Her Toy

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Going Up

The elevator dinged and I sucked in a deep breath. My world could be changed with one interview and I wasn’t going to let someone steal it away from me without a fight.

I held my head up and marched through the hall. The only thing that could distract me did, coffee.

The Kitchen was always pumping out freshly brewed energy for the zombified masses. This day I couldn’t resist. I need to be on my A-game.

Grant was quietly pouring coffee for himself when my heels clicked into the room. I decided to ditch the dress, it didn’t get me very far.

Once he saw me his eyes were glued, a black thigh length skirt said business but the turquoise blouse with one too many buttons left undone said pleasure.

The girls helped me pick it out after I spilled about my big interview.

“So, today’s the big day?” Grant cleared his throat and tried his best not to stare.

I smiled, “Sure is.”

“I’m sure you’ll get it,”

“Let’s hope so,” I started to pour my coffee into a mug as Grant struggled to find something to say.

“Maybe we could go out to celebrate,” I glanced up at him, “You know after you get the job,”

I opened my mouth to answer just as Ethan decided to join us.

He coughed to make his presence known, “Don’t you have some data to input by noon, Grant?”

“Oh, well I was just-”

“Great,” Ethan cut him off and watched as Grant shuffled out of the room.

I rolled my eyes at him, “That wasn’t necessary,”

“What wasn’t necessary?” He grinned.

“It’s not funny,”

“It was a little funny,”

I tried not to smile, “Stop it, I’m still mad at you,”

“For what?”



“You assumed I was,” I glanced over my shoulder to make sure there were no gossips around, “having relations with you so I would get the raise.”

“Relations? Who are you, Bill Clinton?”

I stared at him until he finally sighed, “Okay, I admit that the idea crossed my mind.”


He snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me into him, “I’m sorry. I guess I just can’t believe that a woman as gorgeous as you would choose me,”

I glanced up at him, “Flattery will get you nowhere,”

He dipped his head down until his lips were barely touching mine, “We’ll see about that,” As soon as the words left his lips he pulled away and walked out of the room.

I took a big gulp of my coffee before heading to my desk.

After an hour of brain-numbing typing and twenty minutes of trying to get Grant to look in my direction, it was time to meet my fate on the eighth floor. I gathered my few belongings and tried to settle my nerves by humming a familiar tune.

I took a deep breath before hitting the button for the elevator. I was unpleasantly surprised by the face that immediately greeted me.

Abigail’s smug grin hit me like a freezing gust of air.

“Oh, just now going up for the interview?” She asked.

“Yes,” I managed to muster out while squeezing the files in between my fingers.

“Mine was earlier,”

“Maybe they’re saving the best for last,”

“Or maybe being the office slut doesn’t get someone as far as they thought,” She glanced down at my blouse, “hypothetically of course.”

She flew away on her broomstick and left me in her dust. Amy and she would have been great friends.

The frustration and anxiety melted into my bloodstream and suddenly I was seeing stars.

That’s when Ethan decided to make an appearance. No doubt coming up for the interview, my interview.

When he came into arm’s length I wrapped my fingers around his tie and pulled him into the elevator, with my body pressed against his.

My hand smacked the stop button briefly before cupping Ethan’s ass and pulling him further into me.

He chuckled, “Flattery will get me nowhere, huh?”

“Shut up,” I growled before attacking his soft, smirky, lips. I wanted to be touched, I needed to be fucked and didn’t care what it took.

He broke away from our kiss and shifted his gaze to the top corner of the elevator, “There are cameras,”

I wasn’t the least bit concerned with Earl, the security guard, seeing us get it on, “Then I expect you to put on a really good show,”

Ethan laughed, “You would know all about that now wouldn’t you?”

“Not that you ever saw, you were never man enough to watch.” I let the last word hang in the air until I knew he was about to explode.

Suddenly the elevator felt much smaller as he stared me down. Our eyes bore each other down until finally my back was forced against the mirrored wall.

Ethan’s arms pinned me in and my heart thumped so loudly in my chest that I was sure he would hear.

He never looked away as his hand wrapped around my skirt and yanked it down. Since I had decided to go panty-line free for the day, I was exposed in one movement.

His fingers found my already wet pussy and rubbed me roughly. I grabbed his neck for support but refused to back down.

He stepped up his game and undressed. His cock was already hard at the sight of me half-naked and at his mercy.

He gripped my thighs and lifted me off my feet until I was forced to wrap my legs around him.

The head of his cock brushed against my pussy and nearly caused me to moan. That was all the encouragement Ethan needed before thrusting into me.

I groaned as he continued to fuck me without slowing down. I struggled to find my breath while my legs turned to jello.

He slowed before biting my lip, “Am I man enough now?”

I let out a soft moan and rolled my hips against his. The expression on his face told me that it was taking everything he had not to bend me over and go at it again.

“It’s a start,”

He scoffed and set me back down, “This isn’t over,”

“I hope not,” I grinned while lifting up my skirt, “I still haven’t come.” I pressed the button to resume our trip.

Before he could completely gather himself, the door slid open. Ethan frantically pulled on his pants and straightened his tie.

When we walked out into the main hallway no one was the wiser and by the time we reached the conference room we had five minutes to spare.

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