Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 19

We’re doing it everywhere. And when I said ‘everywhere’, I meant EVERYWHERE. There’s no ground and surface that we hadn’t done, I mean, where they hadn’t done me, except for the ceiling obviously. True to their promise, Uncle Jack and my cousin Justin had me on every possible sex positions trying to get me pregnant. They have a deadline: have their baby cooking inside me by the time this week ends, and they’re extremely determined to meet it.

To say that that I’m scared is an understatement, I promised myself that I will escape, but every second I spend with those two men and the thought of me being pregnant, the escape plan seems like not a good idea anymore.

You’re falling in love, plain and simple, admit it, Kitty. My subconscious smirked at me. I groaned, hitting my face on the pillow. I’m currently in bed, and on either side of me are Justin and Uncle Jack, both of them sleeping and oblivious to the internal battle I have going on.

No, that can’t be. I’m practically being held hostage, I can’t be falling for my kidnappers, what is this, a Stockholm syndrome bullshit?

And yet as I thought of that, a flash of what happened earlier this morning came to the forefront of my mind. Justin entering the bedroom as I wake up, giving me a hot good morning kiss, pulling me up to his arms bridal-style and delivering me to the dining room where Uncle Jack was making my favorite breakfast: bacon, eggs and pancakes.

I remembered the emotion that swept over me when I realized what they were doing.

Warmth, happiness, and… no, I don’t want to analyze my feelings any further. This is getting dangerous.

I turned my head to look at Justin's sleeping face, and then at Uncle Jack's.

Uncle Jack's eyes were wide open and staring at me. How long had he been awake and staring at me silently?

My heart jumped, startled. "Uncle Jack." I whispered in surprise. He didn't respond, just continued gazing at my face. I stared back at him, captivated by the way he looks at me.

His eyes were roaming all over my face. It's like he's committing my facial features to his memory.

Uncle Jack had always been intense, but this was so different. What was he thinking?

I turned to my side, facing him fully. I didn't know what I was thinking, but my hand went and grasp one of his hands. Bringing it to my lips, I gently kissed his calloused knuckles one by one with my eyes glued to his.

I saw him inhale.

"Uncle Jack, what is it?" I murmured low and sweet. Completely forgetting my internal battle just a moment ago.

I had never been able to read Uncle Jack's mind. Especially since he's a king of poker faces. I could only read him when he want sex because his face would go tense with lust and his eyes would smolder with fire.

Right now he doesn't want sex, I meant he's tense and smoldering but there's a different kind of intensity in his stare right now.

I scooted closer until I'm flushed against him. He welcomed me. His arm becoming my pillow and the hand I was holding cupped my neck.

He pulled until we were lips to lips, tongue to tongue.

"Uncle Jack..." I moaned when he left my lips. His scorching kisses now traveling to my neck where he sucked hard. That's going to leave an obvious mark.

"Uncle Jack..." I called out again, loving the feel of his strong hands buried tight in my hair, controlling my movements so he can have continued, unfettered access to my neck which he is so fond of right now.

I rubbed my front against him, purring when I felt his hard erection against my belly.

"Uncle Jack, I want you. Please." I begged. I have several trigger spots, and Uncle Jack knows that my neck is one of them, a fact discovered by him a few days ago. Sucking me there never fails to make me horny as hell.

"Say that again." He growled against my skin. Pulling at me so now I'm on top of him.

"Please, I need you." I whispered, flushed and wet. The way Uncle Jack was gazing at me from beneath was making my heart beat faster. Again, I wondered at what his thoughts were to make him look at me like that.

He didn't move or respond to my plea. His hands remained on my hips and his intense gaze became even more blazing that I couldn't help myself. I became wild. I took control for the first time. My hunger for Uncle Jack made me unhinged.

"I need you!" I almost shouted in frustration. Why is he not moving?! With one hand beside Uncle Jack's head, and my face buried in his neck, I took his huge, hard cock and positioned its tip at the entrance of my womanhood.

"Take me, Kitty. I'm yours."

And that did it, I pushed his cock deep inside me in one go. I did it so fast my pussy twinged with the little pain that came with my rushed action.

I didn't slow down from there. I rode Uncle Jack like my life depended on it. I leaned down and kissed him with all the roughness I could muster, our teeth knocking together and our saliva making a mess of our faces in this frenzy of a kiss.

When I couldn't breathe anymore, I pulled away and sat up straight. Uncle Jack's hands immediately went to cup my breasts roughly. My hands went to cover his and I used him as my leverage to perform my wildest ride.

I had to close my eyes as an avalanche of sensations and emotions overtook my entire body and soul. There was something different with our fucking this time. It was raw and wild and profound.

I was not sure if it was just me feeling this way, but then I opened my eyes and immediately knew that Uncle Jack feels the same.

With his hands on my breast and my clit bumping so deliciously against his skin every time I went down, I couldn't stop the onslaught of a powerful orgasm that left me breathless and limp. I fell back to my place beside Uncle Jack, heaving and tingling.

I was blind of sight and hearing for a few seconds, my heart racing and pounding so loudly, that I didn't notice when Uncle Jack has rolled on top of me and entered me again.

I gasped when I felt the top of his cock go against my cervix. His entire length dragging against my vagina's still-pulsating walls.

I finally had the strength to open my eyes just a bit to see him looking down at me.

I had to smile at him, he still has that look. I wound my arms around his neck and pulled him down to kiss him, his mouth instantly devouring mine in a french kiss.

He pulled back a few seconds later, still on top of me and still fucking me slowly.

"You always want me." I whispered softly, it was just a random thought that I said out loud. Not a question, just a statement of fact seeing that Uncle Jack couldn't get enough of me.

"I do. But you're not just a want, Kitty, you're a need." He said gruffly.

"You are an A-DDIC-TION." He said, each syllable and word punctuated with bone-jarring thrusts that had my pussy on the edge.

"I'm going to cum." I told him, my breathe coming in quick bursts and my body tightening in preparation for an equally powerful climax.

"And I love you." He uttered so lowly I almost didn't hear, but I did and with that I came for the second time.

Uncle Jack was caught in his orgasm, coming inside me again, that he didn't see my stiffening at the realization of what he just revealed.

Oh boy. Oh boy. I can't believe this. Uncle Jack loves me!

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