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Sunlight peeked through Kitty’s balcony window and bounced off of the champagne-colored helium balloons. After picking up the cheerful steamers and penis-shaped party favors with Jade in her sedan, I dreamt of crawling back into bed and eating Cheetos until early the next morning.

Unfortunately, that was off the table.

Sarah bounced around me with energy that I had only seen in puppies and sugar-high children. Her green wrap-dress was pulled tight around her waist and drew all the attention in the room to her. Guests for the bachelorette party had started arriving shortly after we finished decorating and congregated throughout the apartment.

I leaned towards Kitty and referenced to the growing crowd, “This doesn’t qualify as a fire-hazard?” My hair fell over the curve of my shoulders and down to the end of my back. I hadn’t considered cutting it until the prospect of change started to seem alluring.

“No,” She replied with a half-concerned expression taking over her sharp features, “Not yet at least.”

Jade laughed, “As long as no one lights someone else’s hair on fire we’re fine.”

I laughed at the idea but stranger things had happened with a group of Cherries gathered in one place. But for once, we were all on our best behavior. Our outfits covered the majority of our bodies and no one was offering to wax another girl in the bathroom.

It wasn’t every day that one of us got tied the knot, after all.

Sarah beamed and welcomed each of the girls who walked through the door. In the past few months, I had quickly learned about the level of detail that went into weddings. There seemed to be little room for error and I was thankful to have a minimal role in the planning. Kitty, however, wasn’t so lucky.

Being related to the groom meant indentured servitude. The more I observed the phenomenon, the more grateful I was for Tristan and Tracy’s courthouse wedding.

“I feel so underdressed,” I stared down at my faded jeans and compared them to the semi-formal outfits surrounding me. Even Jade had slipped on a tight skirt and blouse. Why could I never get the memo?

“I may have something,” Kitty snapped her attention away from the horde of women taking over her apartment, “If it’d make you more comfortable.”

I agreed, knowing that I would just become increasingly more insecure with each new arrival. I followed Kitty through the kitchen and into the coatroom, formerly known as her bedroom. A pile of jackets and sweaters waited for their owners on Kitty’s bed. She opened the closet doors; they held tons of neutral pinks and nude tones.

“So what are we aiming for, exactly?” Kitty asked as she shuffled through the many options.

I glanced down at my current outfit and sighed, “Anything that isn’t denim.”

“So no denim pantsuits then?” Kitty teased before pulling out an electric blue skirt. I scrunched my nose.

“Isn’t that Sarah’s color?”

Kitty handed me the skirt and a white top, “There’s no monopoly on color choices. Besides, it’ll give you a chance to envision yourself in your bridesmaid dress.”

I took the outfit and laid it on top of the mountain of coats before tossing my current shirt onto the nearest surface.

Kitty whistled, “Not shy anymore, are you?”

“No time to be bashful,” I said while yanking off my jeans and pulling up the pleated skirt, “There are about thirty girls out there waiting to be entertained.”

“We’ll put on some porn or something.” Kitty shrugged with a gleam in her eye.

“Why couldn’t we throw this thing at Pink Cherry, again?” It sure would help with overcrowding issues.

“Jason and Adam said they needed the place for wedding prep.” She rolled her eyes and waited for me to finish buttoning my top. “Ready?”

I nodded while slipping on my shoes. Kitty led the way back to the party. Jade stood in the middle of the room. Her low-back top put her newest breakup tattoo on display.

“It’s a Swallow,” Jade said with a grin, “Which is ironically what I’m never doing for him again.”

I laughed, “Whoa, what did I miss?”

The blonde in front of Jade turned to face me, “We were talking about break-up mistakes. Got any?”

Do I ever. “Not really,” The lie caught Kitty’s attention.

“Oh yeah?” She raised her eyebrows.

I sighed at the accusation, “Jason and I aren’t exes because we’ve never dated.”

“Exactly.” Jade scoffed, “That’s the mistake.”

I frowned.

“Leave her alone,” Sarah came to my rescue. “They can’t avoid each other forever anyways.”

After Jason and I fought, the girls pressed me for details the next day. We sat around the coffee table and shared our worst war stories, except for Kitty. She remained painfully silent until Jade admitted to running away with a seventeen-year old drug-dealer on her fifteenth birthday.

Then, Sarah told us an alarming tale from her freshman year of high school. The gymnasium bleachers, a handsy boy who never learned the meaning behind no, and Lucas. The one who heard her cry and beat the tar out of any guy who touched her.

Now, her light blue eyes sparkled in the wake of her wedding weekend.

Something we all wanted for ourselves.

Well, most of us.

The blonde left us for another glass of champagne before the girls could dissect my dating life or the absence of one.

“So,” Jade sat on the arm of the couch, “Have you heard from him yet?”

I had been trying to ignore the silence for days. I pinched my lips together, “No. It seems like he’s giving me space.” Space that I clearly needed.

Jason wasn’t my only problem; ever since my chat with Annie, discussing business with Ethan felt like pulling teeth. My first day back at the office was less than ideal.

The stuffy cubicle and stale muffins didn’t seem as glorious as they once did. Now, I spent my time wondering what my life would have been like if I never left Pink Cherry.

“Has anyone seen the penis pinata?” Sarah startled me out of my thoughts. In her mind, Jason and I would elope in the next couple of weeks and rule the sex toy industry together. She said as much the other night without even drinking a drop of wine.

Sober thoughts are the most insane.

“Don’t look at me,” Jade laughed, “I’m taking a break from dick.”


Sarah tilted her head towards me and I shook my head. When she turned to Kitty, Jade snickered. “You know she hasn’t seen a penis since college.”

Kitty raised an eyebrow, “Maybe I prefer being with someone who can actually get me off.”

“Yourself?” I grinned.

“Only on Friday nights,” Kitty rolled her eyes with a smirk.

Sarah cleared her throat, “Right, well, I’d love to start hitting a penis with a bat in the near future. Any thoughts?”

“Coat closet?” Kitty suggested while running her fingers through her hair.

The party had just started and I was ready to hide in the bedroom with a bottle of rum.

When Sarah and Jade wandered off in search of the piñata, Kitty inched closer to me.

Her voice dropped, “So how bad is it?”

Bold move; asking about the future of a company everyone in the room worked at.

“Not good,” I smoothed out the wrinkles in my, her, skirt. “Ethan says we don’t have much time.”

Kitty’s expression twisted, “How much?”

“Three months. Max.”

“Fuck.” She shook her head. “What are our options?”

I sighed, “Just selling. If anyone would buy.”

In the best case scenario, the company would break even. I didn’t even want to consider the worst. The thought alone had me chewing on the inside of my cheek.

“Christmas didn’t help at all?” Kitty rubbed her forehead and stared out into the crowd of girls.

I shrugged, “It bought us more time.” Literally.

“Does Jason know?”

“Not yet.” I couldn’t work up the nerve to tell him. Especially not after destroying whatever relationship we had. “Maybe you should be the one to tell him.”

Kitty nodded and left me by myself. The room was swarming with energetic Cherries; myself not included. I checked my phone. No new messages.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to face Jason, face everything I had been avoiding, but at that moment, surrounded by my friends, I couldn’t ask for a better day.

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