Her Toy

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Three days came and went as I contemplated my epic fail the night of Sarah’s bachelorette party. There was no response; that’s right, I was ghosted. When I turned over my cell phone, all I saw was a notification from my mother.


I grumbled to myself as the bridesmaids rushed around the barn and attempted to decorate the peeling walls. After a week, Jason still wouldn’t talk to me, not that I had tried, and instead, followed Adam and James around like a puppy.

Apparently, they all got wasted at the bachelor party and James made Adam a groomsman.

Kitty was over the moon and I struggled to meet her level of enthusiasm; it was the day before Sarah’s wedding, after all.

I sighed and continued wrapping string lights around the barn’s rotting support posts. Meanwhile, Jason’s mom barked orders at all the other girls with a sickeningly sweet smile plastered onto her face.

“We have twenty minutes until the rehearsal dinner,” She glared at Kitty while addressing the rest of us. “Why isn’t anyone dressed?” Her rapid breathing gave me the impression that she was one chocolate bar away from a heart attack.

I scolded myself for the thought; I had been in a rotten mood. More so in the three hours that I had to be in spitting distance of Jason.

But then again, what did I expect? I couldn’t even communicate.

It took me months to cut off any relationship strings with Ethan and longer to forgive my preemptive banishment from Pink Cherry.

But now, all I wanted was to set things right. I glanced at Jason, his smile only wavering when his mother barked another order. That woman is relentless.

The air was sucked from my lungs every time I summoned the courage to look at him, and then it hurt all the more.

Before I could melt into a self-loathing puddle, Jade tore me away from my task.

I stumbled as she pulled me out of the barn; her grip made me wonder how any of her ‘lovers’ ever survived her handjobs.

“What the fuck,” I swore just loud enough for my captor to hear me but Jade continued to drag me anyway.

The sun had finally broken through the scattered clouds in the sky and beamed onto my skin. The heat felt nice, abduction didn’t.

Once we were out of earshot, Jade paused and turned on her scuffed converse, “You’re staring at him again,”

I blinked and then decided to lie, “I was not.”

Jade dropped my arm and crossed hers, ”Bullshit.”

“Fine,” I threw my freed hands up, “I stole a glance or two. Sue me. The man ghosted me and then has the nerve to ignore me when we’re ten feet apart?” I scoffed, not bothering to check my volume.

“Yeah, I get it,” she rubbed her forehead, “but watching him won’t help and we need you to get your head in the game.”

What is this, Highschool Musical?

I prepared a quip but then:

“For Sarah,”

My shoulders dropped, “Alright, what can I do?”

The trees rustled in the winter air and I marveled at the mountain range visible on the horizon.


I could cry after the wedding, I rationalized; when Sarah was happily married and ordering tequila shots in Saint Lucia.

Jade nodded, “Right now?” she snaked her fingers into mine, “it’s time to get you into your rehearsal dress,” she grinned, “and don’t worry, I’ll make sure you won’t be the only one staring,”


I stared at myself and blinked, then again, and once more for good measure. Jade had always come through for me since day one.

She dressed me on my first day at Pink Cherry and she made me a human doll again for the rehearsal dinner. Not that I’m complaining.

Jade’s dark hair was piled on top of her head in a knotted bun while a dark grey flannel shirt clung to her body. Although it didn’t always look like it, her looks could kill on any Saturday night.

I wondered what she was planning on wearing that night.

She placed her calloused hands on my shoulders and beamed. “What do you think?”

I trailed my fingers over the black lace detailing and followed it down the low-cut neckline. It plunged enough to gather attention but wouldn’t provoke Kitty’s mom enough to call the missionaries next door and ask them to say a prayer over me.

Then, the thigh-slit ran up my leg and stopped at the beginning of my hip. The shimmering lotion that Jade insisted I use did nothing but draw all eyes to my bare skin.

It was daring; I loved it.

Even the belt cinched my waist and heightened any natural curves I had. But before I could gush, “Are you sure it isn’t too much? It’s Sarah’s night and I don’t w-”

“Oh hush,” The bride herself walked through the door, “who do you think told Jade to make you guys sexy as fuck?”

Sarah entered Kitty’s bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed--legs crossed.

Before I could open my mouth to ask if she was certain, she waved me off, “I’m sure, Tara. If he isn’t drooling by the end of the night, we aren’t Cherries.”

I refrained from telling them that no one would be a Cherry for much longer. There was a time and a place, and this isn’t it.

Instead, my heart melted. “Thank you,” I pulled them both into a hug that only lasted a few seconds due to Jade’s seasonal allergies to affection.

She muttered something along the lines of, “Love you,” and then clapped, “It’s time for the bride,”

Before I could stop her, she smacked my ass, “Not that you’re not my favorite, babe.”


Sarah’s jaw fell open, “Cheater,”

Jade grinned, “You’re the one getting married,”

“Well, yeah,” Sarah wiggled her freshly plucked eyebrows, “You should see his dick.”

A gagging noise filled the hallway and then, Kitty strolled into the room. “Jesus, shut the door if you’re gonna rate my cousin’s massive cock, alright?”

We giggled and for a moment, everything was right again.

From my position in the room, Kitty’s mom’s scratchy voice was more than audible. I rolled my eyes.

I leaned on the window, partially hoping I would crash through, and screwed on a smile.

I could complain after the wedding, just like Jade said. But still, my thoughts traveled Jason; so far yet so close.

Before I could unravel, the conversation continued.

“Wait,” Jade leaned into Sarah’s personal space, not that either of them cared, “how big is it?”

Sarah opened her mouth but then gave Kitty the side-eye.

Kitty laughed and took a seat by her old desk. “Don’t say I never did anything for you,” then she pointed at me, “but I draw the line at Jason.”

I scoffed and tucked a piece of my hair back into the loose braid that Jade so carefully crafted. “You’ve seen him fuck me.”

Sarah snickered at the thought and I forced the memory as far from my mind as possible. The last thing I needed to be was to be horny.

Kitty shrugged, “You win some, you lose some.”


Welcome back, I've been expecting you.

I have a proposition for you on this fine November evening. As many of you know, Her Toy is coming to a close but that doesn't mean that the fun is over.

The Fear of Falling is a continuation of the Pink Cherry series. Several of your favorite characters have already made appearances! Now, I know updates on Her Toy can be few and far between so here is my offer.

If The Fear of Falling receives twenty reviews by December 1st, I will finish Her Toy by the end of the year.

Cross my heart.

The reviews, of course, should be honest (but not brutal).

Oh, and, expect information about an extended version of The Toy Maker arriving on Kindle soon.

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See you soon babes,


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