Her Toy

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A Toast

The music booming from the speakers couldn’t mask the uncomfortable feeling in the air. Especially when the spotlight followed the men walking onto the stage a foot in front of us. I struggled to stay focused.

The first must have been the leader, broad shoulders, and confidence in his strut. This was just another night for him. The one who followed him was just barely taller but not even as close to as muscular.

His hair was so dark that it almost looked blue under all the lights. What he didn’t have in build he made up in personality, spinning and flashing a grin to the crowd of cheering women.

My eyes darted across the others until I came to the boy in the back. He was obviously struggling to keep his head up and not stare directly at his feet. The shaggy blonde hair almost hid his lime green eyes. I tried not to smile at his sheepish demeanor.

Jade elbowed me in the side, “That’s Nathan, it’s his first night,” I figured.

“How old is he?”

“You interested?”

“Of course not,”

“Right,” Jade gave me one of her infamous looks, “He just turned eighteen last week,“I tried to suppress the surprise on my face which she thought was hilarious.

“Are we seriously about to sit here and watch an infant strip?” I could hear Sarah’s laughter from across the table. Her eyes were lined with golden sparkles and her hair was braided back.

“Relax, Tara, it’s not like he isn’t legal,” Jade tilted her head up in the direction of the dark-haired attention whore, “Besides, we all know he isn’t your type,”

“Shut up,” I laughed before I remembered who was sitting across from me. Sarah sensed the tension and took it upon herself to fix the issue.

“Waiter!” She waved frantically, “We’re gonna need as many shots as possible over here!”

Twenty minutes later and two dances and my liver was practically swimming. Our slurred cheers didn’t seem to bother tall dark and handsome as he grinded on the ground.

My muscles finally relaxed and I stopped worrying about who I was sitting with.

Kitty didn’t seem to mind the six tequila shots that she drank in the rapid fire either. Her laughter was loud and cheery, unlike how she was when I arrived.

Without even knowing it, I started to feel at home again. That was until the dangerously flirtatious guy took the stage.

He wore a basic white t-shirt and navy jeans. They were nothing special, nothing revealing. Until his song started to play.

His mischievous grin made my heart skip a beat. I started to think that Jade wasn’t entirely wrong about her statement.

The dance went on as he stripped off the shirt. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of muscle he actually had.

“He’s cute, huh?” Sarah shouted over the music.

I tried not to show too much interest. I didn’t know how far they would go.

Jade took it upon herself to further the conversation, “Of course she thinks he is. She’s blushing, see?”

“I am not,” I rolled my eyes in an attempt to discredit her.

“She is!” Sarah chirped before turning to a swaying Kitty, “What do you think?”

Kitty’s eyes wandered over my face, “She totally has the hots for him. Tall, dark-haired, green eyed, how could she resist?”

“What should we do then?” Jade asked.

“Wave the guy over,” Her smile with tilted up at one side before taking another sip of her drink.

Sarah and Jade immediately went into action as I slumped down into my chair.

Eventually, their consistent beckoning got his attention. He grinned as they pointed at me without the least bit of subtly.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when he started over to us. Sarah’s squealing was inaudible over the beating of my heart.

He didn’t say a word before peeling off his jeans and straddling me with only his underwear separating us.

His grinding was a welcomed sensation even though my face was no doubt bright red.

After the brief lap dance concluded, Sarah and Jade decided to go bust their own moves on the dance floor. I was in no condition to walk let alone dance.

That left me with a barely present Kitty. Despite her state, she still persisted on sipping up whatever alcoholic beverage that was placed in her hand.

It was on the one hundred and nineteenth sip that I heard the words come from her mouth, “I’m sorry,”

I stared at her as she hiccupped.

“For what?”

“Ruining everything,”

I sighed, “You didn’t ruin anything,”

“You left,”

“I was fired,”

Kitty’s eyes widened, “When?”

I pushed my thumb around my glass, “When I woke up after Thanksgiving.”

Her hand reached to mine, “You have to believe me, I didn’t know he was going to do that. If I did I never would hav-”

“I know,” I bit my lip, “but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Kitty pulled back, “I suppose not.”

The black lights kicked on and I was lost in a sea of color. Kitty’s pink hair was blinding just like the first day I met her.

I cleared my throat, “I’ve actually been working with Ethan,”

“Really?” Kitty perked up.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “It’s not that bad actually,”

The conversation dropped before Kitty spoke up again, “You made the right choice,”

“It wasn’t much of a choice,” I blurted out. I glanced up to see the expression on her face, “I mean, I had to eat right?”

She agreed solemnly. Before I could say another word Jade and Sarah came bouncing back to the table.

“Anyone up for some actual food?” Sarah wiped the sweat off of her forehead.

“It’s past midnight, nowhere is going to be open,” Kitty slurred.

“I have fruit loops at my place,” I offered.

Jade and Sarah gave each other a glance and next thing I knew we were at my door.

“Love your place!” Sarah said while leaning on the wall for support, “It’s so sturdy,”

“That’s how I like my apartments,”

“And your men,” Jade laughed.

I rolled my eyes and pushed open the door. There wasn’t much to take in at first glance but the girls ran wild.

Kitty jumped on the couch with little regard for her safety. Sarah ran over to the kitchen to score the cereal treasure and Jade found herself at my window.

I walked over and followed her eyes to the Pink Cherry sign.

“You have the perfect view,”

“Sometimes I think that,” I paused, “Other times it’s just painful.”

Jade sighed, “Well you won’t have to look at it much longer.”


“We’re in over our heads. The store is going under and now it’s just a matter of time,”

“Jason wouldn’t let that happen,” His name felt uncomfortable on my tongue. It had been too long since I had spoken his name.

She scoffed, “He jumped ship a while ago.”


“Just a few months after you did,”

Before I could ask any more of the questions running through my mind, Sarah’s high pitched squeals filled the air.

“This is so much fun!” I followed her voice into my bedroom. There she was spinning around on my pole.

Jade grinned at her drunken antics, “You’re a stripper now?”

“I’m in marketing and sales,”

“So boring,” Sarah elongated her words as she attempted the climb up by her thighs,

“Well, nothing beats getting paid to orgasm,” I laughed.

Kitty walked in behind us with a bottle of whiskey in her hand. Somehow she had managed to find my stash.

“To getting paid to orgasm!” Kitty said before taking a big gulp from the bottle and then passing it to me.

I held it up as they cheered, “To getting paid to orgasm!”

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