Her Toy

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The Magic Word

I turned over and felt the cotton sheets slip off of me. Despite being exhausted I couldn’t forget where I was.

Instead, I peered around in the dark and tried not to focus on the unsettling picture of an old man across from the bed with eyes that followed me.

I gathered all the nerve left in my sleep deprived body and lifted myself away from where Kitty snored softly and out the door.

The hallway was just as dark, if not darker, than the bedroom.

I stumbled along with my hand on the wall for guidance and hoped to come across a door with a sign that said bathroom.

The dusty shag carpet squished between my toes and my grandmother’s house came to mind.

A door shutting from somewhere along the hall snapped me out of my thoughts. I glanced over my shoulder and could barely make out the wall one foot away.

I pushed myself forward but went a bit faster than before. After another minute the senseless panic seeped in through the cracks.

The idea of Freddy Kreuger lurking in the darkness behind me made pick up the pace until I was almost to a sprint.

And then I hit something. No, not something, someone. I crashed into them when I checked over my shoulder for boogeymen at my heels.

I bounced back from the impact and almost lost my balance but Jason caught me.

Even in the dark, I could feel his eyes watching me, “What are you doing?”

I glanced down and could almost see the edges of the towel wrapped around his waist. “Trying to find the bathroom.”

I could tell he was unimpressed with my response by the lack of enthusiasm in his voice.

“Follow me,” He turned and led me a little further down the hall before pushing open a door to the left. The light flickered on and I could see he was wet.

His dark hair clung to his forehead and beads of water dripped down his chest. I opened my mouth to say something but couldn’t find the right words.

“Is that it?” His soft tone pulled me back to reality.

I nodded before sliding past him, “Yeah, thanks.”

Jason left me to find my way back to the bedroom by myself and after a few minutes, I braved the darkness alone.

A sliver of light peaked out into the hallway and I followed it to a doorway across from Kitty’s bedroom.

The door was slightly cracked open and I could see Jason roaming around his room.

Before my better judgment could talk me out of pulling a Randy Perkins, a boy notorious for peeping in my old high school, Jason dropped the towel around his waist.

I scrambled away from the door and fought the urge to continue watching until he turned around.

I slipped back into the bedroom and tucked myself under the sheets while Kitty snored next to me.

My eyes burned as I shut them. I tried not to overthink what I saw. Jason wet and completely naked. It was enough to send my brain into overload.

I finally drifted to sleep thinking while formulating a plan of escape for the next morning. How to sneak out without being stopped by someone and forced to stay for lunch.

Barely a few minutes passed when a hand brushed against the fabric of my top.

My eyes snapped open when the idea of the painting coming to life terrified me out of any decent rest I was getting that night.

Jason’s soft expression pulled me even further from my sleepy daze.

“What do you want?” I whispered with careful consideration not to wake Kitty. The same towel from before still hung around his waist.

Maybe he saw me looking through the door.

I waited for a response but it never came. Instead in one motion lifted himself onto the bed and pinned me beneath him.

Certain that his movement woke Sleeping Beauty I turned to face her. I was armed with a poorly formed explanation when I realized she wasn’t there.

I stared at the shadows covering his face, “Where’s Ki-” I couldn’t even finish the sentence before his lips found mine in the darkness.

His right hand cupped my cheek and the other grabbed my waist. At first, I laid in a stunned silence but when his finger traced over my lips everything came rushing back.

The sour taste of his tongue during a long drunken kiss, his skin brushing against mine, and the way he held me up against him.

Melting into his arms felt right and increasingly easier as the seconds ticked by.

I moaned as he dragged his hand over my body until it was hovering over the crotch of my favorite plaid pajama pants.

One more minute underneath him and I was done for. Another touch and I would let him stroke his way back into my life.

I pushed him onto the other side of the bed as hard as I could. He stared at me, bewildered by my sudden hostile takeover.

I didn’t waste time yanking off my pajamas and unwrapping the loose towel covering him.

His eyes never left me as I mounted him. He was as hard as I ever felt him causing shivers to run up and down my spine.

I stroked him slowly and watched how the expressions on his face followed the rhythm of my speed.

He moaned for the first time with his eyes shut. He was throbbing in my hand before I had mercy and lifted myself high enough to direct his cock into my pussy.

I slid back onto him ever so slightly just to watch the pleasure cloud his face before letting him fall back out of me.

“Tara,” He growled in a way that I hadn’t heard in a long time and I smirked. My teasing was getting to him.

“What?” I asked while circling my clit, “You can dish it out but you can’t take it?”

His fingers dug into my hips, “Tara,”

“What do you say?” His eyes burned a hole into mine when he realized what I wanted.

He grabbed me in preparation to flip us over and take back the reins but I pinned his arms above his head before he could.

Our faces were less than an inch apart. His stubborn breath rolling down my neck and the temptation of his lips right in front of me.

I struggled to keep my mind clear and sunk a little further onto his desperate cock. A groan escaped his lips as I rocked slightly back and forth.

My hips barely moved but caused him to pulse inside of me. I leaned up to his ear. The further I went the more of him was no longer inside of me.

“Just say please,” I kissed down his neck back over to his lips. I hovered for a second before I heard it. A barely audible whisper of desire.

“I’m sorry, I missed that, say it again.”

He glared at me, “Please.” A grin stretched across my face as I realized what he felt. The same endless desire burning through his pride while I held the key to his satisfaction.

I didn’t wait another second before pushing myself back and taking all of him at once. He stretched me more than he ever had and I moaned in sheer delight of it.

I pulled myself up and sank back down onto his big cock. Goosebumps ran up and down my arms.

Jason groaned with each movement that I made and struggled against me. He pushed his hips up to meet mine as I fell back down for the third time and a gasp left my lips.

He smirked in a way that meant he thought he was always in control, even when he wasn’t. It was an act of war.

I pulled one of his hands down and directed it to my clit, “If you want to feel good, we both get to feel good.”

He froze and then his fingers started to work their magic. Rubbing and circling around the most sensitive part of my body while I fucked him.

He groaned every time my body slapped against his. I wanted him to go faster, to bring me to my release so I took his cock over and over again. Burying him inside of me before pulling up and doing it all over again.

Apparently, he got the hint and followed my lead. He rubbed me while I rode him hard and fast. Each second we were closer to the finish line and neither of us was going to stop chasing it.

“Tara,” My name poured off his lips in a moment of pure ecstasy, “Move.”

I glanced down at him, “What?”

“Move over. You’re taking up the whole bed.” His green eyes faded away into nothing and I woke up with the blankets tucked around me and Kitty telling me to move out of her side.

My heart sunk as I realized that the pounding in my chest was all because of a dream.

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