The Ironic Goddess of Creation - Giantess Story

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A goddess of creation abuses her power at school.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The Goddess of life has many apprentices, they need to be taught and trained in order to help their Lady in times of need and despair. They’re assigned with spending a human life cycle of remaining anonymous while protecting all life around them, this only applies to the people, animals and nature around the apprentices. The rules are kind of vague, so some apprentices made it a hobby of theirs to toy with life itself. Zoe, an apprentice, was tasked to be a normal high school student. Spending her life getting mediocre grades to get into a simple job for a normal boring monotonous life. She was listening to the human teacher rambling on about physics and shit. She didn’t care, she knew all of this when she was born. She looked and opened her pencil case, revealing a pencil and eraser. The apprentice closed her eyes and within a split second. A small sphere appeared out of nowhere. It was floating above her desk, but low enough to avoid suspicion by the teacher. Upon further investigation, the teenager had created a small planet, housing 4 billion tiny humans. She grabbed her pencil and started drawing a heart on it. The scraping of the pencil roared and vaporized all in its path. Cities housing over 10 million humans got crushed by the pencil. Mountain ranges were split in half, oceans were shattered and almost half a billion people were killed within seconds.


Zoe loved the little heart she drew, it was a signature of her. A signature to show her belongings. The planet…. Was now her possession. She started to scribble on the planet, first some random lines, then some shapes until she made a mistake. The apprentice frowned and grabbed her eraser and started to rub it all over the planet. After scrubbing for a few seconds, the pencil drawings were gone. But so was everything on the West side of the planet. All mountains were gone. Cities, gone. Forests, gone. Life, gone. The planet was now a barren wasteland, with over 3 billion people already eradicated. The tiny remaining humans begged for mercy as the apprentice grabbed a pen. Upon clicking the pen, a shattering thunder-like sound was heard over the heads of the tiny humans. Not much longer, the planet’s surface was getting drilled by repeated strikes of the pen. Half a minute later, the planet broke in half and all life was extinguished. poof Just like that, the planet was gone, like nothing happened. “Hmm… still 20 minutes” The apprentice was saddened by the fact that time moved so slowly and decided to have some more fun while waiting.
In a blink, a metropolis, a massive city, housing 2 billion citizens appeared on her desk. The tiny humans spawned out of thin air and got filled with thoughts and memories to simulate the fact that they’ve been living for centuries. “I’m soo~ good” The teenager congratulated herself, she could make billions of life forms flawlessly. Something which only the Goddess of life could’ve done, until now. She opened a case on her desk, revealing her glasses. But instead of wearing them, the young Goddess held them into the sunlight. The glasses strengthened the sun’s heat and waves. Which led into a small beam of light that was “Kinda hot” as she said so herself. Zoe aimed the beam of light onto the metropolis. The heat and size of the ray was melting the city. Causing buildings, nature and humans to melt into a puddle of mush.

She carved out her name in the city. “Zz..Ooo…Eee… Zoe. Perfect, now you’ll never forget who gave you the wonderful gift of life” She whispered at the metropolis, of which the death count was going up every second by the millions. She admired her work, but not for too long as the teacher started going her way. The apprentice of life was in a state of panic, she had to hide the planet to prevent the teacher from seeing her powers. In a rush, she hurled her chest onto the metropolis, with her right boob covering it entirely. The teacher walked by, which allowed Zoe to breathe a sigh of relief. She took her chest of the Metropolis to play with her servants some more. Only to notice that every single bit of life was crushed under her boob. Simply slamming her chest down killed over a billion people. Class ended, Zoe grabbed her stuff and wiped some ‘dust’ of her right breast, as she walked out the door.

The teacher walked by, which allowed Zoe to breathe a sigh of relief. She took her chest of the Metropolis to play with her servants some more. Only to notice that every single bit of life was crushed under her boob. Simply slamming her chest down killed over a billion people. “Hm? Where did they go?” Zoe looked around, confused at what happened to the patch of land. She shrugged and ignored the corpses on her underboob. Time passed on, without any sign of speeding up. Solely out of boredom, the teen spawned 3 planets, the size of marbles, out of her hand. She grabbed one of the planets and slowly started to make it roll around her finger. Causing the planet’s surface to get crushed and eradicated, with the humans being squished under her soft flesh. Within a few seconds, the planet was grinded to dust. “Oops, your fault for being so weak” She giggled as she created a force field around the 2 remaining planets. The field protects all life and structures from the impacts caused by her mighty hand. The apprentice started to roll the two surviving planets around her fingers. Kind of like two small marbles. Even though the humans couldn’t die from impact thanks to the protective barrier. The planets did feel the full force of motion as they were rolled around her fingers. “tssk, you are all dummies. It’s not even moving fast!” She flung one of the marble-sized planets up into the sky. Making it feel lots and lots of force, the velocity caused the planet and its inhabitants to shape shift. Breaking the bones of the human species, making them suffer endlessly, without having them experience death. All ‘thanks’ to the protective barrier.

Of course, launching a marble straight up into the sky draws a lot of attention. Before Zoe realized it, the teacher had halted her, making her drop the other marble-sized planet as well. The teacher confiscated the planets, thinking it were mere marbles. But if she were to find out, Zoe would get eradicated by her own Goddess. Thus she used her magic to make her teacher and any of her classmates forget anything ever happened. This quick surge of magic caused everyone but Zoe to flinch for a split second, causing the teacher to drop the marbles on her seat. A second later, everyone moved on with their lives like nothing happened. As the teacher was slowly sitting down, Zoe realized the marbles were no longer under their protective shield. And just like that, over 12 billion people died under the butt of an unaware teacher. “Welp, it was fun while it lasted” As the final minutes were coming up, Zoe had a sudden surge rushing through her body. She had to sneeze and fast. She quickly grabbed her tissue and as she was about to blow, she realized that the sound of her nose was going to alert everyone. Zoe didn’t want such attention as that would make it quite awkward for her. So she created a planet in the centre of the tissue, to help nozzle the sound of the sneeze.

The tiny human civilization looked up, as two black holes were coming down to them, only stopping a fraction away from their land. A musky wind was coming from the holes, as the people of the planet started to waft their noses at the smell. Even a small strand of nose hair came loose and landed on top of the planet, crushing multiple cities in half. Not much later, a hurricane got launched from the holes. Winds reaching speeds that have never been felt before. Buildings got shredded into a million pieces, mountains got yanked from the ground and oceans were being shot up into the air. The tiny humans didn’t stand a chance. The ones within a 90° radius of the nose holes, exploded into a gory mess. The wind ripped their body into pieces. The humans at the sides of the tissued planet, were launched away by the gust. Crippling and killing every single one of them as they were hurled at speeds beyond the speed of light, well, relatively, that was. Half a second after the hurricane came, green sticky substances were being shot from the holes onto the planet. The goo was big enough to cover an entire continent, with multiple blobs being enough to coat the entire planet into the teenager’s snot. Any human, that was bunkered down, that survived the first second of the sneeze, had their lives shortly ended as the green blobs crushed them, making them drown in the gooey mess. Shortly after, the weight of the blobs crushed the planet to the core. Causing it to erupt into multiple chunks. “Phew, that felt good”
Zoe looked at her handkerchief to see the planet completely wrecked and covered in her snot. She was amazed by the power of her nose and wanted to see if there were any survivors. After scanning her desk for a few seconds, she spotted a chunk of the planet. Not covered in her snot. It was the backside of the planet, protected by the wall made by the cloth. “Any of you still alive?” The apprentice wanted to pick up the planet, but feared crushing it. So she picked her nose and got a booger free, she then gently placed her finger on the planet’s rubble. This caused half of the planet to be coated in her booger, one sticky mess. The tiny humans were crushed by the weight of her finger. And those who weren’t, were suffocated by the thickness of the booger. “It’s not going to clean itself you know” The teen shoved her finger in her nose again. Causing any remaining civilians to be trapped in her nose, for eternity. “From now on, I’m no longer a student, I am your Goddess…. You shall serve and be subjected to your Goddess as a mere toy” Zoe smirked as the school bell rang.
Story made by someone who I will call TinyKangeroo on discord as part of our art trade. I came up with the general premise.

Please comment, favorite and watch if you can. All feedback is appreciated.


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