Her Toy

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Her Toy

“Tara,” Jason’s cock hardened in my grip. My name fell off his hesitant lips with overwhelming lust coating every letter, “What’s the catch?”

A wicked grin slid onto my face but still, I refused to respond. Jason fought against his restraints while I grabbed the tube of numbing cream beside me. Luckily, he hadn’t been able to jostle the blindfold off.

I tugged on a latex glove, unwilling to numb my own hand, and applied the cream to Jason’s pulsing cock.

A moan escaped his parted lips and I ached between my slick thighs.

“Fuck. Is that lube?”

I chuckled and continued stroking him.

“Why is it tingling?” The curiosity in his voice heightened to concern. He swore just before I lifted the gag up to his mouth.

“Open.” I commanded without leaving room for one of his witty remarks. Jason begrudgingly complied but not before mumbling something that sounded a lot like “fucking evil”. Once the ball gag was secured, I marveled at the submissive image underneath me.

Leather restraints prevented Jason from attempting a mutiny while the blindfold took away his ability to prepare for what came next. The soft dungeon lighting cast a shadow over his face while I opened the condom and slid it onto his dick.

Jason sucked in a muffled breath.

I moved my hands up his thighs and stroked his cock slowly. He groaned and lifted his hips in a desperate attempt to feel something. By then the cream had already made that impossible.

When I was satisfied with his frustration, I repositioned myself so our hips lined up. A soft gasp left my lips as I lifted him up and leaned back.

Pitiful grunts left his gagged mouth as I let his desensitized cock enter me.

I moaned as he stretched my throbbing walls. If the sensation hadn’t been robbed from him, he would have felt my pussy clenching around him.

When he was completely inside me, I struggled to stay focused. I moved my hips to elicit more strained moans from my helpless submissive. For a while, my wicked plan was working but then Jason got tired of playing nice.

Jason thrusted into me while fighting against his restraints. I bit back a moan. Don’t encourage him. His steady strokes sent my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

"Holy hell,” My voice was strained and unexpected. Jason grunted in success-- Bastard.

I gathered my remaining self-control and let his cock slip out of me. “If you want to fuck something then go ahead.”

When he didn’t move, I spoke up, “You wanted me to fuck you. Don’t move. Understand?”

Jason nodded and scoffed through the gag.

I narrowed my eyes. Brat. I had half a mind to grab a dildo from one of the cabinets and redefine his concept of being fucked.

Before I could give in to the devil on my shoulder, Jason wiggled his hips to get my attention.

I snickered and decided to let the movement go. Ingenuitive.

Cum dripped down my thigh while I repositioned myself. He slipped inside with ease and the sensation sent sparks up my spine.

I leaned down to his neck and bit into his exposed skin. Jason’s moans incited my desire to leave a mark. He was mine. I swore each time his cock slid deep inside me.

I removed his blindfold and stared into his lust-filled eyes. “Do you want me to untie you so you can fuck me any way you want?” The words flowed off my parted lips like honey.

Jason nodded and twitched inside me. If I released him he would grab my waist and bury himself into my pussy without hesitation. Forcing me to take his rigid cock and moan in bliss while he claimed me.

The thought alone made my pussy tighten around him.

Before I knew what I was doing, my fingers were buried in his dark hair and tugging his head back.

A sadistic smirk stretched across my face.

“I’m going to come on you,” I removed my hand from his hair and placed it around his neck, “While you watch.”

Jason groaned underneath me; His eyes widening with each calculated movement of my hips. Even with limited sensation, he pulsed inside me.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you like this.” I teased.

His disgruntled attempt at saying my name fed my ego.

While he was at my mercy, I was insatiable. The evasive toymaker submitted to my sinful desires with an unwavering stare. He was mine.

My toy.

I moaned while satisfying the ache clawing inside of me.

Jason’s eyes rolled back into his head and it became clear that the numbing cream wore off quicker than I imagined. Thick moans faded into the room while I tormented him with overwhelming pleasure.

He throbbed and struggled against the restraints. If he freed himself it would only take one quick movement to throw me underneath him and finish what I had so wickedly been teasing him with. I quickened my pace, knowing the sensation would be unmanageable without a break.

A sharp groan filled the air. So close.

Indiscriminate swears fell off my lips as my cunt dripped on his strained cock. My slick thighs shook from the static flowing up my spine. Jason’s desperate moans fuelled the orgasm shooting through my body. I buried my face into his neck and bit down--hard.

Jason gasped my name through the gag and thrust from underneath me. My eyes rolled back into my head as I climaxed with a hand wrapped around his throat. “Cum.”

As soon as the command left my lips, Jason plunged his hard cock deep inside of me and came with a muffled flurry of moans. The room blurred as we melted into each other.

My heartbeat traveled through my limbs as the orgasm subsided.

Once I regained consciousness, I untied Jason. Much to his disdain, I removed the gag last.

He stretched his jaw, “Now that you’ve decided to free me,” He said with a wink, “What’s the plan?”

I patted his naked chest, “I need to check my messages.”

Jason rolled his green eyes, “If you must.” He bounced me up, while I was still straddling him, and grinned.

“Calm down,” I warned with a smile. I awkwardly dismounted the cocky man beneath me.

I struggled to reorient myself when my feet hit the floor. My exhausted legs wobbled with each step towards my phone and cum ran down my thighs. My phone blinked rapidly as I approached it.

The wedding group-chat that Sarah created to keep all of us informed, quickly became a hodgepodge of raunchy pick-up lines and Pinterest links. There were thirty new messages beckoning me to Kitty’s apartment. To save myself from further spam, I silenced all notifications.

Before I could respond, Jason wrapped his arms around me from behind. He placed his hand over mine and pushed the phone away, “We should really make a no-phone rule.”

He kissed the curve of my neck and pulled my hips into his.

“Tempting,” I fought against the urge to spin around and lose myself in another flurry of hungry kisses. His fingers dug into the soft slopes of my body. Oh hell. “but I’m being summoned.”

Jason groaned, “Don’t go.”

“Are you willing to face Jade’s wrath?”

He scoffed, “I’m not scared.”

“What if I am?”

Jason spun me around and wrapped me in his warm embrace. My lips parted as he leaned in and at the last minute whispered, “Coward.”

I frowned, “Watch it.”

“Or what?”

Empty threats scrolled through my dazed mind. Jason’s lips twisted at the hesitation. Can’t have that.

“Or else I’ll find out why Jade thinks pegging is so satisfying,”

I thrived from the apprehension in his eyes; it was my turn to smirk. Before he could test how serious I was, he loosened his intoxicating grip.

“Go,” Jason kissed my cheek, “I’ll clean up.” I blinked away my surprise and tried not to look disappointed.

“You sure?” I hesitated to leave him with the mess. And alone.

“It’s not the first time I’ve used a dungeon.”

I rolled my eyes, “Right.”

Jason winked and the simple flirty act signaled my immediate departure. I grabbed the pile of clothes left on the floor and slipped into my jeans.


I turned to see Jason’s wandering eyes follow the curves of my body, “What?”

“Nothing.” He chuckled and started picking up the remnants of our fun.

I narrowed my eyes and opened my mouth to pester him into answering-- then shut it. Whatever he had to say would only make our deal more complicated.

I cursed myself every time my rogue gaze followed his lean figure. Grow a spine.

Once my clothes were back in their rightful place, I stuffed my phone into my back pocket.

“Be careful,” Jason glanced at me before I made it out the door, “Don’t let the doms rope you into anything.”

I scrunched my nose. Was that supposed to be a pun? I assumed it was by the goofy gleam in his eyes. I returned Jason’s contagious grin, “I make no promises.”

The heavy oak door shut behind me with a groan. Even though I knew Sarah was in crisis, my feet hesitated to keep moving. After a year without Jason in my life, being near him was intoxicating.

I shook off the invisible ties trying to pull me back into the dungeon, told Sarah I was heading over and made my way out of the building. The walk was brutal, cold air whipped around me as I sped down the two blocks separating me from warmth.

With the wedding so soon, Sarah opted not to re-up her lease and had been taking refuge at Kitty’s until the ceremony. Since then, the two-bedroom apartment looked like a glitter bomb went off.

Hopefully, I thought, the crisis wouldn’t have me up until sunrise.

As soon as I got to the building, I sprinted up the creaky stairs. My thin sweater did little to block out the winter chill hanging in the empty halls. Luckily, Sarah was already waiting at the door with wine in one hand and a disconnected hot glue gun in the other.

“It’s about time,” She took an innocent sip from her glass, “We were about to send a search party.”

I rolled my eyes, “I got tied up.”

A perverted smirk stretched across her lips, “Oh did you really?”

“Not like that,” I laughed and tried to walk through the doorway. Sarah stretched her arms out to block me from entering. She resembled a slightly tipsy, and crafty, Vitruvian Man. I snickered at my own thoughts. Who said Art History wouldn’t come in handy.

“Open sesame, hoe.”

Sarah faked laughter, “Not until you spill the details.”

Just when I was contemplating tackling her to the ground, Jade swooped in. She wrapped her arms around Sarah’s waist, “Oh, are we roleplaying Titanic? I thought we were doing The Notebook tonight.”

“Where are we going to get a boat for that?” Sarah asked.

“Not to mention it’s December,” I added.

Sarah turned back to me, “Don’t change the subject.”

“What subject?” Jade asked.

“Lil’ miss Tara said she was tied up tonight.”

I sighed, “Not everything is literal.”

They narrowed their eyes.

“Fine,” I caved, “I was with Jason.”

Sarah’s arms dropped; wine sploshed over the glass rim and onto the hardwood floor.

“Alright,” Jade maneuvered herself around Sarah’s stunned body and hooked her fingers around my arm, “Get in here.”

By the time Jade had me in the Kitchen, Sarah rejoined the land of the conscious. She stood next to Jade while taking more than generous sips from her now almost empty glass.

“You’re with him again?”

“Not exactly,”

The heavy scent of melted cheese wafted through the room. My stomach growled at the thought of food. Maybe after the interrogation, I could snatch a piece of whatever they were cooking.

“Don’t be vague,” Sarah said, “Nobody likes a vague bitch.”

“We have an arrangement.”

Jade frowned, “Tara.”

“Yes, darling?”

“He’s trouble.”

“It’s different this time.” I spotted the alcohol stash resting on the marble countertop. So close. “We’re different.”

“How?” Jade asked.

“I’m,” I hesitated but their curious eyes bore through me, “in charge.”

The oven beeped beside us.

“No, no, don’t worry about it,” Kitty rushed into the room with her hair tied into a messy knot, “I’ll get it.”

She whipped on a pair of oven mitts and placed a pan of cheesy-goodness onto the counter. Lasagna.

When she completed her task, Kitty turned her attention to us. “What’s going on?”

I opened my mouth but when nothing came out, Sarah stepped in. “We were filling Tara in about the decoration crisis.”

I nodded to help sell the lie but Kitty wasn’t buying it. She slipped off the oven mitts and stared us down. “Uh huh,”

“Tara is fucking around with Jason again.” Jade crossed her arms. Snitch.

“Oh,” Kitty laughed, “It’s just that?”

Jade furrowed her eyebrows. “You knew?”

“I lived in the same house with them for a couple of days,” Kitty sighed, “So yeah.”

I tried not to think too deeply about what that meant. Did she witness my under-the-table teasing? Heat rose to my cheeks.

“Okay can we double back to the ‘in charge’ part?” Sarah asked while pouring more wine. “Because honestly the idea of Jason taking it in the ass is really sending me.”

Kitty snapped her attention to me, “The what part? Wait, nevermind. I don’t want to know.”

“Fuck, I do.” Jade laughed, seemingly snapping out of interrogation mode, “Do you use a strap?”

I opened my mouth and shut it back before settling on a response, “I don’t think he’d want me to talk about this.”

Sarah bridged the gap between us and put her arm around my shoulders, “Don’t think of it as gossip. Think of it as an early wedding present.”

“How much wine have you had?” I asked while taking note of her smudged lipstick.

She waved her glass in my face, “Enough to get me through making all the centerpieces for the reception.”

“What happened to the wedding designer?”

Sarah sighed, “Quit.”

“She went into labor.” Jade corrected.

Kitty handed me an unopened bottle of wine, “You might want this. It’s going to be a long night.”

“Thanks,” I nodded while accepting my saving grace.

“Do you still have those bows in your apartment from Christmas?” Sarah asked while fixing herself a plate of lasagna.

“Yeah, they’re in my living room. I can grab them.” I reached for my keys but couldn’t feel them. I patted my jeans and searched through every pocket. Fuck.

“What?” Sarah asked while shoveling Lasagna into her mouth. If she didn’t slow down, Kitty would have a new stain on her white rug--one she couldn’t cover with an ottoman.

“I think I forgot my keys.”

Kitty groaned, “Do we need to staple those to you one day?”

“I have to go back and get them,” I gave Sarah an apologetic look. “I’ll be back in thirty minutes. Tops.”

“Fine, but I’m eating your lasagna.” She continued ravaging the food on her plate and bossed her minions around. Glitter here. Souvenirs there. Floating candles in the corner.

Before she could put me to work, I hurried out the door and into the freezing night. My fingers went numb halfway to the dungeon and I only regained feeling when I entered the building. Red strobe lights flickered in the main room while a dominatrix was busy punishing someone on stage.

Once, I thought about applying for a job at the Jaded Rose but decided that my stage days should be left far behind me. No matter how tempting the idea was.

I approached the front desk.

The same leather-clad domme was reading her trashy novel with lust bleeding into her eyes. Without peeling her attention from the pages she spoke up, “Can I help you?”

I cleared my throat, “I was here earlier and apparently forgot my keys.”

The domme put down her book, slipping a flogger in between the pages to hold her place, and finally looked me in the eye, “We didn’t find any keys.”

“Do you mind if I take a look for myself?”

She stared at the lofted ceiling as if it had the answers to why I wouldn’t shut up and move on, “Another couple is already in that room.”

“Alright, can you just let me know if anyone finds them?” I hope Kitty can handle one more guest.

The domme clicked her tongue as another domme approached the desk, “Tara, isn’t it?”


“We’ll email you.” She didn’t waste another second on me before turning her attention to the waiting dominatrix. “Name?”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket. Three new messages. Two from Sarah telling me to haul ass and one from Jason.

“Hey, I found your keys. I’ll drop them by Kitty’s on my way home.”

I groaned at the thought of coming all the way back to the Jaded Rose for nothing.

“Seriously, Maeve?” The woman scoffed beside me, “Annie.Your coworker.”

I glanced up from my phone and stared at Annie. The Annie? Kitty did say she was a dominatrix. I pinched my lips shut.

Maeve reluctantly slid a check over the desk. “Maybe now you can afford your own jello.”

“Geez,” Annie snatched up the check, “I’ve apologized already. I had no idea it was yours.”

“Why would you eat someone else’s jello anyway?”

“Jessica said I could have hers, for the last time.”

Maeve rolled her eyes and Annie groaned before turning away.

“You’re still here?” Maeve snapped.

I narrowed my eyes and fought the urge to whip the flogger out of her book. Instead, I swiveled on my heel and headed towards the door.

Moans and whimpers echoed through the room while Annie’s dark hair swayed in the distance. Don’t do it.

“Annie!” I shouted before my better judgment could stop me. She turned with a curious look on her face. I sped up my pace until I caught up to her. Once I got there I realized how odd I was being. It might not even be the same Annie.

“My name is Tara Holloway,” I decided to start with something simple. Nothing too embarrassing.

Annie raised her eyebrows before dissolving the expression. Her shoulders were pushed back and the look in her eyes was melting my inner thoughts. Somebody made a good career choice.

I bit my lip. I came this far and I didn’t have a way to back out. Unless I made a flawed vibrator sales pitch on behalf of Pink Cherry.

“Well?” She asked, probably sick of my uneasy staring.

“Did you ever date someone named Jason Kent?” Shit, I’m going to regret that. I hoped Kitty had something stronger than Chardonnay in her liquor cabinet.

She didn’t seem surprised by the invasive question, “In college.”

“What happened between you two?” Shut up already.

Annie hesitated before giving me an answer I already knew, “We broke up,”

“Yeah,” I considered walking away. What was I even asking for, the real story? Jason hadn’t been forthcoming about the disintegration of his relationship and Ethan was all too willing to spin a damming narrative.

“Listen, Kitty mentioned you,” Annie finally unpinched her heavily lined lips, “I’m sorry you got mixed up in the mess I made.”

I recoiled.

Before I could excuse myself in a hurry, Annie sighed. “Do you want to get a drink?” She waved her paycheck like a white flag. I paused, calculating all the ways a drink could go terribly wrong, before nodding.

Sarah won’t miss me for another thirty minutes.

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