Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 3

Instead of going, Uncle Jack took three large steps towards me, forcing me to step back. My back hit the washing machine, making me stop. Uncle Jack’s arms shot out to trap me.

I looked up at his handsome but serious and intimidating face, my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t breathe properly.

“What are you doing, Uncle Jack?” I whispered, my throat felt oddly dry.

He leaned down, I leaned away. My hands automatically went to his chest to stop him, I heard him hiss like he’s hurt when I did that.

With my head turned to the side, he took the opportunity to lean further down, he’s face was so close his nose was touching my neck. Sniffing it like a freaking animal!

I whimpered. “Uncle Jack, please, no!” I tried pushing him away but then he bit my earlobe.

I gasped. What the hell?!

“Do you always walk around here dress like that when we’re not around, huh? Kitty?” He asked, one of his hands went to the small of my back. He pulled me closer while he placed small kisses on my neck.

Intense fear made my hands move. I pushed his face away from my neck and then I slapped him so hard his head snapped to the side.

Shit! That hurts!

“That’s it! I’m outta here, you old pervert!” I shouted. I pushed my way from his arms and ran upstairs to my room.

I slammed the door roughly and locked it.

Where’s my damn phone?!

I found it in one of my drawers and quickly hit my stepfather’s phone number.

It rang and rang and rang, but to no avail.

I dialed his number again but it just kept ringing.

Well, fuck!

I heard someone knocked on my door, “Kitty! Hey, umm, I apologize for what I did down there. That was so out of line. I’m so sorry. I will not do that again. I... I just always forget that you’re family, you know.” Uncle Jack said.

I frowned.

He forgot that I was his niece? Just how insane was that? My age should have been enough to stop his wandering hands and eyes, but he didn’t.

He freaking molested me! What the hell?

But he sounded sincere and very apologetic. My apprehension and anger for him lessened a bit with his apology.

“Yeah? Well, you’re forgiven, but I will never forget. I’m going to call your brother. I’m going to make him take me from here. I can’t stay here. You and your son are both perverts.” I said, finally saying the truth.

Uncle Jack was standing for a long time outside my door after that, just a silent presence.

I’d pay to know what he was thinking that time.

“Uncle Jack?” I called out, fear creeping up on me when three minutes had passed and he was still not moving away from my bedroom door.

“Yeah? Oh, sorry. I was trying to call James, but he’s not answering.” He explained.

I exhaled loudly, my heart calming down with relief. I thought he was devising some plan or something.

“Yeah, he didn’t answer mine too. I’d just call him again later. You should go now, Uncle Jack.” I said.

I thought I heard a growl, but then Uncle Jack finally walked away.

I went to the window and saw him driving his old Harley very fast.

Well, that went well.

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