Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 13


Kitty had a raging fever. During the punishment, I thought the hot temperature of her body was because of what we were doing to her. But now I realized, it was because of the stress and pain we’ve put her through the past few days.

It’s been two days since the punishment, but there was still no sign of her getting better. I told my dad we should bring her to the hospital. He wanted to, his concern for Kitty shone clearly on his eyes, but he knew the risk if we brought her there, so the old man grudgingly shook his head in refusal.

I felt a stab of guilt and anger as I rub some healing ointment on Kitty’s back and bottom, the angry red lines I lashed on her during the punishment was thankfully healing nicely, but that did not make me feel any less like a shit and a bastard. Kitty was right, I was a criminal, I deserved to go to jail for doing this to an innocent, little girl like her.

After I applied the ointment on all of her bruises, I sat her up to clothe her with a large T-shirt of mine, and then I took the wet towel from the water basin and patted her neck and face with it to combat the hot temperature on her head.

Her eyes opened a bit then and squinted at me, she croaked out the word “Water” and I was on it immediately, bringing a glass of water to her lips with my right hand and the other cupping her nape to support her sitting up.

“Get better now, baby.” I muttered to her, but she didn’t seem to hear.

The bedroom door opened and in came my father carrying a tray of food. I arranged Kitty and some pillows so she’s sitting up comfortably on the headboard, she moaned in distress as I did so. I got up and about to take the tray from my old man when he stopped me.

“Go, son. I’ll feed her. Take a shower, you smell.” He told me.

I glared at him, wanting to feed her myself and reluctant to let him take care of her. I had been the one taking care of her since she got sick, I didn’t know why my father suddenly wanted to do it.

Maybe he’s guilty and it’s eating him too.

“I’ll take a shower after I feed her.” I told him back.

He leveled a glare at me. “Go, I want to talk to her.” He said with irritation and something else.

We stared at each other for three seconds, and then I stepped aside to let him through. Before I moved away I said, “Be gentle, pops. She’s really sick.”

He was looking down at her, his face blank of any emotions but I could see clear as a crystal behind that facade, he nodded, “I can see that.”


Look at her, even with bags under her eyes and her body hot with fever, she still looked like a dream.

I sat down on the bed beside her. My hand reached out on its own volition to caress my little girl’s cheek. That made Kitty’s eyelids open half-lidded, her electric blue eyes weak but still beautiful.

“Kitty.” I whispered.

“Justin?” She breathed hoarsely.

“No, it’s Uncle Jack.” I said. She closed her eyes then, too weak to keep them open.

“I have your—“

“Am I dying, Uncle Jack?” She asked suddenly, barely a whisper but I heard it perfectly and my heart constricted at the vision that popped into my head with her question.

I scooted closer to her and cupper her cheeks with both of my hands. “Open your eyes, little girl.” I ordered, my voice gentle but with firmness.

She obeyed. Her eyes now glassy with tears, and fear illuminating from them.

“You are not going to die, Kitty. You hear me?” I declared, refusing to think the concept of death for my Kitty.

“Then what is wrong with me? I’m getting weaker and weaker.” Kitty sobbed out harshly, scared.

“I don’t know, sweetheart, but we’ll find out.” I promised her. We’re going to find out because I won’t let anyone or anything take her away from me and my son. She’s important to me. We may have had a very bad start, but that’s because there was no other option. Me and my son wanted her from the very first meeting. We knew she was the one for us. Taking and claiming her body was just one way to express our want and need for her. She needed to realize that we were serious about her. I planned to have her body first, to make her body crave for us. And then emotions would come later. I wanted her to love us so she would stay with us, I would seduced both of her body and heart.

Like the way she seduced mine.

I know I’m very old and she’s very young.

But age doesn’t matter when it comes to love, right?

Besides, she would love me and my son soon enough. This was just the storm before the calm. Hell before heaven. Bad times before the good times.

“But how? I don’t want to die, Uncle Jack. I don’t want to die. Please, help me.” She cried out in a whisper, her hot, fevered hands went to mine to hold them and give them a squeeze.

I hated to say this, but this situation was a perfect opportunity to start a good relationship with my step-niece and current lover. And I was going to take advantage of this opportunity to the best of my ability.

I couldn’t help it when she’s begging to me like this and looking at me like I was her savior. I dropped a kiss on her lips, wanting to reassure her and reassure myself that everything’s gonna be fine.

“I will help you, Kitty. But you must promise me one thing.” I said seriously, luring her to the trap.

She nodded enthusiastically and desperately, “Anything. I will do anything. Just—just—“

“Promise me that when we bring you to the hospital you will keep your mouth shut about everything that happened between you, me and Justin.”

I said, I thought she was going to refuse and fight that one, stubborn that she was. But fuck, she fucking went and bit that bait easily enough.

“Yes, I promise not tell anyone anything, Uncle Jack. Not a thing to anyone.” She replied immediately.

I could barely contain the evil grin threatening to show up on my face, but I did by kissing Kitty once again on her plump lips and one on her forehead.

“Good girl.” I praised.

And then I shouted, “Justin! Go pack a bag! We’re going to the hospital!”

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