Running To You - Book 2

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To be this close and not able to look was torture. ‘Why did I agreed with Gina to be her maid of honor, when I knew I would feel like this,’ thought Sophie as she stood beside Gina at the altar. The one person, handsome, kind, and so sexy doesn't even know that I am alive let alone standing across the aisle from him, the struggle to not look was the hardest. How does she get him to notice her? Would he love her after Carl? Matthew was shocked to learn that Sophie liked him but was he prepared to protect her from her past, even when he was trying to build a future for himself and his family.

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He went too far, now his baby is in a hospital bed, I just wish she didn’t say those things to me, he hit the steering wheel in frustration as he drove around, trying to work out his next step.

He left to go and get help for her, but by the time he got back, the ambulance was leaving with her, nosy neighbor. He had followed the ambulance to the hospital and watched them take her inside, with a woman beside her, Gina was in town, that bitch always causes problems between my baby and me, I was right to add her to my threats, that bitch always causes Sophie to change her mind about us, damn it.

He drove away, to another house he had, parking in the garage, after waiting for the door to close, he got out and walked inside, throwing his keys on the kitchen bench, he clenched his fists, before running his hands through his hairs, “Damn it,” he swore out loud. He heard a muffled cry and chain rattled from the room down the hallway, he smiled, he walked down the hall to the room.

“Hey sweet pea,” he said in a sing-song voice, “how’s my baby-girl.”

There was a muffled response against the tape he had across her mouth, he couldn’t stand the sound of her voice, even though she looks like Sophie but sounds nothing like her. He walked over to the bed and reached down and gently ran his fingers down the side of her face.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered as he knelt beside her, “I’m so sorry that I went so far, I’m sorry I hurt you,” tears began running down his face as he buried his face into her shoulder. The girl on the bed shook in fear at his tears, but wondered what happened to the girl called Sophie, she only hoped that she was okay, tears began to fall for both, Sophie, and herself, to be in this situation, all the while he was muttering how sorry he was into her shoulder. He always goes into the bedroom, opposite the room she was in, he was always walking in and out of that room, talking and muttering to himself about Sophie.

He moves his hand so that it reaches and cups her breast, oh god no, she freezes and thought, please don’t do this again. He turns his head into her neck and places a kiss on it, while saying, “I’m so sorry Sophie, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but you said you we were finished,” he placed more kisses against my neck. I shudder against his touch, my terror nearly blocking my throat, my breathing became erratic through my nose, I tell myself to breathe normally, that we need to get through this. His finger rubs against my nipple when it doesn’t respond, he pinches it hurt, causing more tears to fall from my eyes, oh gosh we are going to do this again, when he knows the result, oh god no!!!

“Look at what I have for you baby,” he said as he dropped his pants and moved over to her, his hands running up and down his cock. “It’s nice and hard, just for you,” he said as he pulled her legs apart and positioned himself against her, “just the way you like it.”

With that he pushed himself into her, making her cry out against the tape from the pain that he had caused, tears running down her temples in a constant stream as he continued to get himself off. She laid there as he continues to grunt, moan, and drip his sweat all over her, trying to get off, she wished to be somewhere else than here with this disgusting person, she closed her eyes as so she blocks out his face and tried to believe that she was on a really rough rollercoaster and that she was going to get off soon.

As she drifted off, all Carl could see is Sophie enjoying the way he was pounding into her, he could see her tits bouncing with each thrust, he reached out and grabbed them, pinching her nipples which caused her to clench around his cock, “oh you like that baby, don’t you,” he said to her and he increased his pace. “You like it when I pound you hard,” he continued to talk dirty, thinking that Sophie was agreeing and responding to everything that he was doing.

When he finished, he climbed off and made his way to his bathroom, where he turned his shower on and adjusted to the right temperature before getting under it. He sighed at the feeling running throughout his body, for the first time in a long time he was finally able to finish what he had started, and Sophie was with him all the way. He groaned at how tight she felt around him as he pounded into her, he looked down in surprise as his dick sprung to attention, hard. He ran his hand over it and moan aloud at the sensation his hand caused, he did it again after putting some soap on his hand. He pumped his cock hard, jerking off on the thought of how tight Sophie was, before long he was shooting off into the wall and calling out Sophie’s name as he did.

After rising himself off, he climbed out of the shower wrapped a towel around his waist before walking out and over to his bed before flopping down across the mattress lengthways before drifting off to sleep, dreaming of his Sophie.

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