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Good Vibrations

I pressed my hips onto his dick and eased myself just over the tip when he stopped me.

“Wait,” His hands wrapped around my thighs and held me in place, “I need to tell you something,” I found his gaze as it shifted across the room.

I waited for him to explain, “Your interview was pushed to Monday,”

I released my grip on his tie, “Okay, and?” The nonchalant response nearly masked the sound of my heart dropping in my chest. A rescheduled interview was never good.

Ethan watched the expression on my face develop, “I just didn’t know how you would take it since well...” For a brief moment, he glanced down at his cock.


“You know,”

“Do you think....” The look he was giving me told me all I needed to know. I climbed off of his lap and yanked back on my dress.

“Tara, I di-” Ethan attempted to diffuse me.

“I think we both know that you did,” I rushed around the room to grab my shoes but only managed to stub my toe against his unnecessarily large Oak desk.

“Are you-”

I silently screamed a curse and I hobbled to my shoes.


I forced myself to hold my head up high as I limped to the door, “I’ll see you Monday,”

From there I gathered my paperwork from my desk and marched out the door.

I was halfway down the street when I realized I was lacking one crucial thing for a relaxing day in. So when I came to my favorite store I couldn’t say no.

The dangling bells above the door chimed as I walked in. The golden sign reflected nothing in the interior. Black and white shelves reaching to the very back of the room were littered with toys.

I avoided eye contact with the older men roaming through the aisles. It was hard to believe that a few months before I would have stripped down to my underwear and performed.

I made a beeline for the vibrators and turned my back to the door. I was busy reading the details of “The Hopper” when the door chimed.

As I stared at the box I realized that the design was eerily familiar. I turned it over, looking for a brand name or signature.

Finally, I found it in the bottom corner written in bold cursive, RED APPLE.

I scoffed and placed it back on the shelf just as there was a tap on my shoulder.

I turned only to find a bright-eyed pixie staring back at me.

“Oh my God,” Sarah squeaked, “I can’t believe it’s you!”

I laughed nervously and hid the vibrators in my hands behind me, “In the flesh,”

“When did you dye your hair?” She ran her fingers through the pale blue tips with no regard of my personal space.

“About a month ago,” I said, “Just needed a change.” Plus, I was really drunk but she didn’t need to know that.

I cleared my throat, “So how have you been?” Making conversation was never my strong point but Sarah didn’t mind. As soon as the words left my mouth her hand was waving in my face.

The light shining off the diamond on her finger was blinding, “I’m engaged!”

I couldn’t help but smile as she bubbled with happiness, “Congratulations!”

“Thanks,” She grinned ear to ear. “Oh, I have an idea. We should all go out and celebrate.”

“Oh, no that wouldn’t be a go-”

“Please,” She begged before I could finish, “it’ll be just like old times,”

There was a pang in my chest. I knew there was no going back to the old times. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Sarah’s face fell, “I know you went through a hard time but I promise it won’t be weird.”

I tried not to let her pouty lip break my resolve, “Sarah-” I started before being interrupted by a suddenly perky pixie.

“Great!” She lunged at me and pulled me into a hug, “I’ll text you the time and place. The same number right?” I nodded.

Sarah turned to leave me standing dumbstruck, “You should totally get the one in your left hand by the way. Good vibrations!”

I scrambled to put them back on the shelf, except one.

I was barely even home before my phone started to buzz relentlessly in my jacket pocket.

I sighed when I saw the name of the place she wanted to meet and thought about how it wasn’t too late to come down with the flu.

My fingers hovered over the keyboard before saying that I’d be there soon.

I glanced at the bag dangling from my fingers and the couch just a few feet in front of me. I shook off the idea and tucked my new friend into a corner.

The walk wasn’t too far so when I arrived it was barely getting dark. I glanced up at the bright blue sign and grinned.

“Leave it to Sarah to pick a male strip club,” An arm wrapped around my shoulder as a raven-haired Latina popped up beside me.

I laughed, “You suggested the place, right?”

She feigned shock, “I would never. Do you know how they degrade those men in there?”

“Oh I know,” I grinned, “They’re forced to get naked and everything,”

Jade wiggled her eyebrows, “Then what are we waiting here for?” She took me by the arm and pushed us to the front of the crowd.

The host flashed us a grin, “Name?” Charcoal eyeliner was smudged underneath each silvery blue eye.

“Reservation for Sarah James,” Jade chirped.

“Yes,” He scratched our names off the list, “the others have already arrived.” I swallowed and tried to remain calm as we marched to my doom.

The host lead us straight down the middle of the room until we were at the very first table in front of the stage.

And there, under the lights, Kitty’s bright pink hair shined. I pushed myself forward and smiled as Jade bounced to her seat.

The only place left was the one directly across from Kitty. I mustered my strength and sat down.

It took less than a second for her eyes to find mine. Her expression was blank and her lips were tight.

Just as it seemed she was about to speak, the lights went down.

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