Her Toy

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Kitty served dinner in the formal dining room which seemed to be the pride and joy of her mother. She rambled on about the mahogany table that stretched across the room and the chairs to match. I busied myself by fixing a plate and trying not to make eye contact.

The doorbell rang and Kitty’s mother jumped up from her chair and hurried to the door, “That must be Katherine and the girls.”

I glanced at the expressions on Kitty and Jason’s faces. Jason, who sat on my right, didn’t even bat an eye. Apparently, he couldn’t care less about having unannounced company. Kitty, on the other hand, seemed annoyed. She rolled her eyes and continued scooping mashed potatoes on her plate but made sure to smack the potatoes down.

When their mother returned to the room, four older women followed. All of them were wrapped in the warmest clothing they could find with different offerings for the table. Suddenly there were three bottles of wine, a cheese plate, and homemade fruitcake sitting in front of us.

Instead of discussing furniture Kitty’s mother turned all her attention to her guests. Especially the one who introduced herself to us named Katherine. Kitty frowned during the whole process.

“Can you believe what Cynthia wore to bible study?” Their chatter went on until nearly half our plates were cleared. As I shoveled another bite of green beans into my mouth and compared them to Tracy’s, an idea formed in my mind.

Jason’s left arm continued to knock into my right. We were so close we were almost sharing a chair and with the traveling gossip circus in the room, no one bothered to notice. Kitty kept a steady glare to her mother and Katherine. Every time they laughed one of them would run their hand over the other’s arm. She would be preoccupied until she could peel herself away from the show in front of her.

I leaned over, “Some family dinner, huh?”

“It’s always like this. Mom usually invites Katherine but the others are new.” Jason responded before creating a mountain of potato salad in front of him.

“Why’s that? Like, why does she invite her?”

Jason shrugged, “They’re friends. Kitty has this idea that they’re...” He dropped his voice, “together or something.”

I could see where she got the idea. All the touching between them made me want to do some of my own and with my new found power nothing stood in my way. While Jason took another bite I moved my hand to his thigh. He froze for a moment before continuing to eat.

I moved my hand up the seam of his pants slowly. I thought about the game all the kids in my grade played in high school; Moving your hand incrementally closer to another person’s crotch while asking if they were nervous. I wanted to make him nervous.

When he turned to look at me I couldn’t keep myself from grinning. The look of bewilderment on his face gave me the courage to be bolder. I traced my fingers over the growing outline under his jeans.

Jason cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

The rest of his family continued to focus on everything but what we were doing across from them under the table. Maybe he hoped someone would turn to look so I would chicken out.

He tried acting normal and continued eating but as soon as he put more food in his mouth I grabbed him. He jumped which caused him to almost choke. Jason glared at me while he coughed. Still, no one at the table cared. Their conversations kept going without a pause.

Finally, he said something, “What are you doing?” The same domineering tone tripped off each word. I needed to change that.

“Nothing,” I rubbed him hard and watched his narrowed eyes blink in surprise and then shut from pleasure.

He responded with the warning voice I knew so well, “Tara.” He said it as if saying my name would get me to stop.

I unzipped his jeans while the ladies across from us laughed for the hundredth time about the appearance of one of their friends at choir practice. I teased him over the thin fabric of his underwear; I ran my palm over his hard cock and heard him suck in a breath. I continued the same motion for a few minutes before slipping my hand underneath the elastic band.

Our eyes made contact but instead of the familiar glare, Jason looked at me with desire. I made a fist around his cock and started stroking him up and down.

That’s when one of the women decided to break off from the conversation and address us, “So Jason, that was a very eventful show last night.” She glanced over to me and I smiled as if I didn’t have anything to hide.

Jason snapped out of his trance, “Right, it definitely was.”

The lady continued, “Amber seems like a nice girl.” I stroked Jason faster and he struggled to stay still.

His response sounded strained, “She is.”

By this time the whole table became invested in hearing Jason speak.

“Well, I think it was one of the most entertaining Christmas plays we’ve ever had,” Katherine chimed in but when she saw the look of Kitty’s mom’s face she added how much she didn’t approve.

I could feel him throbbing in my hand as I went fast and then dropped my speed when I could feel him getting close. He thrust his hips into my hand involuntarily and I held back a laugh.

“Don’t you own a business now?”

Jason struggled to pry his attention away from the motion of my hand under the table, “Huh?”

“She asked about your business.” I helped him out and drove him crazy with my slow pace.

“Right, uh,” The delayed response brought heat between my legs. Seeing him even half as flustered as he made me satisfied a part of me I didn’t know existed. “It’s good. Real good.”

Kitty finally turned her attention to us and looked confused at Jason’s statement. She knew just how not good things were.

They continued their line of questioning and with each forced response I sped up. Jason groaned but covered it by clearing his throat. He breathed a little heavier every second and just when the fun almost came to an end I let go.

Jason moved his hands so he could finish what I started but I beat him to it. Whenever he tried to move me away I gave him a light squeeze.

When dinner finished and everyone stood up to clear their plates, Jason raced to zip up his pants and act natural. I turned and kissed his cheek.

“That wasn’t funny,” He whispered as everyone left us in the dining room.

“Good,” I smirked, “It wasn’t suppose to be.”

“My mom was in the room.”

“I know.” I stood up and walked into the kitchen to help Kitty clean up and form my plan for when everyone else went to sleep.

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