Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Uncle Jack and his son, Justin, have blatantly lusted after Kitty from the moment they saw her, despite their relations to her. And now. no one can ever stop them from making the young girl theirs. This is the second book of my Forced Love series, I hope you will all like it. You can read this as a stand-alone, but I recommend reading the first book. Thank you! ***THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY NOT PROMOTING RAPE AND ABUSE. THE TWO ARE ONLY PART OF THE PLOT SO AS TO MAKE THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME THEME OF THIS STORY WORK OUT.***

Erotica / Romance
Karla E. Ros
4.8 50 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I wanted to lock myself upstairs in my room where their perverted eyes wouldn’t be able follow me.

But I couldn’t, I had to eat and food was served here in the dining room. I dug down on my breakfast as fast as I could without choking and being very obvious about it. I kept my eyes down on my plate and did not dare raise them.

Because if I did I would surely find their glinting eyes on me. Which I would find disgusting and would upset my stomach greatly.

Because you know, they’re family. Although not by blood, I was only tied to this family due to my mom marrying into it. But still, Uncle Jack’s my uncle and Justin’s my cousin.

“Do you like my cookin’, Kitty?” Uncle Jack asked from behind me. Or more like breathed from behind me. His face was so close it was touching my hair. I heard him inhale and that made the hairs of my arms stood up.

Shit! Eat fast Kitty! Fast!

But I couldn’t eat fast enough, I nodded my head jerkily, leaning as far as I could from Uncle Pervert.

I glanced at my cousin sitting across from me on the dining table and saw he was watching raptly. His eyes met mine then it darted down and stayed there.

I frowned and followed where his eyes went.

My eyes widened. Pervert!

When I leaned away from Uncle Jack, my upper body bowed over the table, which made my wide V-neck tee gape. It showed a lot of cleavage in the process.

My body sat up straight as a reaction to Justin’s perverted perusal. Which made my back connect with Uncle Jack’s middle.

Oh God, please tell me that that was just the hard buckle of his belt my back was touching.

I stood up quickly and stepped away from the chair.

“I’m done eating!” I shouted. Nervousness making my voice loud. I hurried upstairs to my room. I locked the door and went to sit on the foot of my king-sized bed.

Burying my face in my hands, I groaned out loud. I tried not to cry as I thought of my fate.

My life had taken a drastic turn of events when my mom died.

My prick of a stepfather didn’t care about me one bit and so he immediately made me pack my things and took me to his brother’s house located in the middle of nowhere to be taken care by him and his son.

I couldn’t help but think that my stepfather had unknowingly entrusted me to the care of two perverts. Because they were.

Like father, like son.

Son did a lot of staring and father did a lot of touching.

Justin was four years older to my seventeen, while Uncle Jack was in his early forties.

Both of them had tan skin because of the several hours they spend outdoors and were almost as tall as each other. Uncle Jack was like six foot five while Justin was six foot three. They really dwarfed my small frame of five feet two. That and they were both built like hulk. Especially Uncle Jack, I heard he was a previous famous wrestler. Well, that explained why until now he’s old he’s still heavily muscled.

Both of them could easily crush me if they want to.

I shivered at the terrifying thought. I glanced at the door, thinking that a locked doorknob would not stop them if they decided to bring it down.

I heard a door from downstairs bang, making me flinch, and then moments later a car was roaring alive. Father and son were gone for the day, well, just until lunch. But that gave me just enough time to stretch my legs and walk around the house and outside without someone following me with their eyes or someone touching me ‘accidentally’.

I sighed as I slipped on my pair of sandals. I’ll be enduring this for the whole summer vacation. Till then, hide as much as possible.

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