Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 12

They’re never going to let me get away.

This realization struck me like a hammer on nail as I begged Uncle Jack and my cousin Justin to forgive me and not to hurt me.

But my pleas fell on deaf ears. Both of their faces were a mask of pure rage. Their eyes were dark and intense not because of lust, but of madness.

They’re going to hurt me.

I remember what they said to me moments ago. About how fucked I was going to be at their hands.

It’s an extremely frightening threat that my helpless female body could only sob in surrender.

Uncle Jack dragged me upstairs to my room, I was kicking and screaming against him, but he was a thousand times stronger than me, his muscles were not even bunching up as they used force on me. When we reached my room, he threw me easily on the bed like a ragged doll, I tried to get away but Justin was on me immediately. He straddled my waist, pinning me down with all of his weight, and then he grabbed the plunging neckline of my thin nightgown, the poor cloth ripped easily into unrecognizable tears.

“No, Justin, please! I’m sorry! Don’t do this!” I shouted, my weak arms tried to bat away his rough hands, but that was futile.

“Fuck you, Kitty! You almost got us fucked! Now you’re going to pay!” Justin let out furiously, both of his large hands went to my throat, he did not cut the airway, but the pressure was great enough I knew this rough treatment from his hands would leave an obvious mark, emotionally and physically.

My eyes wide, I stared at him in fear. What were they going to do to me?

I felt hands grab my wrists. It was Uncle Jack. He stretched my arms towards the headboard of my bed—I realized—to tie them up with the rope Mr. Mane brought earlier.

I struggled anew, I didn’t like the idea of being this helpless when they were this angry. They could hurt me really bad.

Or they could kill me finally.

That thought made me shut my eyes tight and forced myself to remain still and silent. This would be over soon if I don’t fight them and hopefully, less painful.

Uncle Jack continued securing my wrists while Justin went on to getting me naked. After a few seconds, they were finished. Their jobs done faster because of my stillness.

Someone harshly grabbed my chin, and said, “Open your fucking eyes, Kitty!” My uncle’s face was directly above me. I obeyed reluctantly, tears continuously falling from my eyes.

“Do realize what you did? Do you know why we’re doing this to you?” He half-shouted, half-growled at me.

I nodded, a sob escaping me when Justin forced a finger inside my dry vagina, my legs now spread wide to accommodate him.

“Say it! Say why we’re doing this to you!”

I began to whimper, squirming under my cruel uncle’s hold on my face.

The most painful thing in the world hit me then.

Justin just whipped a belt on the soft flesh of my hip, making me scream in pain.

“Nooo! Don’t! Please Justin! Not that!” I screamed hysterically.

“Answer him!” Shouted by my cousin, striking me for the second time on the same spot.

That did it. “Because I called for help! Because I almost made you two criminals go to jail!” And then I was wailing and crying uncontrollably, and my statement made the monsters angrier. I was flipped on my front the moment I finished the second sentence, then came my punishment.

Uncle Jack and Justin were behind me so I didn’t know who was delivering the painful blows.

Three slashes of the belt rained on my back and two on both of my butt cheeks. Each blow made me jump and shout, and I wish they would just kill me and end my suffering.

One of them was holding my legs and feet down, while the other was doing the beating. All I could do was cry and wait for the moment they would stop.

I think I was too stressed, too emotionally and physically drained, and too traumatized that my body just gave up. Something just went off inside of me and that made me lose consciousness right after the fourth painful blow.

My tensed body just went limp and sagged on the bed.

The last things I could remember before I welcomed the dark world of unconsciousness was the fifth blow being delivered on my butt and the weight on my lower body going away after that, I dimly felt someone shake me and heard Justin’s voice.

“She’s out. Shit.”

And hopefully, I’m not coming back.

To those who have read the Chapter 12 back when FBMS was still published in Wattpad, please forget about that. I did not save that chapter in my laptop so when Wattpad deleted my account, it got wiped out too. Besides, I have a new plan for this three.

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