Coming Home

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"Sorry," replied a deep masculine voice, Gina froze as memories came flooding back, two bodies entwined between the satin sheets, whispered words, caresses, igniting the flame, moving them as one... After being away for 6 months, Gina needed to go home, but will she get the welcome she is looking for? Could the home she is searching for, be found in Tyler's arms after all...but is it safe to give into Tyler's demands, for word is getting around, girls are getting hurt at Miller's Fashion and Make-Up. Will Tyler be able to save his company's name and the girl that he has loved for two years, from someone who everyone thought was safe?

Erotica / Drama
Amelia Jean Seaton
4.4 9 reviews
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She felt her pulse quicken, he came up behind her, placing his drink on the table beside them. he moved her hair from her neck and started to kiss her from the shoulder to her ear. She felt a jolt go through her body from the touch of his lips. The longer he took the more relaxed she became, enjoying the moment. She started to feel every move and anticipated where he was going to place his lips next. He placed his hands on her waist, his grip was firm, a little to firm, but he lips moved and she became lost in them again, which were now making their way back down her neck. This could not get any better, she thought, leaning back against him.

Then he spun her around to face him, pulling her hard against him and started kissing her, hard, demanding, and at times biting her lips. She tried to pull away, he put his hand on the back of her head to keep her still, and continued to kiss her harshly. His other hand moved upwards and grabbed her breast and squeezed it hard and then pinched her nipple, she gasped and with tears gathering in her eyes, she fought to pull away.

"No," she gasped out while taking a step back away from him, "No," she repeated shaking her head.

"Oh come on baby, you want this, it is what you have been after ever since we met tonight," he taunted her, reaching out for her.

"No, not like this," she said moving away from him towards the door to go back inside, "Never like this."

"Oh come on honey," he coaxingly said, "You know you will enjoy it," as he started to follow her.

"No, I will not," she replied walking over to where her bag was. Her breast, still throbbing from his rough touch. Upon seeing he pick up her bag, he lunged for her and pushed her up against the wall. his hand pushing and dragging at her clothes, as his mouth punished her lips. She tasted blood in her mouth, knowing he had split her lip, she began to fight, pushing against him, trying to get away from him. She bit down on his lip and as he pulled away, she moved her leg and lifted her knee up hard and fast. She felt it connect to the one place that would always bring a man to his knees in pain, he cried out and fell down in pain, she moved quickly away from him and towards the door.

"You walk out that door," he gasped out, "you can say goodbye to your career."

"Who would want to work with a low-life scum like you anyway?" she questioned as she walked out the door slamming it behind her, she knew she had time to get to the elevator and down to the ground floor before he could do anything.

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