Her Toy

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After Christmas dinner and a few more cups of Irish coffee, we were all quick to get into bed for the night. Kitty passed out within seconds of touching the mattress and I didn’t even remember the walk up the stairs. Just falling onto my pillow.

The light from my phone blinded me when I checked the time. Any reasonable person would have been long asleep but my brain wouldn’t dare let me get the doctor recommended nine hours of sleep.

Instead, I thought about Jason’s fingers brushing over mine whenever he handed me something at dinner.

The look in his eyes when I grabbed him sent electricity through my heart.

After thirty minutes of torturing myself, I got out of bed and left the room as quietly as possible.

The hallway seemed far too long to be in such an old house but eventually, I made it to the door I wanted.

It creaked open, just like every other door in the house, as I eased my way inside. I didn’t want to wake him up, not yet.

His bed had more than enough room for two even though I didn’t plan on sleeping beside him or sleeping much at all for that matter. I tied my long hair into a bun to get it out of the way before lifting up the sheets and crawling underneath.

Somehow in the darkness, I managed to position myself between his legs. It took some not very sexy pawing around though.

Lucky for me, Jason decided to ditch underwear for the night. I swallowed down the hesitation in my throat and replaced it with something else.

My rational mind fought against my actions with solid arguments such as you can’t just ambush someone when they’re sleeping and what if he doesn’t wake up anytime soon?

But we discussed surprises in the contract, particularly work-related ones but still sleep included, and he didn’t object.

He hardly said no to anything and if he needed to experience submission before setting his limits than so be it. We’d just have to find them.

I pushed myself to be bold and sucked and licked until he started to stir. I kept going until a moan came from above the sheets.

“Tara?” Jason lifted the blanket off of me and rubbed his eyes until he could come to terms with what he was seeing, “What are you doing?”

I dragged my fingers over his skin, “Playing with you.”

“In the middle of the night?” It seemed so absurd when he said it.

I recovered from the crippling self-doubt before responding, “Whenever I want.” I kissed him softly before resuming my good works. I moaned as I sucked and took him deep into my mouth.

“Fuck,” Jason groaned and leaned back into his pillow while I used my free hand to rub myself over my panties.

The wetness spread until I couldn’t be patient anymore. I slipped off my underwear and tossed them beside us on the bed before straddling him.

We didn’t speak. Instead, we stared at eachother and memorized the seconds leading up to me rubbing against his hard cock for the first time in over a year. The contact sparked something inside of me and the expression on his face told me he felt it too.

I rocked back and forth slowly. So slowly Jason tried to take matters into his own hands and force my hips to move faster. I pinned his arms underneath me and kissed his neck up to his ear. “Stay.”

I watched him struggle with his new position and knew it wouldn’t be easy for him to give up, “Why should I? I could easily flip us over right now.”

“Because your submission makes me happy,” I responded without having to think about it, “You want to make me happy, right?”

Jason hesitated before nodding.

“Is that a yes?” I asked for a verbal conformation and he obliged.

As soon as he responded I continued grinding against him. I wouldn’t come but instead train him to take whatever sensation I gave him.

Our breathing synched with my movement and I could feel him straining against the desire to push into me.

He mumbled about fucking me.

“Not yet,”

“When?” He groaned as I lifted myself high enough for him to almost slip inside of me.

“When I say so.” Adrenaline ran through my veins and made me dizzy with power. I continued teasing him until we were both delirious.

He throbbed underneath me and I considered having mercy on him each time I rolled my hips.

I whispered dirty thoughts into his ear while he struggled to submit.

“Did you cum after dinner?”

Jason’s expression twisted into guilt, “Yes.”

I stopped moving, “Then you don’t need to cum again so soon.”

When he caught on to what I said he desperately tried to convince me otherwise.

I stood my ground, “If you make yourself cum again without permission the deal is off.”

Jason gave in, “Please, can I cum?” I knew in that moment what he wanted more than anything.


“Tara,” He said my name like a plea but couldn’t sway my determination. Instead, I kissed his cheek and climbed off of the bed without another word.

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