

While Tristan loaded my bag into the car I suffered through one last life critic from my mom, until Christmas at least.

Her words were muted and slurred together until I was forced to zone back in, “Is that true, honey?”

“Is what true?”

“That you wanted to take some cake home with you,”

“I don’t-” I trailed off as I looked between my mother and Tristan. He set me up.

“Are you sure?” Tristan gave me one of his mischievous grins.

“Mom I really don’t want any cake.”

“Why not?”

I gave an uneasy glance to Tracy, “I’m on a diet.”

My mom scoffed, “You don’t need to be on a diet. You were just starting to get hips.”

Tristan snickered behind me and I felt the need for revenge creeping up my spine.

“I wouldn’t feel right taking the cake from Tristan,” I shot a glance back to where he stood, “He was just telling me how much he loved it.”

My mom patted my hands, “I see,” She pulled my close, “I think he needs to gain some weight too.”

“I heard that,”

Mom rolled her eyes, “Women like men with some meat on them, isn’t that right Tracy?”

Tracy nodded enthusiastically before grinning at Tristan, “Absolutely,”

He scoffed and slammed the trunk, “Alright, everything is ready to go and I really think you should.”

I laughed and gave everyone a hug, saving Tracy’s for last. She pulled me in brushed a few tears from her eyes.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” She said before opening the door to my car.

I smiled knowing that the sky was the limit, “I won’t.” Finally, the door was shut and I was off.


By the time I made it back to Atlanta the sun had been replaced by a hauntingly bright full moon.

I pressed the key into the lock and entered the apartment I hadn’t seen in three days. It was finally furnished after months of searching for a home.

My heels clicked on the hardwood floors as I walked across the room and drew back the curtains. The light shimmered in the window and the Pink Cherry sign glittered under the night sky.

I watched the men getting waved in by the body guard and even caught a few Cherries sneaking around back, hoping not to get reprimanded by Kitty for being late.

Initially I didn’t want an apartment so close Pink Cherry but I had grown fond of seeing the nightlife wandered in with curious minds.

I shook off the nostalgia creeping up on me and got ready for a relaxing night in.

After peeling off my clothes, I gathered a few of my favorite toys and positioned myself on the bed.

A few clicks on my laptop and I was watching a girl get gropped by her master. A zap of excitement ran up my spine as I mimicked his hand placement on my body.

He pinned her up against the wall and shoved his hand down her skirt. Her moaning soon mingled with mine as he circled her clit slowly, making sure he had her on edge.

“You like that, don’t you slut?” His voice propelled my hand forward. My body was screaming for something to put inside of me but I knew I didn’t have permission.

I waited eagerly until he finally pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. It took all my self-control to not bring myself to my orgasm. Instead I pumped my finger in and out just as steadily as he did.

“Are you satisfied now?” The girl gave no answer except a series of moans.

He pushed her down onto the nearby bed and yanked off her skirt. Her legs were spread open for him and secured with straps.

I watched her shiver under his gaze, still able to feel his touch on her skin.

He grinned, “Maybe I should just leave you like this. I have such a nice view,”

“No, please,”

“Please, what?”

She swallowed and shifted her body, “Please, fuck me,”

“Fuck you?” He laughed while letting his fingers roam over her bare thighs, “I might need some convincing,”

“Please, Sir, I’m so horny and I can’t stand it,”

He watched her, no doubt wondering how desperate he could get her, “No.”

Her heart sunk, “I’ll do anything, Please!”


“Take me anyway you want, just please let me feel your cock inside of me!” Tears were welling up in her eyes and images of being held at Jason’s mercy flooded my mind.

I glanced back at the screen just as he slammed into her. I grabbed the toy closest to me and whimpered as it stretched my walls.

I moaned and remembered how Jason took me on his desk. I pumped faster when the memory of his touch wrapped around me and urged me to go harder than I had before.

My body ached as I approached my climax. I grabbed the sheets and screamed the only name that I could remember.

It echoed off the walls and suddenly I was overcome with electricity shooting through my veins.

I sighed and dripped onto the sheets beneath me before rolling over, and finding another video.

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