Sleepover Submission - Femdom Story

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A shy, nerd girl is dominated by a sporty girl, a girly girl and a weird girl,

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Chapter 1


The events of the story started with a small group of friends whose names were Cassie Smith, Sydney Kent, Tess Kristen and Ada Emily. The group started at their school mostly due to the fact that they did not seem to fit in with other girls too well. The brunette and blue eyed girl named Sydney liked to be around other girls, but was too tomboyish and sporty to find common interests with most girls she talked with. Tess was a blue eyed girl with hair dyed pick, and often did not work well with others due to her weird and silly personality. Ada was a redhead with green eyes who was way too shy to make friends with other girls, as she only talked if others approached her. Even though the blond with brown eyes girl named Cassie would often be defined as the girly type, she was still a bit too unladylike at times to feel welcome in most groups.

After Sydney had become pretty annoyed with the social aspect of her high school, she decided to take the initiative similar to how she would in sports. Sydney noticed three different girls who were often alone at school and decided to act friendly to them at lunch. They were a bit nervous about all this, but they soon decided that they would all sit together with the tomboy during the meal. The group had a bit of trouble finding common interests at first, but after talking about their dislike of the social atmosphere at school, they all quickly got along.

A few months later after the group was formed, the four members spent a lot of together and discovered some hidden aspects about each other. These were found out usually by long term observations or from having accidently peeked at each others’ phones. They ranged from being a futa, having looked at kinky websites and not showering as often as the maybe should. However, the secret that interested the majority of the members the most was related to Ada Emely.

The other members discovered Ada to not just be a lesbian, but one who had a huge fetish of being dominated by other girls. Tess, Sydney and Cassie discussed this fact because they were a bit worried about this girl finding someone due to her shy nature. However whenever they brought the subject up around Ada, she would have lied about this by denying the facts. The three other girls then finally decided to hold a sleepover at Cassie’s house, with the hidden goal of getting Ada to confess her hidden interests.

Main Story

This girl group all gathered at Cassie’s house for the sleepover and decided to soon start the dinner that had been prepared. Ada was having some pizza with milk, Tess was having beans and rice with a milkshake, Sydney was having a burger with orange juice, and Cassie was having a salad with some iced coffee. Cassie decided to start a conversation as to try to counter the silence that had occurred at the beginning of the meal. This was the first time they all hung out in about a month, so the start of the conversation was a bit awkward.

“So how do you like the stay at my place so far and the meal we have prepared for you? I know I for one am liking this salad I helped prepare along with the iced coffee I got at the cafe close by.”

“Um… I guess I am grateful for the delicious pizza you were able to cook up and the milk is good too heh, heh.”

“Ay dudes! Ima liking this flavorful milkshake with the rice. It’s like sweet and nutritious stuff combined. Woah! Really makes a balanced breakfast. And I of course won’t forget about the beans. Beans, beans they’re good for your heart the more you eat the more you-”

“Tess!” Everyone else responded with their unimpressed expressions, but some part of them was also having to hold themselves back from laughing at the stupidity.

“So I guess it’s my turn then. I do like some good oj and this one is no exception. Plus the hamburger tastes delicious and makes me feel kind of powerful. Like imagine those pigs giving up their lives to be sacrificed to appease my hunger. Feel free to call me Goddess Sydney, heh, heh, heh.”

Ada started to furiously blush after that a bit embarrassed as she said “Well that is… um a quite interesting way to think. Well whatever bring you enjoyment I guess…”

“You don’t like it. Does it not turn you on in any way?”

“Um... uh no…. why do you… say that? Does it... to you?!”

“Well I heard some girls and boys can be into that sort of power fantasy. And no I am not turned on by it, but I do see some appeal in it.”

“Well so… um any news occur with any of you?” Ada talked blushing way more furiously as she tried to change the subject.

“Hm well the prom is coming up and I know a lot of people are caring about getting dates for it. However, my goal will be to look for the best and strive for being prom queen.” Cassie responded to the question.

“Oh um that’s cool! I’m glad to see you with a goal like that, I will be rooting for you” Ada responded back with her blushing not fully gone yet.

“Well I like the idea of being like the prom queen. Kind of like I am a real superior there. Then I can rule over all these peasant mwha, ha ha” Cassie said not super seriously as she giggled a bit.

“... Um What is up with you two and your power fantasies?! Get a room you two, Jesus Christ…” Ada continued with her blushing somehow even more severe than before.

“Oh Jesus Christ is here somewhere?! Oh my god whaaaaa! I wanna meet him and get some kind of role in Christianity. So cool if people would like worship me and stuff heh, heh” Tess responded while giggling to an extreme degree.

“...Did you like um set this whole thing up??? Why even?!”

“Ada you know you want to admit how you like this. Like think about all this fuel going into us during the meal. Not just the meat, but think about all this power we have as we are indirectly causing more and more food and drinks to be eaten just for them to fuel us more” Sydney discussed.

“Me like this!!!??? Uh... no um” Ada said in an unconvincing manner.

“So you wouldn’t want me to sit on you with my sweaty body from having done some soccer today hm?”

“Uh no why would I ever um... ah want that uh...?!” The shy girl somehow said even more unconvincingly.

“You can chill heh. We no kinksham here. Plus I am into way weirder stuff too. You know like I get a bit of a gum fetish of my own. The chewing sounds omg. So good. And when there is a bubble and it is popped ahhhh! Am I in heaven cause I feel like this should only happen in heaven. Oh wait it would make more sense that Jesus Christ would be here then oh yeah” Tess talked while giggling a bit more than before.


Ada just gave an unconvinced look as she tried to calm down for that. The rest of the meal went like that until it finished and dessert started with Ada having a chocolate bar, Sydney having strawberry yogurt, Cassie having cookies and Tess having vanilla ice cream. They soon finished that all as well and went upstairs to hang out in Cassie’s room. Sydney made sure to have a small vanilla protein shake before she went up. Tess also started to happily chew a piece of bubblegum flavored gum as she was soon in some kind of bliss. Suddenly, the mood changed yet again when Cassie decided to sit on Ada’s lap.

“Um Cassie… can you tell me what the heck you are doing...?” Ada said blushing yet again.

“Sitting in my room.”

“But like um… on what specifically…?”

“Sitting on you, silly!”

“Could you… um kindly get off???”

“Oh I thought you would like it” Cassie responded as she gets off and sits next to her friends.

“Why would I um... even like that??? I can be sensitive.”

“You mean your penis?”

“Uh um…what you talking about?” Ada asked blushing just like she was during dinner.

“This” Cassie said as she pokes Ada’s crotch.

Ada soon backed away and blushed quite harshly as Sydney chimed in with “You don’t need to be embarrassed. I got a bit of a weiner myself.” As on cue, Sydney’s penis became visibly erect.

“Well um… well that’s personal business… um anyway, so I don’t think that should like matter too much or anything. Not like you could have like controlled anything like that, so um yeah” Ada responded blushing somehow even more than before.

“But aren’t we close and should be able to share things like that?”

Ada simply said nothing as she was getting completely distracted. Soon Sydney was able to sit on Ada’s face as the nerd faintly smelled sweat and feces from the tomboy’s rectom. She then accidently rubbed the rectom when trying to push it off, which only caused Sydney to become a bit turned on from all this.

“Ewww!!! Why… um did you even do that Sydney! I just told you how I did not want to be… um sat on and your… um bottom stinks!! When did you even shower last???!!!”

“Oh heh, heh. I thought you just meant you did not want to be sat on your ‘sensitive area’. Also I showered just a few days ago.”

“A few days!!! You’re not… um worried about… um stinking so much?!”

“I mean like I am fine with my smell and it’s not like I am dating anyone or anything. If anything, this smell can help be distracting during athletic competitions” Sydney said and laughed a bit to herself.

“I will never… um understand these… um parts of you, but whatever.”

“What do you not understand? The distraction part?? What about now!?”

“What do you… um mean?” Ada asked unsure as Sydney quickly took off her socks and sneakers and put her feet in front of Ada’s nose. This sporty girl admired her feet as she proceeded to caress it and rub some lotion on it, which she had in her pocket. “That… um is so disgusting!!!” Ada said as she tried to move push away the feet, but ended up with her face falling right into Sydney’s crotch.

“Oh I didn’t know you were curious about that too, but feel free to smell my sausage a bit” Sydney laughed teasingly. That girl had then gotten a bit hard from this and decided to rub a bit of her foreskin on her sensitive genitalia.

Ada could smell the musky area and said “Gross… so um anyone wanna help me… um wipe this smell from my memory???!!!”

Cassie decided to use this chance to playfully belche and it smelled minty which made sense considering the fact that this girl took a lot better care of her hygiene. There was a bit of a gagging, but thankfully this girly girl was holding back any vomit.

Tess then said “Well I guess my beans might as well help me out here hehehehehehehehe. Bean-chans transform!” That unusual girl proceed to let out a sweaty fart that had an unusual musk as if someone could turn unusual candy into gas. This smell originated from how Tess had eaten jelly beans of all sorts of weird flavors before she came to the sleepover.

“Oh my god! Well… um at least it’s not… um worse than Sydney’s smells no offense. Does like… um all your bodies smell like this too???” Ada then questioned.

“Heck yeah it does!” Tess said excitedly as she shoved her armpit into the geek’s face which gave off a similar smell, while this nerd wiggling her head in the underarms.

Ada was caught off guard once again and her head fell into someone’s crotch, but this time it fell in the area around Cassie’s vagina, which caused Cassie to become a bit aroused. This shy girl could smell a faint smells of a normal vulva, but mostly could smell the scents of various shampoos. Ada was starting to extremely want the activity to change as she spoke saying “Hey how about we… um do something not involving… um such close contact to body parts?!”

“Ada, Ada our Banana! What about something like this?!” Tess responded as she was still chewing her piece of gum she started after dinner. This somehow turned herself on a bit just from the actions and sounds she was making. She came next to Ada as that shy girl could hear the intense chewing and clicking sounds. Tess was making these chewing sounds all around her mouth, and the geek soon realized this was on purpose.

However, before the nerd could say anything she noticed a bubble quickly beginning to grow huge. Tess even managed to make a little bubble inside of that one just to show off as. It soon popped right on Ada’s face, getting stuck to it a bit. The quirky female the carefully and playfully peeled off the gum as she tossed it back into her mouth. Soon, Tess resumed chewing and started to blow small and quick bubbles. This weird woman finally stopped after she felt she had drained most of the bubblegum flavor and her nipples were a bit erect from all of this.


’Okay, okay! I like to be… um dominated by cute… um females like you! I… um said it!! Are you all… um happy???!!!” Ada finally admitted, but was freaking out a bit.

“Hey chill dude. We just wanted to help you out” Sydney said calmly trying to calm the nerd down.

“That is indeed correct. We wanted to help you with these interests of yours, but first we needed a confirmation” Cassie chimed having used her extra calming charm she seemed to possess.

“Yep yep yep! I may not be into these things, but I got my own weird interests! Differences are what make us unique, but I still want to help a friend out! Some yall got turned on, but we ain’t into the whole domino and subway thing, but that a-okay!!... Friends stick together and fight forever!!! Yes they do, yes they darn tootin do!!!!!” Tess continued trying to calm the distressed high schooler in her own unique way. This way she spoke sounded like it came straight from a show for learning that Tess made up.

Ada’s panic quickly changed into tears as she said “You guys…..” The three females quickly and happily went to hug this shy girl and started a big group hug. They all hugged for quite a while and by the end, Ada had grown a huge smile. Soon they all got ready for bed and had a good night’s rest. They then woke up after a bit and went to school once again. Thanks to all these recent events, this close friend group had gotten a bit closer.

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