Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 2

I’d been here for two weeks so I pretty much knew of their daily routine. Father and son had a small but successful business in town that was an hour away from here. They leave the house at eight in the morning, and then either one of them comes back at twelve in the afternoon and then leave again at one. The two of them doesn’t come back until six then. Whereas they come home with a dinner meal waiting for them at the table. I cooked for them, it’s the least I could do to repay my free stay at their place.

Alright, time to do my laundry.

I went to my bedroom window overlooking the car garage. I made sure it was car-free.

And then I unsnapped my bra, pulled it out and sniffed it. My nose crinkled, I’d been using this for three days, no wonder it smelled bad. I threw it on the laundry along with my dirty clothes.

I stared at the boxes sitting in the corner of my large room, four of my bras was in the laundry while all of my bras were stored somewhere among those boxes.

I looked down to my d-cup boobies. My large, pink areolas and protruding nipples were somewhat visible in this white V-neck tee.

I shrugged. Oh well, they’re not here anyway.

I grabbed the laundry basket with both of my hands and carried it down the stairs.

And I abruptly stopped in the middle. Because standing at the foot of the stairs was a very present Uncle Jack. Whose eyes were openly staring at my breasts. I saw his tongue dart out to lick his lower lip.

I could not move, my body was frozen at my current spot as my step-uncle started walking towards me.

He stopped directly in front of me, the laundry basket in between the two of us.

His eyes raked my whole upper body, stopping when his eyes met my shocked ones.

There, visible in those two, dark blue orbs… was lust. Plain and simple. For me. His freaking niece.

“I... I--”

“That must be heavy, here, let me help you, Kitty.” He said, his voice unusually deeper and rougher to my ears. He took the laundry basket from my hands before I could say anything. He stepped aside, making me go first downstairs.

Oh God, he saw my boobies... I let a pervert see my boobies!

I felt heat climb up my face as I recalled his ogling of my boobies and the lust written in his eyes.

I took a quick glance behind at the perverted giant following me, and immediately looked away.

What the freak?! He’s checking out my butt. Ew! He’s my uncle and he’s like my father with his age.

“Here we are, Uncle Jack, thank you for carrying this for me.” I said as soon as I entered the laundry room. He put down the basket and I thought he was going to leave.

But he didn’t.

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