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Panty Privileges

I stretched my legs out on the creaky bed and yawned; Only realizing where I was when the sound of the fan squeaking got closer.

The sunlight hit my eyes directly and showed no sign of having mercy. With a sigh of defeat, I rolled over and checked my phone.

I wanted to bury myself underneath the covers when I saw the time but there were none. I pushed aside the stray papers resting on my legs and my laptop.

Long after everyone left the shop, I stayed behind to finalize some ideas. I didn’t know I would be sleeping over.

I shuffled across the room and tried to find my jacket. I checked the desk, the chairs, and the shelves to no avail.

“Dammit,” I muttered as I glanced around the room for something else to keep me warm. Someone must have turned off the heat before they left because I woke up in a room so cold that I could almost see blue in the air.

I pulled my frazzled hair from the lopsided bun and let it hang over my shoulders for warmth as I continued my search. Eventually, I came across the same closet that Kitty had pushed everything into.

Jason’s shirts sat on top of the dusty cardboard boxes. I looked around the room and considered my options before snatching the warmest looking button down off the top of the pile.

I tried not to pay attention to the smell of his cologne lingering on the fabric. I gathered my wits and set out on a mission for food.

It wasn’t much of a mission since I already knew that Sarah kept a box of Girl Scout cookies in her vanity. I left the lair and walked out onto the main floor.

My eyes immediately found the butt of a bent over stranger.

I coughed and Adam turned around immediately before grinning, a dazzling smile that wasn’t at all crooked on one side like Jason’s.

I pushed the thought out of my head, “What are you doing here?” The hammer in his hand should have given it away but I was running on fumes.

He seemed to find my question funny and held up the hammer and nails, “Just thought I would get a jumpstart on the day.”

I nodded and turned to leave but he caught me before I could make it to the door.

“What about you? Burning the midnight oil?”

“Yeah, I’m practically drowning in paperwork,” I mustered up a smile to match his. He seemed to be unaffected by the cold air. His white tank top showed off his tan arms as went back to work.

I hesitated behind him as he continued expanding the stage. I finally snapped out of the trance his rhythmic hammering put me in and continued my quest for food.

I dug through Sarah’s cluttered drawer. I pushed aside lipstick, foundation, and a dozen tissues which I prayed weren’t used. I gave up when a chunk of her pale white foundation came back under my nail.

I wiped my hands off on my pants and noticed the small green box peeking out of Jade’s half open vanity. I pulled the cookie box out and rolled my eyes. Of course, it was empty.

I sighed and dragged myself out of the room. Adam was still diligently hammering away when I got back. I didn’t expect for him to talk to me as I walked past.

“So are you performing with the rest of the cherries tomorrow?” He asked, not looking up from what he was working on.

I paused before responding, “I’m not sure. I haven’t had the chance to really think about it.”

“You should,” He finally turned around to run his eyes over the length of my body and grin. “I’m sure someone would pay good money for someone like you.”

I rolled my eyes, “What about you? When is your big debut?”

“Not sure,” He sighed, “I just finished training the day before yesterday. So hopefully soon.”

It was my turn to grin.

“What?” He asked warily as I smiled.

I shrugged, “Nothing.”

Just as he was about to respond the door chimed. Jade squeezed through the doorway with ten shopping bags on each arm.

“Rob a Victoria Secret?” Adam laughed as she lifted all the bags onto the counter and groaned.

She turned and glared at him, “You try getting up at four in the morning and shopping for forty Christmas slut ensembles. ”

He held the hammer up in surrender or so I thought, “I’ll do one better. I was here at six building a stage wide enough to fit your massive ego.”

“Just for that, you’re not going to have a back to your underwear, pretty boy.” Jade grinned and wiggled her eyebrows at me.

Adam rolled his eyes, “Don’t pretend like that hasn’t been your design all along.”

Jade feigned shock and looked between us, “I don’t think I like your tone.”

I chuckled, “Now it should be no underwear.”

“Yes!” Jade pointed at me and watched Adam’s stunned face, “You just lost panty privileges, my friend.”

“Whatever.” He laughed as I started to dig through Jade’s treasure. I held up a skimpy red satin nightie and gave her a look. “What are we prudes now?”

She snatched the little number from my hands, “I remember when I practically had to force you into that lacey bra and now you’re questioning if my taste is skimpy enough?”

I sighed, “Sorry, it’s just that tomorrow night has to be one of the sexiest nights Pink Cherry has ever hosted. ”

“I know,” Jade said and held the nightie up for me, “That’s why this one is for you.”


“Well you’re not technically a Cherry but we also can’t have you scampering around here fully clothed. It kills the mood.” Adam agreed with her and I took the outfit without complaint.

“And the rest of you?” I asked while motioning to the five other bags.

Jade twirled her curly black hair around her middle finger, “Just let me worry about that. I still have to alter a few things.”

I nodded and let her take control, “When is Sarah getting in?”

She grabbed her bags and headed to the back, “Hopefully soon, she’s tasting wedding cake today though,”

I watched her shove her way through the door, “Hey, Jade?” I called out to her.


I hesitated and looked at Adam now measuring a piece of wood for the stage, “Who is Sarah marrying?” It was silent for a minute before Jade’s head poked out from the doorway.

“She never told you?”

“Um,” I tried not to act as confused as I was, “No.”

Adam’s sudden hammering prompted Jade to wave me to her. I met her in the back and saw that she already had the bags dumped out onto the floor.

“So?” I asked.

Jade sighed and dug through the pile, “It’s really something that she should tell you herself.”

A pit started growing in my stomach, “Why?”

Her dark brown eyes finally met mine, “It’s a long fucking story.”

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