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Merry Dickmas

I paced nervously in the backroom while the Cherries hustled around in their red satin mini-skirts. One after another, Jade pushed each girl into a dressing room, tossed in their outfit and then yanked them out.

With or without their bra.

In little under an hour, each girl was dressed. It was record timing.

“Let’s go, go, go,” Jade barked at the Cherries. All she was missing was a whistle.

One Cherry was daring enough to ask what they were all wondering, “When is Kitty getting here?”

I never thought I’d live to see the day they missed General Kitty.

“She’ll get here when she gets here.” Jade’s raven curls fell loosely out of her messy ponytail and over her wild brown eyes, “Any other questions?”

Somewhere in the back of the crowd, a girl raised her hand. Jade sighed and called on her like we were in grade school.

The girl was unfamiliar to me. She must have been new to the team.

“The bows won’t stay on. Is there something I can do to fix that?”

Jade rolled her eyes, “That’s kind of the idea.” The other seasoned Cherries snickered.

The girl’s cheeks turned pink. “So my nipples are-”

“Exposed,” Jade confirmed and more Cherries chimed in.

“To the wind.”

“Playing peek-a-boo.”

“Cold, apparently.”

I was barely paying attention to what was going on.

I dug the metal underwire out from my boob. The pain was only worth it when there was the promise of an orgasm.

When the crowd went back to their usual primping I followed Jade back to the dressing rooms.

She grabbed another unsuspecting Cherry and tossed her in.

She didn’t even look up until I spoke, “Will you just tell me who it is already?”

“Not a chance.”

“I’ve been waiting all day and Sarah still isn’t here.”

“Wait a little longer.” The burgundy mood lighting really brought out her heinous bitch.

I groaned, “This is ridiculous.”

Just then the Cherry poked out from behind the curtain and Jade pushed her back in before declaring our conversation private.

She sighed, “It’s not my story to tell and Sarah is going to be here any minute. She wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“What, rehearsals?”

Jade gave me a look, “No, the initiation.”

“That’s tonight?” She nodded and it was my turn to blush.

“We thought we’d spring it on him,” She finally released the captive Cherry, “No pun intended.”

I struggled not to laugh, “So he doesn’t suspect anything?”

“Did you?”

“Good point.”

Suddenly the Cherries parted like the Red Sea and Kitty stood beside us.

“Finally,” Jade shoved a green velvet corset set into her arms. “You’re the only one not dressed.”

Kitty peeled off her top and slipped into her outfit in front of us. Her pale skin shimmered under the lights.

Jade elbowed me, “So is it weird that you’ve seen both siblings naked?” It was my turn to push her into the dressing room.

Kitty grinned, “The lighting technician said he would stop by tomorrow morning before the show.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” Of course PinkCherry chose the night before our biggest event to break down.

Jade came back out with her hair tucked neatly away and a fuzzy white scarf around her neck. “Ho, Ho, Ho, Hoes.” She twirled around and earned a whistle from the crowd.

I turned to Kitty, “Who is Sarah marr-”

They answered at the same time. “Later.”

Kitty leaned over and rung the large bell hanging off the wall while lifting her cleavage up. “Alight! It’s showtime girls.”

Apparently, there were a few home decor changes made in my absence. Kitty looked at me, “It’s easier than yelling.”

We struggled to get out of the room and found ourselves lost at sea. Kitty grabbed my arm and led us through the crowd while Jade hung onto the end of my outfit.

When we finally made it to the front we set out the props and waited for the main event to arrive.

The seconds ticked by and were filled with naughty whispers. It wasn’t long before the front door chimed and Adam got a glimpse into his future.

He glanced up at us in confusion as the girls blew kisses and whistled. It was Kitty who finally had mercy and called him up to the stage.

“What about Sarah?” I asked Jade.

She shrugged, “You snooze you lose.” Wise words.

Adam climbed up and met us in the middle, “Someone want to tell me what’s going on?”

His hair was noticeably damp and light gray sweatshirt hung over his body. He thought he was coming for rehearsal.

“It’s your final exam,” Jane answered.

He looked at each one of us, “Which is?”

“Rock out with your cock out.” I stepped in when the suspense became too much. Kitty smacked me and laughed. We all did.

Adam continued to stare at us. Maybe hoping it was all a joke. The last thing we expected was him shrugging and telling us to get the hell off his stage so he could get started.

We watched in awe as he peeled off his sweatshirt and a portion of his tan skin peeked out from under his shirt. Eventually we made our way to the other Cherries and closed each others hanging jaws.

I fumbled with the remote to the speakers and eventually found the play button. Music and cheers flooded the room.

Adam stared at me, “This song? Really?” Kitty apparently neglected to switch out the CD’s and the sound of the Backstreet Boys made us all explode into a fit of laughter. Jade collapsed on the floor.

I shrugged, “Maybe we want it this way!” Kitty doubled over and I was the last one standing.

“Well I don’t, I’m getting limp over here.”

In an act of pity, I switched the music to something a bit more suiting and dropped the lights. Adam took his cue and lifted his shirt off his body to the rhythm of the music. Suddenly, nothing was funny anymore.

The shirt flew across the crowd and the Cherries leaped over each other to retrieve it.

He unzipped his jeans, his erection tenting his underwear, pushing its way out as the sides opened.

They fell to the floor.

Our eyes were glued to him. His penis was of course hard as rock, visibly straining in his underwear.

He pushed the waistband down, lingering momentarily, then letting it slip past the tip of his penis. He slid the material slowly down over the head, then the shaft, slowly exposing all of himself. He pushed the underwear down his legs and off and kicked them to the side.

Now he was completely naked in front of us but didn’t touch himself. Not yet.

There were nervous giggles all around and I was so invested that I didn’t even hear Sarah snake her way through the crowd or her crunching on the popcorn.

“What did I miss?” She asked and shoveled another handful into her mouth.

“He’s naked.” Was all I could make out.

He was so hard it was defying gravity, flexing involuntarily, raising itself tautly so everyone had the best view in the house.

“Where did you find him?” I screamed to Kitty over the music.

Kitty didn’t look away for a second, “Yeah, he is isn’t he?” I glanced at Jade and she laughed before thrusting her hips.

Adam turned his back to the crowd and one Cherry nearly climbed on stage with him. His back was smooth and toned to perfection.

He picked up one of many strokers from the pile and tossed it off the stage before wrapping his left hand around his cock. He moved teasingly slow and I didn’t know who was supposed to be the victim.

It was a terrible time for my phone to ring and a worse time for the caller to be Ethan. I let it go to voicemail.

His bicep tightened and it was clear he was straining to keep control.

The lights began to flicker and his strokes became much more frequent.

His hips jolted forward in response to his strokes and I nearly had to wipe the drool off the corner of my mouth.

Sarah and Jade hollered over the music and Kitty continued to discretely stroke her inner thigh.

Adam massaged his balls with his free hand and I could almost see the heartbeat throbbing in his shaft. The girls were clearly getting impatient and wanted to move up the grand finale.

Tops and bras flew off their bodies and Adam was facing forty pairs of bare breasts.

His lips tightened into a smirk and in an instant, the front row was in the splash zone. He attempted to turn away but it was too late when the last wave hit him.

His head fell back in ecstasy and I felt a familiar warmth between my thighs.

It was over before any of us had the time to process what we witnessed. Jade leaned over towards us, “Merry Dickmas to me.”

Sarah whistled as Adam bent over to pick up his underwear from the floor and Kitty blushed lightly.

She grabbed the microphone, “All right, that was a great warm up but now we actually have to rehearse.” The Cherries groaned. Her orders clearly ruined their plans to go orgasm as soon as possible.

“Can we rehearse sucking dick?” One girl asked from the middle of the crowd.

“Good question,” I mumbled behind Kitty and she rolled her eyes.

“No, now find your partners and practice what we discussed earlier.”

The Cherries begrudgingly obeyed and we huddled together.

“Are we not going to talk about how hot that was?” Sarah fanned herself.

Kitty bit her lip and almost responded but Adam interrupted our circle.

“Talking about me?”

Jade scoffed, “No one likes someone who’s cocky.”

Adam glanced around the room, “I think everyone here would disagree.” His eyes settled on me, “And you?”


“Did you enjoy it?”

“I’ve seen better.”


I glanced down to the faint outline in his underwear. He didn’t bother to put his pants back on.

I grinned, “Cocks.”

Sarah and Jade threw their hands over their mouths and Adam laughed.

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