Her Toy

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A Jaded Rose Tease

The dungeon entrance remained hidden from everyone who didn’t know where to look. A neon sign, similar to the one hanging above Pink Cherry, was the only way to tell we were in the right place.

Jason followed me down the dark alley and didn’t pose any resistance.

My shoes stuck to the horrendously sticky ground as I led the way. Cool air enveloped us as we walked and propelled us to move faster.

It’d been months since I’d frequented the Jaded Rose and witnessed their erotic events. Unlike Pink Cherry, the lustful festivities had no end.

After reaching the doors, We entered the familiar world of begging for orgasms and crawling submissives. A leashed slave crossed in front of us with their dominatrix tugging at them to speed up.

I grinned and nudged Jason’s side, “That’s you,”

“How do you know about this place?” Jason’s words trailed off as he watched several scenes unfold before him. He didn’t seem the least bit amused by my joke.

I frowned, “I came here for a while,” The dim room was already packed with couples and dommes. The stagehands were moving equipment and preparing for the next show. “After you kicked me out,”

Before Jason could respond a whip snapped from across the room.

He cleared his throat, “Have I ever told you how sorry I am about that?”

“Come on,” I laughed and pulled him by his arm.

“Physical contact already?” He snickered as we crossed the room and headed towards the desk. Pushed against the farthest wall and out of the dommes way, the pervs checked in at the reception desk.

The woman behind the counter remained bent over the glass and scanned the pages of the book in her grasp. As we moved closer, I could make out the title Crescendo and I scoffed. Sounds like cheap erotica.

She glanced up from her book when we were too close for her to ignore. The leather-clad domme slipped a bookmark in the shape of a miniature whip in between the pages to save her no-doubt riveting spot.

Once she glanced up it seemed that she had trouble deciding who was in charge. Her focus never wavered on me long.


“Tara,” I tried to speak over the blaring music, “Tara Holloway.”

She nodded, “You reserved the Toy Maker’s Room.”

I nodded and watched as Jason became increasingly alarmed. “You did?”

“I did,” I brushed him off and turned my attention back to the domme behind the counter, “Is it ready?”

Her eyes lingered over Jason’s hesitant but alluring face, “Soon. The last pair went over their time limit. There’s just something about that room…”

I glared at her while she eyeballed my...my what? What I intended to simply be clearing my throat came out sounding more like a growl, “Great.”

Jason’s attention wandered from the desk and remained oblivious to the turf war occurring in front of him. I rolled my eyes and asked for the keycard.

“Are you sure you don’t want any additional...help?” Her lustful gaze darkened into something far more sinister.

Share? Like hell.

“I’m sure,” My snappy response caught Jason’s attention.

“Is there a problem?” He asked while looking between me and the assertive mistress.

“Not yet,” I reached out for the key and waited while she took her sweet time handing it over. By the time the card was close enough, I didn’t hesitate to snatch it away.

A red light flickered on behind the desk.

“Well, it looks like you’re all set then,” Her cheeks tightened from the strain of a fake smile.

Before I could lose my civility, I left the domme to finish her novel.

Jason followed my steady footsteps down the hallway. The card was slick in my hand as my grip tightened around it. After months of trying to move on from Pink Cherry, I found an acceptable replacement.

The Jaded Rose housed a few of the cruelest dommes in the city and rented several dungeons to whoever paid enough.

I never had the desire to rent one myself until Jason decided to come along to the meeting with Ethan. Going back to the office meant losing so many opportunities to make him experience being a sub.

After only watching their evening shows, I hoped my highschool IMPROV class prepared me for the biggest performance of my life.

The dark corridors branching off the main room were overflowing with kinky couples and professional doms. Leather adorned women marched down the hall with no apparent shame. Among the scantily clad doms, several casually dressed couples disappeared into the rooms lining the halls.

Date night.

The sound of Jason’s leaden footsteps pushed me down the corridor. I glanced at the room numbers as we passed them.


225. The Toy Maker’s Room.

Faux caution signs were pinned to the door. They warned against entering without a desire to be broken into a drooling obedient toy. Jason would see the sign and question what he was doing on the wrong side of that equation.

I sucked in a breath and slid the card into the lock. Now or never. The heavy door groaned as I pushed it open and revealed the x-rated interior.

When I called to rent a room, I asked for femdom equipment. Much to my amusement, the only free dungeon for the night was named after making mindless sex toys. While I wasn’t sure how far I could lead Jason, The red-lit sexual haven delivered all my expectations.

Leather benches lined the room with various restraints attached. A bed rested in the center of the room with a metal stockade at the end. I could see St. Andrew’s cross welded onto the top of the bed through the sheer canopy surrounding it. Black cabinets against the wall were labeled with the type of toy they held.

Spreader bars and a humbler sat in the corner of the room where collars and leashes hung off of hooks.

Jason whistled as we entered. The cocky toymaker attempted to appear carefree despite the dungeon treatment waiting for him.

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes and faced him, “Strip.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jason winked and started lifting his shirt over his head. My gaze wandered over his exposed skin; If I wasn’t careful my self-control would slip.

“Faster,” I flattened my tone, “If I wanted a strip-tease I’d ask.”

Jason narrowed his eyes at the familiar remark but shook it off with a chuckle. The corners of my lips twitched as his hand moved towards the zipper of his jeans. Am I enjoying this too much?

“You know, there are easier ways to see me naked.”

“Not interested,”

He wouldn’t look away as he dropped his pants, “The boxers briefs too, M’lady?” The same southern twang Kitty donned during rehearsals and sarcastic fits latched onto Jason’s last word. I locked my jaw.

“It’s mistress,” I walked closer to him and paused barely an inch from his lips.

“Is this supposed to be a new intimidation technique?” He teased despite the absence of his infamous smirk, “I must have missed it at the last dom meeting,”

I ignored his mocking and instead let my hands wander down his well-defined abdomen. The ridges in his physique only improved after being apart for so long---too long. Focus. Jason’s breathing accelerated as I played with his growing desire to fuck me. I looped my fingers underneath the elastic band of his underwear and leaned in. Before he could close the gap and end the game, I pulled away.

“The underwear too, slut.” I said and left him reeling from my sudden departure.

His mouth stayed slightly agape as he released his stiffening cock from its tight prison---courtesy of me.

“Happy, mistress?” He asked with a light shade of pink tinging his cheeks, “Or should I spin?”

I smiled, “Not yet,”

Jason’s smirk dropped.

“Your first task is easy, pet,” He stiffened at the sound of his new moniker for the night, “All you have to do is stand there and touch yourself,”

He scoffed, “What? Why?”

“Because I said so,” I responded before he could come up with another witty remark. “I’ll wait right here while you edge yourself like a good slut for me.”

Jason’s gaze darkened as his cock grew. Nature’s lie detector.

I leaned on one of the many cabinets lining the walls, labeled cock rings, and waited for him to conquer his giant ego. Finally relenting, his shoulders dropped. Jason grabbed his alert cock and began the torturous edging.

“Go slow,” I purred, “and remember, no cumming until I say so.” The domineering tone in my voice was foreign but I learned from the best.

Jason responded by slowing his strokes and avoiding any eye contact I might try to unease him with.

I cleared my throat, “Tell me you understand.”

“I understand...” He swallowed, “mistress.”

This time heat rushed to my cheeks. Mistress. I feasted my wandering eyes on his straining hard-on.

Jason’s slow strokes engulfed his thick cock; he grew with each assured movement. The tip began to leak in desperation.

“Are you edging?” I tilted my head as if innocent to the erotic scene occurring in the room.

Fuck.” His ragged breath sent static radiating throughout my body and in between my thighs.

“Slut.” I forced myself to ignore the growing ache inside me.

His teeth were clenched, “What does it look like?” His hips bucked as he tensed up.

I pressed my lips together, “It looks like you need help getting closer.” Before he could react, I pushed his hand aside and took his strained cock into my grasp.

His eyes widened as I increased the pace of his rapidly approaching orgasm. Jason’s eyelids fluttered while he stammered out the same swear.

Desire prickled up my thighs while the power made its way to my head. Jason’s satisfaction rested at my fingertips and I wasn’t sure if I would ever let him have it.

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