Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 14

The doctor who diagnosed me in the hospital told me, my cousin and my Uncle that my sickness was due to extreme stress and emotional fatigue. I was having what they called Stress-Induced Hyperthermia. I was surprise, I was never a sickly kid, but then again, the past few days have never happened to me before as well.

This was Uncle Jack and Justin’s entire fault. And they knew this, because now they act like a pair of mother hens, always by my side to serve my needs.

And they were the perfect gentlemen ever since I got sick. Which was a very good thing for my healing body because that meant they didn’t touched me roughly now and they never do anything that might upset me.

I couldn’t help but have fun at my current situation.

I was torturing them too in my own way. I tried to always demand things that I knew would be difficult to execute and would greatly inconvenient them.

It’s a sad excuse for revenge, but it’s revenge so I was happy.

It’s day two of my stay here in the hospital. Right now, Justin was the one in-charge of seeing to my needs, in a few hours, Uncle Jack would return from work and take Justin’s place, my cousin would then go to the shop to take care of their business.

“Justin.” I called out with a mouthful of grapes in my mouth. He sighed, put down the book he was reading, and turned to face me.

“What?” His tone peeved from the several commands I had given so far.

I almost grinned in satisfaction. “A glass of water, please.” I said with a fake, sweet smile on my face.

He got up and went to the small table containing all my food and beverages.

A moment later after he did what I asked, I called out to him again. “Justin?”

“What?” He snapped irritably. This time his whole expression was of pure annoyance.

“Bathroom. I need to pee.” I told him, I didn’t really have to urinate yet, but I was on a roll. It’s not often I see my cousin annoyed to death. He was usually either super sweet or super angry. But almost never annoyed.

He stood up and bent towards me, I thought he was going to take my arm and help me stand up, but no. I gave a loud squeal when he suddenly swoop me up into his arms, I didn’t know how he managed it but one of his hands was carrying my IV stand.

“Justin! What the hell, put me down!” I shouted at him, heart racing, my arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

Justin smirked arrogantly at me. “You’re not the only one who can play this game of master-servant, Kitty.”

“Okay! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Now put me down, please!” I panicked as we entered the tiny bathroom and he only put me down when we were directly in front of the toilet bowl. I was mortified, to say the least, when he suddenly bent down, took hold of the waistbands of my pajama and panties, and then pull it all the way down to my feet.

“What the heck!” I shrieked, so horrified I felt like fainting and bashing him in the head at the same time.

My crazy, perverted cousin stood back up, staring at my exposed vagina without shame and with a disgusting grin on his handsome face.

“There, you can pee now, babe.” He said, his mischievous eyes meeting my embarrassed ones, my face the color of a tomato.


Thankfully, he obliged.

But clearly, he had not forgiven me yet because the next thing he did when I asked for water was drink it, and then kissed me, passing me the water from his mouth to mine.

I was caught completely off guard at that and coughed out the water so hard, while the sadist was laughing his freaking ass off.

This went on and on. One time I asked for apples, he peeled off the fruit’s skin, neatly sliced it into pieces, and fed me himself from his hands, his eyes staring at my mouth the whole time while I glared at him, embarrassingly opening my mouth for each slices.

This was what’s happening when Uncle Jack entered the room with the doctor in tow. The doctor was here for my final check-up it seemed. After prodding me with his tools, he declared I was well enough to go home now.

My heart sank to the floor at what he said. I was not ready to go home. Not ever. What would happen if I go back to that place? What would Justin and Uncle Jack do? Would they continue doing those monstrous things to me?

Against my better judgment, I felt my body respond at the thought of my steps touching me again after so many days of not touching me.

I blushed, furious at myself for craving for their... Maybe I was still sick... sick to the head.

“Are you alright, Kitty?” Uncle Jack inquired when he saw the redness of my face. His right hand immediately went to my forehead. His concern made a twinge on my chest.

What the hell, Kitty?

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I replied, my tone brusque. The doctor was unaware of the eyes-narrowing-in-warning of the two men standing on either side of me. In that moment, I knew. I knew they would still continue having their wicked way with my body.

I gulped, remembering the last time I misbehaved.

Please don’t be stupid, Kitty. Behave or they’ll beat you again—

I stopped short at that. A light bulb moment taking place in my brain.


Holy hell, that’s it! Behaving is the key!

Well, not behaving exactly, but that was a part of the idea. I just thought of an ingenious plan on how I would be able escape from these two.

And that was to earn their trust. Enough that when I asked or begged to go outside, they’d let me. Because they would trust me not to run away.

But unfortunately, there’s only one way to earn my uncle and cousin’s trust.

I shuddered mentally at the only option I could think of in gaining back their confidence.

And that was... pretending to be a willing victim.

I had to make them believe that I loved what they do to my body. Make them believe that I was happy being their woman. And lastly, make them believe that I was in love with them, while I make them fall in love with me.

A mixture of bad and good feelings stirred inside my chest at this plan of mine.

Truly, besides the beating I would certainly get if they ever caught me, the only thing I fear the most happening was my plan backfiring at me. Meaning, me really falling in love with Uncle Jack and Justin.

Which I doubted was going to happen, of course, because I hated them very much.

Oh yeah, Kitty? Ever heard of the saying of having a fine, thin line between love and hate?

Message from the author:
Anyway, I would like to thank all the people who wrote such wonderful reviews on my FBMB story. Your reviews really lifted up my spirits (as it was low before). It still amazes me how many people there are who reads my stories and actually loves them. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO DAMN OPEN-MINDED, SWEET AND MOTIVATING! LOVE YOU GUYS!

P.S. It's FBMB's turn tomorrow for a chapter update. :)


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