Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 18

Several days had pass since that day I came willingly to their bed. From then on not a moment went by that I felt alone. Literally. All the time, either of the two men was close by and watching my every move, like right now, Uncle Jack's leaning against the wall with his arms crossed on his broad, naked chest and was watching me do the laundry. I could feel his piercing eyes on me when I bent down to grab some of the clothes in the laundry pile we had.

I was wearing my usual denim shorts and white crop top, but with no undies. I decided not to wear them anymore when at home because they only get ripped to pieces when they get in the way of the two beasts that were my steps.

I turned my head to take a glance at my uncle and flushed.

Gosh, he's illegal. Him and his son were. Now that I was a willing participant to this relationship we have, I finally appreciated the physiques of my two, older lovers. I thought they're the most handsome men in this small town.

Then you're a lucky beeyotch. My subconscious smirked at me.

I guess so. But that's a moot point, we're related, we're not suppose to be doing this in the first place. What will happen when someone discovers? And what about my plan to escape?

Forget it, you're pregnant already.

I went ramrod straight at the shocking random thought, and my right hand went to my flat stomach. Uncle Jack was by my side in a snap.

"Kitty, what's wrong?" He asked, concern etched on his face as one of his hands went to my stomach too. I jerked at the contact.

Never have I ever thought of pregnancy, even when they keep saying it when they're fucking me, it was still a distant thought. Dreamlike and unreal. I'd never acknowledge that I might be pregnant, until now...

Uncle Jack saw me flinch and got even more frantic at my reaction. "Are you hurt? Tell me what's wrong!"

I took a deep breath and grabbed his hand, "I'm alright. I just had a surprising thought, that's all." I said, trying to reassure him.

But he was not. There's this three lines between his thick eyebrows whenever he's frowning, and it's currently there.

"A surprising thought did that to you? What were you thinki--" He stopped, his eyes widening as a dawning realization hit him. He stared at me and then at my stomach, and then back at my face again.

"A baby? Are you pregnant, Kitty?" He asked, utter surprise on his tone and expectation on his face.

"What? How'd you know--I mean, of course I'm not, I--"

"You're pregnant?!" Shouted my step cousin from the doorway. He was on me and swinging me around in the air in three, big strides.

"Aaaah! Put me down, Justin! Put me down!" I screamed at Justin who was smiling so wide his whole teeth and gums were showing.

Uncle Jack smacked his son across the back of his head while ordering him to put me down. "Put her down, goddamn you. She's delicate."

Justin obeyed his father thankfully. I really hate getting spun around, even when I was a child, I had a weak gut.

"Pops, we need to buy her some prenatal vitamins. I've read--"

"Yeah, I agree, son. Let's buy her several maternal clothes too, but let's get her to an ob-gyne first."

"Hang on, you two!"

"Right. Should I also start looking for the baby's crib, stroller and shitcetera?"

"Yeah, do that. I'll go--"

"STOP!" I shouted loud enough this time that I got both of their attentions.

"Jesus H. Christ, stop being so loud, babygirl. The baby will--"

"There is no baby! Listen to me, I just had a thought about it and reacted, Uncle Jack immediately jump into conclusions, but I assure you two, there's no baby." Not yet anyway.

There was silence after that. Uncle Jack and Justin were looking like they just experienced the greatest disappointments of their lives.

I was shocked deep inside. They wanted a baby this bad?

They stared at me for a few moments and then suddenly their expressions went dark and stormy.

Uh-oh, what have I done now?

"Right." Uncle Jack stated ominously and took a step towards me.

I instinctively took a step back, "Umm..."

"So, there's no baby." Justin said this time, his expression grave and unhappy.

I gulped, stepping back for the second time as they stepped forward. "No, there's no--"

Suddenly I was airborne and on Uncle Jack's shoulder dangling like a sack. He slapped the back of my thighs and ass several times as he climb up the stairs to the bedroom.

Justin was behind us, following with his jeans and t-shirt gone and his cock hard and pointing towards me hungrily.

"Well then, babygirl, if you're not pregnant, we're going to make sure you are carrying our baby by the time this week is over." He said threateningly while Uncle Jack growled and managed to wedge his middle finger into my wet pussy.

Oh my goodness, it's only Tuesday.

My poor vagina's going to get battered.

Not that I was complaining.

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