Her Toy

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A Jaded Rose Tease Pt.2

“Slow down,” Jason grabbed my wrist and prevented me from stroking him at a speed that would make his pretty green eyes roll back in his head.

“Let go.”

He glared at me, “If you keep going I’m going to-”

“Let. Go.” The bite in my voice pried his hand off of mine. He wouldn’t cum yet---not until allowed him to.

He throbbed in my hand with pleasure and torment pooling into his eyes. I watched his lips part and release one swear after the other. More than anything I longed to hear him moan.

“Tara,” My name melded with all the other profanities that were filling the room. I smirked.

I let go right before his will to obey snapped.

Jason jerked forward, “Why’d you stop?”

“You were going to cum,”

He groaned emphatically, “This is torture,”

I raised my eyebrows at his melodrama, “What is?” The wicked grin splayed across my lips drew out another strained noise from Jason.

“You.” He said, “You teasing me.”

“Oh,” I didn’t bother hiding the humor in my voice, “It’s going to get a lot worse than some edging.” I leaned closer to him and started kissing up his neck. Jason hesitated to give in, fearing that it was only a game but fell for it anyway.

My soft lips traced his collarbone with unsuspecting kisses all the way up to his jaw, then his chin, skipping over his lips and eliciting a disappointed grunt, before stopping just below his ear.

I had to stand on my toes to reach but by that point, Jason had pulled me into his warm embrace. Maybe he thought the fun was over and I would give him what he’d been craving.

He was wrong.

“You said my name,” I whispered sweetly into his ear. His biggest mistake was assuming I wouldn’t punish him like he would me. Before he could defend himself I told him to get on his knees. To my surprise, he didn’t put up a fight.

Jason dropped to the ground with his hands behind his back. I narrowed my eyes at the sudden obedience. He tilted his head up and waited for my instruction.

I walked past him and went to the cabinet located not far from the door. The dommes of the establishment must have enjoyed keeping their collars and leashes easy to access.

I grabbed the first pair in the drawer and examined the faux leather set. The inside was lined with cotton and ensured that no marks would be left unless desired. I turned around and watched Jason react to the new prop.

He opened and shut his mouth twice before closing it for good. The suspicion in his eyes grew the closer I got.

“Relax,” I laughed, “It’s just a collar.”

“That you could choke me with.” He finally huffed.

“Why are you so sure you wouldn’t enjoy that?” I bent over and wrapped the collar around his neck. I tightened the leather so it wasn’t too loose but still allowed him to breathe unless I decided otherwise. Once the leash was clipped, I led Jason to the bed.

Without releasing the leash, My fingers wandered down to the front of my pants. The soft sound of the zipper piqued Jason’s unwavering interest. His lips twitched as I freed myself of my jeans.

I sat on the edge and spread my legs in front of his face. Before he could react, I tugged him towards me. The collar tightened around his neck as he crawled and began kissing the length of my legs.

The softness of his lips turned rough against my exposed skin as he reached higher. His hungry kisses stung my thighs and left marks I knew I would regret after we had our fun.

I sucked in a sharp breath when his mouth reached the area in need of the most attention. Despite still being covered, my clit throbbed at the prospect of having his attention on me.

“Take them off,” I said with my grip tight around the leash. Jason stared up at me and lifted his fingers up to the edge of my panties.

“No,” I stopped him before he could complete his mission, “With your teeth.”

Jason grinned, “As you wish, mistress.” The wicked gleam in his eyes sent sparks through me.

His teeth skimmed across the apex of my thighs and started to drag my panties off my bare hips. I lifted my weight to give him a fighting chance. The lacey green fabric fell to my feet only to be promptly kicked off.

Jason’s smugness radiated through the room. I wouldn’t give him the chance to make another smart-ass remark.

“You told me you could make me scream without a toy,” I bit the inside of my lip, “Here’s your chance to prove it.” Jason’s eyes darkened while the challenge hung in the air.

Before he could attack, I twisted the leash in my fist and yanked him into me. The warmth of his tongue slipped inside me without hesitation. Jason groaned and lifted my legs onto his shoulders.

Fuck,” I swore instead of the shallow moans threatening to come out.

My back arched at the sensation of his harsh strokes.

Jason glanced up at me, his green eyes gleaming playfully while I writhed on the bed. My clit ached as he circled it. His grip on my thighs tightened, holding me in place and sentencing me to more torment.

No. I grabbed his hair and pulled him back. My pussy ached with a desire that dripped down my thighs. “If I wanted to be teased I would tell you so.”

Jason opened his mouth with a grin splayed across his lips. I cut him off before he could respond with a sarcasm laced quip.

“Make me cum,” I leveled my breathing and met his impish gaze, “If you can.”

I tangled my fingers into his hair as he followed my command. Sparks shot up my spine in response to his fervor.

A sharp moan left my lips before I realized they had parted. My hips buckled despite Jason’s overwhelming hold on me. He’d be a mess once I finished. My mess.

His mouth focused on my clit and brought the staticky warmth of an orgasm closer to the surface. While I basked in the sensation, Jason decided to give me more.

Two of his fingers slipped inside my throbbing pussy and stroked me closer to euphoria. I gasped as he pulled me and devoured me until my thighs shook around him.

I swore as the heat between my legs moved throughout my trembling body. Before I could tip over the edge Jason pumped his fingers deeper inside of me and took my clit between his teeth.

The stinging of his bite ignited what remained of my composure and sent me spiraling into bliss. The orgasm took over as I clenched my thighs and used Jason to my greatest undoing.


When my thoughts came crashing back down into my body, Jason was still playfully licking my swollen clit. I shook with each teasing movement.

He stared at me with an expression that said “I told you so.”

I let my legs drop to the ground and released my grip on his messy hair.

He smirked, no doubt savoring his success, “If I knew you’d respond like that I would have made you cum on my face sooner.”

My clit pulsed at the thought.

Before I could force Jason’s head back between my legs, I stood up. “Lay down on the bed.” His curious expression heightened at the command.

“Going to reward me, mistress?”

“What makes you think you deserve one?”

Jason’s confident grin faltered as I waited for his response. He shifted away from my gaze and followed my instructions.

When his hands were bound above his head and he was properly restrained, I treated him to his own proper strip show.

I lifted my fitted top until the lacey details of my bra were revealed. Jason’s eyes widened at the sight. Since I chose to save the blindfold for later, he was free to look but never touch.

Once I peeled off my top, my dark hair cascaded down my back.

“You wanted a reward,” I unclasped my bra and let it fall to my feet, “I suppose I’ll have to remedy that.”

Jason’s lips twitched, “So long as I get to fuck you,”

Filthy thoughts ran rampant through my mind. Unchecked by a dom, I was insatiable and grew more sadistic with every smart remark.

I flashed my best smile and circled the bed. Before joining him, I gathered my supplies from a drawer by the wall.

Jason craned his neck to see what was in store for him but I was too far out of view. I didn’t try to hide my laughter, “Head down, slut.”

He groaned and I grabbed another piece of equipment in response. In case he’s mouthy.

I carried my spoils to the side of the bed and continuously checked that he kept his head down and eyes away from the pile of supplies beside him.

Before his wandering gaze could be an issue, I secured a blindfold over his face.

He huffed in response.

I made a mental note to make him regret that later.

I crawled onto the bed and straddled Jason. His cock hardened as I lowered myself onto his face.

“So here’s the deal, I’ll please you,” I bent over and took his cock into the back of my throat before coming back up, “If you please me.”

I lowered my thighs and bit back a moan when Jason eagerly began satisfying me.

His cock throbbed in my palms and leaked in desperation. I took pity on him and ran my tongue over the shaft.

Jason groaned underneath me and fueled my craving to hear more. My lips parted and graciously took his growing length into my mouth.

A moan filled my throat as Jason returned my efforts with a flick of his tongue. It took all my restraint not to grind onto him.

I sucked his throbbing cock until his pleased noises turned into shallow warnings of his first edge. I stopped before he could cum in my mouth and repositioned myself so I was facing him.

“Why’d you stop?” Jason whined as I prepared for the next part of my plan. His transformation into my possession became more intoxicating by the moment.

“You wanted me to fuck you, right?” I teased with a wicked smile he didn’t have the pleasure of seeing.

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