Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 16

I laid on the bed with my legs glued together and my hands covering my breasts. I was shy. I didn't know what to do. I knew I was the one who instigated what's going to happen this time but I was still inexperienced after all. All I knew was that I was doing this for my freedom and that my body's aching for them like never before.

"Oh no, Kitty. Don't cover yourself now. Take your hands off your tits and show us your cunt." Uncle Jack ordered, the last piece of his clothing falling down to the floor, revealing his large, angry shaft pointing to the ceiling and with a white liquid dripping from the head of it.

I gulped, embarrassed but hungry.

I put my hands on top of my head because I knew they liked it this way, and then I bent my knee and spread them wide apart on the bed.

Before I knew it, Uncle Jack was diving between my legs and Justin's mouth and hands were on my breasts.

All logic and ability to think comprehensively went away instantly. My plan to escape and to seduce vanished from my mind as I was consumed by the immense pleasure that was my Uncle Jack and cousin Justin.

Uncle Jack's holding my legs in a grip that would surely leave marks, but I didn't care because his tongue was doing amazing things to my vagina. He would plunge it inside my channel, and then go back to my clitoris to play with it, he would suck at it, bite it, and more, but every time I was close to my climax, he would stop for a few seconds, and then repeat the torture.

Justin's helping with the torturing as he kept ravishing my sensitive mounds. He was going back and forth between my breasts and mouth. He would drive his tongue into my mouth, kissing me in a messy way that left me panting for air each time, and then his head would go back down to my breasts, his hands cupping and massaging both globes while his mouth was pulling at my nipples, licking it and nipping it in small bites.

I was begging and crying in frustration by the time I was denied of orgasm for the fifth time. I didn't know how much time had pass, but I was done, if they didn't want to give me release then I was going away. This was torture in its purest.

"Please! No more! I can't take this anymore." I sobbed, my whole body aching in great pleasure and in great pain. Trying to stop their movements while I wriggle away from the both of them.

Why are they doing this? They'd always been generous when it comes to orgasms before. They'd always made sure that I come every time and whenever I wanted.

I don't understand these men at all.

"No, babe, stay." Justin said when I was almost at the edge of the bed trying to run away from their mouths and hands.

Justin grabbed my wrists and pulled me back to the middle of the bed again. He pinned both wrists straight above my head, making me lie down and vulnerable once more to their sadistic sex games.

"No! Let go of me! Why are you two doing this? This hurts so-- Ah!" I shouted, shock and finally in relief as my back arched over in blinding pleasure when Uncle Jack suddenly drove his cock inside my aching vagina.

Now that he's inside me I expected him to be gentle, especially because this time I was willing and not fighting him, but no, Uncle Jack really liked doing it rough and hard.

He was a wild animal on top of me, his hips slamming back and forth like a powerful machine. I could feel him everywhere inside me. Justin got out of the way once his father started fucking me, with my hands free they were able to scratch Uncle Jack's corded back. His head was above mine, his eyes cold and hot at the same time as they stared at me without blinking.

I didn't know how many times I came, but all of these orgasms were so tremendous I go blind for a few seconds each and every time, and then I would open my eyes to see him still gazing at me with that same kind of intense expression that was so hot.

I would writhe every time I come and try to buck Uncle Jack off of me but he was unmovable and unstoppable.

He only stopped to come and shoot his semen deep into my vagina after he kissed me for the first time during this fuck-session of ours.

Of course, I came again for the nth time with him. He stayed for a few minutes inside of me, his big heavy body on top of mine, panting and sweaty like me. I could feel our mixed cum rushing out of my vagina when he finally pulled out his shaft. He sat on his heels, his hands grabbing the back of my knees and raised both of it up.

I didn't know how but I was hot all over again when he stayed there for several seconds, just staring at my swollen vagina with his cum slowly dribbling out my slit. He then pushed two of his large fingers inside me, and said, "This is mine, Kitty. You are mine. Remember that."

My heart raced as I nodded timidly. I'm not, Uncle Jack. I'm not yours.

But why does my body throb when you say that.

Uncle Jack stood up from the bed, moving away and giving space to the next person who's going to use my body.

"Oh Kitty, you were so fucking hot." Justin said, his eyes wicked hot as it roamed all over my spent body, stopping when it landed on my vagina.

"And you are mine, too, baby." He declared possessively. His head shifting a bit to give a challenging stare to his father who was on the chair beside the bed and who nodded in consent.

Oh boy. This was going to be so much fun. I just knew it.

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