Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 17

Justin didn't give me a second more to rest, I was flipped to my front in a flash. My body was flat on the bed when he sat astride right under my butt cheeks, trapping my legs together underneath him.

And then I yelped when one of his palm smacked the right cheek of my butt.

I heard him mutter "fuck" after he did that, and then his cock was pushing into me from behind.

Unlike his father earlier and the past times we had sex, he was gentle this time. Very gentle. It was like he was teasing me or something, he was pushing in and out so slow, and I admit kinda liked it this way, I could feel the crown of his cock sliding along the inside of my wet channel, hitting every delicious spot there is, especially liked it when he spread my butt cheeks apart and started stroking the rosebud of my butt. Though I jerked at first, shocked because they've never done that before, but then I went wanton as it heightened the pleasure I was feeling.

"Oh yeah, baby, you like this? You just squeezed my cock so good. You want me to fuck your ass, Kitty?" He asked, I didn't answer because I didn't know what to say. I'm not sure I like the sound of his large cock anywhere near my virgin butthole. That's just too extreme.

Without warning though, Justin pushed his thumb inside it, I squealed and tried to buck him off but he pushed my upper body down with his other hand.

"Be still. Better get use to this, baby. We're going to prepare your ass for our cocks. It's gonna be so fucking tight and will feel so fucking good."

What he said was so dirty and taboo, and yet I was responding to the idea of him and my uncle taking my butthole that I came within seconds after he said that.

Justin's weight disappeared right after I had my first orgasm with him, and flopped right next to me on the bed, smiling like he won at my flushed, post-orgasm face.

"I want to see those big tits bouncing, baby. Get on top. You're riding me this time." He said, I went to do his bidding, my body weak and shaking from the climax I had but still fully aroused.

I swung my legs on either side of him and grabbed his cock with one of my hands, jerking it for a few seconds before I positioned the head of it right at the entrance of my dripping vagina. We were not blinking as we stared at each other's eyes, my electric blues eyes to his smoldering, black ones.

I felt high at that moment.

And then I dropped down on his erect cock full forced. I had his whole length inside me in one go.

I heard him hissed while I yelled "Ah!"

He was so deep inside me it hurt.

But I didn't care, especially when he cupped both of my breasts with his hands and started massaging them.

Oh, that feels so nice.

"Ride my cock, cowgirl." He said, slapping one of my boobs and began pinching and twisting my nipples.

That did it.

I set out to give him the best ride of his life. I rose myself till the head of his cock was almost out, then I slammed back down again. That hurt because he was so deep he was pressing against my cervix, but the pleasure of seeing Justin's contorted face overpowered it. I get off seeing him get off.

I was burning. I wanted to cum and make this cousin of mine cum too. I wanted to feel his semen releasing its warm seeds into my core.

I rode him fast and hard. Our bodies meeting and slapping at the center furiously as Justin thrust upward and I drove down into him.

"I'm going to cum. Going to cum, Justin." I said out loud without thinking. All of a sudden Justin pulled my upper body down onto him, my face went to the crook of his neck and my boobs plastered against his hard, muscled body.

"Don't move." He growled right before he grabbed my ass with his hands and started pummeling his cock into my sore vagina.

I came in the middle of his rough fucking, I actually screamed and bit his shoulder at the intensity of my climax. I went unconscious for a few seconds and came awake just in time to hear him shout my name in raptures and feel his length release its cum right on my cervix.

"The best, baby. You're the best and you're mine." I heard him mumble while breathing hard.

That thing inside my chest made a hard 'ba-dump' with that and a few butterflies started flying in my stomach.

Right before I succumbed to the exhaustion and slept, I heard Uncle Jack--who I had totally forgotten was in the room during my time with Justin--said in a tensed, quiet tone to his son, "No need to be a possessive motherfucker, son. She's ours."


Justin only grunted as a reply to that statement of his father.

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