Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 15

Silence descended upon the three of us the moment we got into the car. I was deeply preoccupied about my plan that I didn’t realized soon enough that we were going inside the old pickup truck my uncle and cousin usually use for transporting big, heavy stuff, and that they somehow maneuvered me into sitting between them at the three-seater front of the truck.

I stiffened when I realized I was helplessly sandwiched between my uncle and cousin’s tall, muscled bodies. Uncle Jack on my left and Justin on my right. Clearly, they didn’t trust me not to run away. I tensed some more when I saw I had to either open my thighs to make room for the long gear shift in front of me or stick my thighs together real tight and pressed them against Justin’s.

I was still debating on what to do when Uncle Jack made the choice for me. I was wearing jeans so it’s not like my intimates were exposed but I still went red in the face when Uncle Jack said, “Open your legs for the shift, Kitty, or we’ll never get outta here.”

I did as he told, each of my thighs now pressed against the hard, thick thighs of my step uncle and step cousin.

Justin chuckled at my embarrassed expression. He leaned down and breathed teasingly into my ear, “Can’t wait for your legs to open for my shift, baby.”

I turned to him, shock and disgust showing on my face. He just leaned away, laughing like the maniac that he was.

I stayed silent after that. Uncle Jack and Justin talked about business and other men stuff on the car ride home, and while they did, they left me in peace with my thoughts.

My thoughts which now contained a list of ways I could make these two men on either side of me love and trust me.

I had a very bad feeling about this plan of mine, but it’s the only way I could think of that I knew would have a successful result.

Okay, so if my observations were right, my steps liked it when I surrender to their touches, they liked it when I obey them, and they liked it when I touch them back. And they also liked trying to impregnate me. Or Justin does, but Uncle Jack must also want to make me pregnant because he knew I was not on any contraceptions and still continued to... you know.

That’s it, Kitty. You know their weaknesses, now use those weaknesses against them. You know where to start.

Yes. I did know where to start, and that was me getting on the bed, opening my legs for them, and asking them to knock me up.

I flushed at the hot image that instantly came into my mind. What’s this? How was I able to become aroused in a situation like this? Why was my body so eager for them?

This is the real you, Kitty. Your uncle and cousin just helped you discover this part of you. Whispered by the devil on my left shoulder.

“Kitty, we’re home.” Uncle Jack’s concerned voice penetrated through the sleepy fog that I didn't know made me sleep.

I shot up straight when I felt him try to carry me, “I’m fine, Uncle Jack.” I said, not pushing his hands away when they helped me get down from the high vehicle. His large hands wrapped themselves around my thin waist, sending electricity all over my body that made my blood sizzle. Another thing that also made me sizzle was his stare. He was looking at me intensely. It was the same gaze he usually give me before getting me naked and under him.

This time though, I will go willingly.

Right. Here we go.

“Uncle Jack?” I queried in a soft voice. I did not avert my eyes from his, instead I gave him the same stare he’s giving me. His hands were still on my waist, and my hands were on his shoulders. His eyes widened a little as they stared down at me.

I leaned in slowly and closer. My arms encircled his neck when I tiptoed and kissed him directly on his lips, my small, curvy body plastering itself against his big, hard one.

The kiss only lasted for three seconds, but that was enough to make the desire between us grow into a wildfire. My nipples went tight and my vagina was now drenched with my wetness.

I didn't stop. From my Uncle Jack’s lips, my mouth traveled and dropped a wet kiss on his throat. He made a gulping motion at that. And then I targeted the right column of his neck, where I inhaled his masculine scent and whispered seductively, “I need you, Uncle Jack. Please. I’m so horny.”

The next second after I said that I heard Uncle Jack released a sexy growl, and then my back was pinned against the side of the truck.

“Fuck. Kitty.” He exclaimed, his voice rough with sex.

He grabbed my ass and lifted me up against him. Grinding his hard, jean-clad cock roughly on my apex. I moaned.

“Wrap your legs around me.” He bit out, looking crazy with his ravenous expression.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, my mouth coming down on his for a second kiss. Uncle Jack took control of the kiss this time as I expected.

The kiss I gave him myself was in complete contrast of what he was giving me now.

Rough. Brutal. And full of hunger and excitement.

All the things I missed about him.

I had to push his face away after several seconds of not letting me breath.

We were both panting hard when we separated. Our faces were flushed with heat and our mouths were swollen from the rough kissing session that just happened. I could feel his saliva mixed up with my own around my mouth. His eyes followed the movement of my tongue as I licked my wet bottom lip.

“Can I have some of that?” Said Justin, before taking my face and pulling it down, planting his lips on mine. I was stiff at first when he kissed me, I didn't realize he was just beside Uncle Jack and I that I was taken completely aback. But I recovered quickly, and soon I was kissing him back with the same intensity I had for Uncle Jack.

“Let’s take her to bed, son.” Uncle Jack said after I pushed Justin away too. He was as rough and hungry as his father.

Jeez, these men don’t know when to stop kissing a girl.

“With pleasure.” Justin replied with a dark, sexy smirk marking his face.

My body was a wet, tingling mess by the time we arrived in my bedroom. My clothes were stripped off of me in a matter of seconds. And my steps were stripping theirs cheetah speed.

Good thing I was so wet, I had a feeling that my uncle and cousin wouldn’t be too merciful with my vagina as they gazed at it with starving, wild expressions on their faces.

Fine, I’m admitting it now. Justin and Uncle Jack are so freaking hot and sexy.

And I want them so badly.

Author's Note:

So sorry this update took so long, I was busy editing "Their Sophia" for its publication on Amazon. And yes, THEIR SOPHIA IS NOW LIVE ON AMAZON! The link to it will be on my bio. Please check it out, thank you!
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