Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 10


I gently traced my fingers along my beautiful step-cousin’s abused, little slit while I stared at her lovely face and naked body as she slept.

Her delicious pussy was once again tempting my starving cock who was still hungry for more action.

Hmmm... what to do?

It had just been an hour since I took her precious virginity. I ought to let her rest after the rough fucking she received from me and my father, but how could I do that when she’s finally here, where and how I wanted her to be.

On the bed, naked and ready for me.

This was exactly what I was imagining for two weeks from the day she arrived here wearing her sunflower, Sunday dress. Her tits swaying along with her wide hips as she walked up to our porch, and me standing behind a window curtain, silently staring at her as my cock hardened with desire for her young, sexy body.

And now she’s here. Her dried up, virgin blood still coating my raging cock.

Shit. I needed her again.

Oh well.

Sadly, Pops cleaned her pussy out after he fucked her, I really wanted to see my semen dripping from her slit. Knowing that I came inside her and that I was maybe impregnating her now was such a huge turn on for me. I didn’t know how, but I had this obsession of riding bare during sex and risking it, not that I had tried that with my previous partners. It was like a low-key fetish of mine in the past, where I would just browse different porn sites for creampies, cumshots, and a lot more jizz-shooting, bare-fucking shit. But then, that fetish got hugely triggered when little cousin here showed up in our lives.

It was like the caveman in me finally found the one it was going to breed. All I could think of for the past two weeks was how I wanted to shove my cock inside Kitty’s pussy, fuck her the way I wanted, and then cum in her teenage, fertile womb.

And then I would imagine her belly growing round with our first child.

What the fuck is the meaning of this?

I didn’t let myself analyze too deeply about my recent crazy behavior with Kitty.

I would just let things happen the way they should be as time goes by. Not a single thought about consequences.

“Oh Kitty...” I whispered to her ear, my right hand rubbing her clit when she continued sleeping on her back, her head turned towards me.

“Baby... wake up...”

“Hmmm... go haway.” (Go away) She mumbled, batting me away with her hand and then turning on her side, faced away from me.

I had to bite my lip from chuckling.

Oh God, she’s so fucking adorable.

That’s it. She’s gonna be my bed partner from now on. I sleep where she sleeps. Period.

I got in the bed with her. Moving till I was above her sleeping form. My arms on either side of her head and my legs with hers.

I began dropping fast kisses on her exposed arm. Starting from the top of it till I get to her elbows, continuing to the side of her breasts, stopping to suck at one of her nipples, and then I proceeded to her collarbones, to her neck, then to her lips.

Where I didn’t stop moving. My tongue was licking her lips, my teeth biting those plump lines, beckoning her to wake up and open for me.

She did wake up. And she was about to release a scream when I shoved my tongue inside her opened mouth.


It was a while before she stopped struggling beneath me, I was now crushing her meager body with my gigantic one. Effectively keeping her where I wanted her to be.

“Justin! Stop! Go away!” She shouted at my face, her body squirming deliciously against me.

I groaned and dropped my face to her hair, inhaling her girly scent into my lungs.

Okay, fuck it, I need her now.

“Keep still, baby. I’mma fuck you now.” I said to her. She went rigid under me, and after two seconds, her struggles renewed. More desperate now.

I cursed loudly when she managed to bit my shoulder.

It hurt me, but it turned me on so fucking big I went wild on her.

I took both of her hands in one of mine and dragged it above her head, keeping it there. While the other one went to her neck to give it a warning squeeze, she immediately calmed down with that, her eyes looking at me with fear as I forced her legs to open.

It was quite a battle opening it, but I did.

And when my cock finally went inside her pussy, I discovered it was already soaking wet.

I looked at her face in surprise.

She was blushing furiously and the fear that her eyes once had was now replaced by lust.

I grinned at her. Feeling like a fucking champ.

She glared back at me. Full of hate and embarrassment and passion in her colorful blue eyes.

Whatever, baby. You’re also turn on by this. Your body’s ours.

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