Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 11

“Eat, Kitty.” Uncle Jack commanded, sitting at the head of the rectangular table whilst Justin ate at my left. Both of them watching me while I played with my food in a freaking transparent, baby pink nightgown. Courtesy of my perverted cousin.

“I’m not hungry.” I bit off bitterly. My hungry belly was rumbling, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of eating with these two devils after they just took me against my will.

“I could hear your stomach from here, Kitty. Eat.” Uncle Jack ordered more firmly this time, his jaw clenching tight as he watched me glare defiantly at him.

Justin put his hand on my naked leg then. Rubbing it affectionately while he threatened me, “Eat, baby. Or else I’ll force it down to your throat like what my cock did to it earlier.”

Okay, that was effective. Because he really did force his cock into my mouth this early morning. It was long and large so it only slid down a few inches into my throat. I choked and gagged but he still insisted in fucking my mouth.

I hated it. But my body loved it. Because I got really wet from sucking him, in which he took advantage of by fucking me down there after he’s done with my mouth.

I picked up the spoon and fork again, and began eating and chewing slowly.

The relief in both of my steps’ faces were obvious as they gave me approving smiles and nods before eating their own food.

With their eyes finally not on me, I inspected my whole surrounding. I looked at all the windows here in the kitchen. And mentally sighed my disappointment. All the windows in this house had metal bars now, even the one in my bedroom where they usually have sex with me (although Uncle Jack did it himself that first night when I was out cold from exhaustion). Uncle Jack had it all quickly barred when me and Justin went to town for groceries three days ago. Which was the day they forced me, and was the last day of my freedom.

Damned it all.

Even the knives and every objects I could use as a weapon had suddenly disappeared.

Double damned it all.

We three ate in silence, with my perverted uncle and cousin frequently giving me hot glances that had me blushing with embarrassment the whole time.

When we were all finished eating, Justin was the one to collect the empty plates and glasses and went to dump it on the sink while Uncle Jack and I stayed in our seats. Uncle Jack was tooth-picking and staring at my barely covered body, whilst I was glaring down on my lap, silently seething and thinking of possible escape plans.

That was when it happen.

My chance of escaping.

“Yow Jack! You in there? I already got the ropes you requested!” Someone called out from the main door and then knocked loudly.

My brain immediately recognized the voice. It was Mr. Mane from the house thirty minutes away from us. I once met him when he visited a week ago to deliver some baked apple pies from his wife.

He was a nice man, and he would definitely help me.

The moment Mr. Mane uttered the word ‘Yow’, there was this split second of charged silence wherein the three of us looked at each other. All of our eyes wide, mine in fear and Uncle Jack and Justin’s in warning.

Of course, I didn’t heed their warning.

I was out of my chair faster than anyone could blink. My chair produced a loud bang when it hit the floor, I didn’t mind it because I was already running cheetah speed towards the direction of the door. Adrenaline was pumping my legs to go faster. And so I did.

“Help! Please help me!” I shouted on top of my lungs. I hoped it was loud because I had those rare vocal cords that made my voice sound cute but low and soft-spoken.

And also, did I tell you that I was only five feet two therefore I have short legs? While my six footer step-uncle and step-cousin had incredibly long-ass legs that were fit and strong as a bull?

Yep, they caught me. Halfway through the living room Uncle Jack managed to catch me by my hair and pushed me down to the floor, pinning me to it by straddling my back. He did all of these silently.

Really sucked to be me.

“Heeelp!” I managed to call out before his large hand covered the entire lower half of my face. Effectively muffling my cries of help.

I bit his palm hard enough I tasted blood, I heard him hissed in pain behind me then I felt something sharp pressed against my throat. A freaking knife.

“If we go to jail this day, I’ll make sure you’re dead first, Kitty.” Uncle Jack whispered so vehemently to my ear that I immediately shut up, fear making me a coward once again.

I closed my eyes and sobbed in his hand, the knife still on my neck.

“Who’s that I heard?” Asked Mr. Mane curiously.

“That was Kitty. My cousin, remember her?” Justin answered coolly.

“Oh, yeah! I remember her! Adorable little thing. What’s up with her? Why’s she calling for help?”

“She’s cooking. Must’ve burned herself or the food.”

“Oooooh ’kay. So where’s your old man? Have to give him these ropes, been requesting it for two weeks now.”

“Oh, dad? He’s upstairs, still sleeping. He was drunk out of his mind last night, fell asleep very late.”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. That old man should go get himself a woman to spend his nights with, instead of Jack Daniels.”

“Yes, I agree.”

“You too, son. You’re twenty-two. Get yourself a girl already.”

“I will.”

“Uhh, okay... you alright, son? You seem tight.”

“I’m alright. Just in a hurry.”

“Ah alright, sorry. Here, give these to Jack. Tell him and Kitty I said hi.”

“Sure. Goodbye.”



I cried even harder when Justin closed the door, after half a minute later I hear a distant rumbling of a vehicle coming alive and then driving away.

“Finally.” I heard Justin exclaimed, entering the living room. His face void of any emotions. Just a cool mask that made me remember those horror movies I watched before with lunatic killers in them.

“Be ready, Kitty. You’re about to get punished.” Uncle Jack threatened from my back, withdrawing the knife he’s holding against my throat. He then stood up, pulling me up by my hair painfully.

I struggled from his hold, I tried to pry his hands away but he just fisted my hair harder that I thought all of it was going to get plucked from my scalp.

“You’re about to get soooo fucked, baby.” Justin spoke threateningly, stepping in front of me, his expression now showing emotions.

Anger. Lust.

And doom.

Uncle Jack had the same emotions on his face too.

Two very angry man was about to hurt me.

Oh God, someone please just kill me.

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