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Sign on the Dotted Line

The ride came to a jarring halt when Jason pulled beside a barn on the other side of the field. One strong wind and the whole thing could come crashing down and I didn’t like the idea of being inside when it did.

However, the black storm clouds looming overhead and roars of thunder in the very near distance seemed like the more immediate threat so I followed Jason inside cautiously.

I tucked my hands into my long sleeves and folded my arms to keep warm while Jason pulled the door open just far enough for us to slip inside. To my dismay, he closed it behind us before turning on the lights.

There I was, standing in a dark barn in the middle of nowhere with the perfect storm rolling in. If they were giving away rewards for dumb decisions I would be in the running.

It took a few minutes before the lights flickered on. I heard Jason fumbling and at one point tripping over things to get to the switch. Apparently, the sorry excuse for shelter did have electricity. Shocker.

There were hundreds of half-finished metal projects scattered around on the ground with small pieces of wiring hidden by the hay.

Jason dug around on the dimly lit desk before grabbing paper and a pen and bringing it over to a table in the middle of the room. I took it as my cue to move from my position at the door and give up the chance of making a speedy exit if the walls began to shake.

As I got closer I noticed the paper wasn’t blank but instead had a light sketch on the back. Jason flipped it over and used the side that was unused.

“We couldn’t have done this in a coffee shop?”

Jason smirked, “Why go to a coffee shop to write a contract when you have a barn?” The man had a point. A vague point but one nonetheless.

My eyes wandered around the room while he started writing, “So are we really doing this?”

He looked up at me from scribbling the rules on the paper, “I’ll do anything.”

There was a pang of sadness in my heart and maybe a little guilt. My motives weren’t completely altruistic but I figured he already guessed that much.

I nodded and signaled him to keep writing. We went back and forth on terms and what was allowed in our ‘agreement’.


I gave him a look and he sucked in a breath.

“Right, restraints.”

I grinned, “Don’t forget the spatula.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course, I just got a new one. How else am I going to use it?”

The look in his eyes was all I ever dreamed of. It didn’t take long for the sadness to evaporate and be replaced with excitement.

“Is the gag really necessary?” Jason asked before writing it down with the other allowed toys.

“Was the fucking machine really necessary?”

He paused, “I needed to test it.”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes, “I need to test the gag.”

“For what?” Rain started to pelt the roof and I wondered if there was any chance we would make it out alive.

I smirked, “The ability to keep you quiet.”

“Never gonna happen, baby.” Jason winked.

“Don’t call me baby,” I tapped the paper, “That’s a rule.”

“Fine. Got any more?”

I tapped my finger to my chin, “You can’t cum without me.”

There was a crash of thunder from right above us. “What?”

“You heard me.” I said while twisting a piece of my hair, “No playing with yourself.”

“That’s...that’s...” Jason looked into my eyes, “Fair I guess.” Maybe he saw how much I wanted it or maybe he knew what he put me through those few months. Either way, the next noise I heard was the scratching of a pen.

Whether or not he could be honest and refrain from breaking that rule I wasn’t sure.

We went over the business side of the deal in length. Even covering how much contact with Ethan was necessary. I refused to give up the right to speak to him, no matter what terms we were on.

By the end, we were several sheets of paper in and Jason created two lines at the bottom for our signatures. All we just needed to sign but before we could Jason’s phone started to buzz on the table.

Kitty’s name popped up on the screen and I handed it to him, “You should probably answer. We’ve been gone for a while.”

He nodded and dragged the icon across the screen before putting the phone to his ear. I heard her muffled voice coming out of the speaker. She sounded exhausted and irritated by whatever she was telling Jason.

“Slow down, what happened?” Jason got up and paced across the barn floor. I wondered what kind of new fresh hell was in the process of descending on us.

I listened to the one side of the conversation I could hear.

“Fuck, well, we’ll make it work,”

After they hung up I waited for an explanation. Jason sighed before finally looking back at me, “The venue for James’ wedding fell through.”


Jason stared at me, “My cousin.” Sarah’s fiance, so that was his name.

“Right,” I pushed the pen around on the table, “So is there a plan b?”

“Yeah, we’re having it here.”

“Here? Like, at the church?”

“No, In the barn.” I took a harder look at my surroundings and imagined gathering all the cherries in electric blue dresses onto the hay bails stacked against the wall in the back.

“The wedding is in a month and the barn is-”

Jason cut me off, “I know.” So he was aware that we were sitting in a house of cards.

“Why not just have it at the church?”

“They called apparently it’s booked that night for a women’s tea.”

I sighed and thought about how deep Sarah must have been in an anxiety attack. Jason sat back down and signed on one of the lines at the bottom of the paper. He handed me the pen and slid the contract in front of me.

I stared at the words that would give me an open door to justice and froze.

“What?” Jason asked while I contemplated what I was doing. I never dominated someone before, at least not like Jason. Not someone who made every cell in my body scream to get on my knees and please him.

“You can’t be with anyone else,” My eyes snapped away from the paper to look at him. “No girls at church or Pink Cherry or the street corner.” My heart threatened to burst, “No one fucks you. No one kisses you. No one grinds on you.”

He blinked, giving himself to process the last rule I stacked on top of the pile. The biggest one. Eventually, he nodded, “No one.”

I took a deep breath and signed my name on the line. This time he belonged to me.

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