Her Toy

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Now or Never

“Hold on,” Jade slurred, “Friends with benefits is basically just being a freelance girlfriend. Totally respectable.”

I laughed before taking another sip of my rum, “Is that what you tell yourself at night?”

She rolled her eyes, “You’re just mad because I’m unattached.”

“I’m unattached,” I ignored my desire to call Jason for the full duration of the bachelorette party but now, four drinks in, it was getting more difficult to lie to myself. Nonetheless, I tried.

Kitty snickered, “Bullshit. Just because y’all won’t lock it down doesn’t mean you don’t have your nails buried in each other ten ways to Sunday.”

I frowned at the alluring image.

After five hours, the other cherries had left Kitty’s apartment for a nightcap. We were left slouched over the couch with a bottle of wine being passed between Sarah and Jade.

“So,” Sarah thrummed her pink nails against the armrest, “Are you going to make a move on Adam any time soon or am I going to have to stuff you, crazy kids, in a hotel room together myself?” She stared Kitty down with little humor in her eyes.

Kitty’s eyes widened, “We work together. It wouldn’t end well.”

I raised my glass, “Smart woman.”

“At least you know he won’t shame you for our line of work,” Jade cut in.

Sarah nodded, “Or make you quit,”

“Plus,” I nudged Kitty, “You’ve already seen the goods.”

“The royal jewels,” Jade said in a faux British accent

We laughed together and finished off the bottle.

“Listen,” Kitty finally spoke up to defend herself, “It’s just been a while.”

“Yeah, that religious trauma will really make you clench.” Sarah nodded in solidarity before tapping her glass onto Kitty’s.

The alcohol buzzed inside of me; I felt warm and dizzy while trying to stay upright.

“You should say something,” I advised against my better judgment. “You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

The girls turned to me, “And how would you know that?” Jade raised her eyebrow.

I fidgeted with the hem of my skirt, “Common sense.”

Kitty rolled her eyes, “If I have to be honest then so do you.”

“Honestly?” I leaned forward, “It hurt to be banished from one of the only places I felt at home.”

Before they could say anything, I continued.

“It sucked. All of it. Moving away. Working in a field that I didn’t even enjoy anymore.” That I don’t want to be in. “And to top it all off, Jason was the one who sent me away.”

The girls nodded.

“And I guess I just wish I meant something to him. Like, left a trail of Cheeto dust on his heart like he did to my boobs.”

“Wait, what?” Sarah blinked in surprise.

“Long story.”

Jade cleared her throat, “Well, I think it’s clear that he cares now.”

I stared at her and she continued, “He offered to be your submissive.”

The bar is on the floor.

“Only for sex.” I shifted in my seat.

“No way,” Sarah shook her head, “He already had a girl for that, didn’t he?”

I tried not to think about it. It was easy enough to forget until I let myself want more than what he was willing to offer.

“He only sent you away because I asked him to.” Kitty chimed in before I could write him off for good.

You can’t make anybody do something they don’t already want to do. “He shouldn’t have listened.”

“Yeah,” Kitty nodded, “But he did and now he’s trying to make up for it. One day at a time.”

I stared at her; all the different versions of her. I was seeing triple and my headache was worsening by the second.

“So what am I supposed to do?”

Sarah laughed, “I think that’s pretty obvious. Text him.”

Text him? I eyeballed my phone. It waited for me on the glass table where we had piled our earrings and empty glasses.

I shook my head, “He hasn’t texted me in days. He doesn’t want to talk.”

The girls rolled their eyes.

“You’re in charge now,” Jade said while taking a large gulp of wine, “Act like it.”

I turned my attention to Kitty, “I will if you will.”

“What?” The color drained from her face as Sarah and Jade started to chant.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

Kitty waved her hands, “That’s so not the same thing. You guys have history.”

“But you and Adam could have a future,” Sarah laid over Kitty’s lap with a grin on her face. “Come on, take a walk on the wild side.”

“Says the girl who’s getting married,” Jade added from the corner of her mouth.

“Speaking of which,” I derailed the conversation, “Are you excited for the big night?”

“Emphasis on big,” Jade wiggled her eyebrows and caused Kitty to make her infamous disgusted face.

Kitty groaned, “God, he’s m-”

“My cousin.” We finished her statement with our own exaggerated sighs of dread. At the rate we were going, all of Kitty’s family would be fucked or hitched to one of the cherries in no time.

Kitty clicked her tongue, “You guys act like my family tree is a dating app.”

“Maybe we just like climbing.” Sarah purred while running her fingers through her hair. Then, just when I thought I was in the clear, she snapped her fingers at me, “We didn’t forget about the texts. Don’t look so relieved.”

“If I have to text Adam then you have to man up and ask Charlie how big his dick is.” Kitty challenged her.

Sarah scrunched her nose, “You can’t just ask your fiancé if he’s packing.”

“Why the hell not?” What was left of my wine sloshed at the bottom of my glass, “Jade, you have any bad decisions you want to make tonight?”

She laughed and revealed her elusive smile, “Depends on if Kitty has any more cousins,”

Before we could stop her, Kitty threw a bag of dig confetti over our heads. “Guess what y’all can suck.”

I blinked away the decoration flittering over me and grabbed my phone. Now or never.

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