Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 4


All of a sudden, my life was turned out of its axis when a fiery, innocent temptress suddenly came into our lives.

Kitty. Just thinking about her name alone made my cock want to jump out of its confines and into my niece’s virgin cunt.

I was always thinking about my step-niece, Kitty, ever since I first saw her. The things I wanted to do to her were definitely not kid-friendly.

The ways I wanted to touch her, to kiss her, to fuck her were all I could think of. Every night I’d stroke my cock of the thought of her nubile, little body taking me.

And now here I was, standing at the bottom of the stairs, staring at my frozen step-niece whose heavy tits were braless and her nipples see-through on her white shirt.

My cock immediately sprang up to attention.


I was so drawn to her I didn’t even stop my feet from climbing up the stairs to get to her. I stood in front of her, the laundry basket in between the two of us. I couldn’t stop my eyes from gazing at the nearly-exposed tits. I was blatantly lusting after her and I didn’t want to stop myself.

I want her so fucking badly.

“I--I...” She started, still frozenly embarrassed, but was unable to continue.

“That must be heavy, here, let me help you, Kitty.” I offered. My voice husky and deep with lust. Without an answer from her I took the basket and stood aside to let her walk in front of me.

Lemme see that big round ass of yours, Kitty.

Oh fuck, look at that perfection. That would look even more beautiful if my handprint were on her asscheeks and my cock was sawing back and forth inside her cunt, doggystyle.

Before I knew it we were already in the laundry room.

“Here we are, Uncle Jack, thank you for carrying this for me.” My little girl said, her tone dismissing me.

I won’t have any of that in my house.

I put the basket down and then in three large steps I was on Kitty. Trapping her between my arms and the washing machine.

“What are you doing, Uncle Jack?” Kitty asked nervously in a small voice.

I would love to hear that sweet voice of hers shouting my name as I pound my cock into her.

I leaned down before I could stop myself. I just couldn’t resist her upturned lips, her eyes were begging me to release her, but I wouldn’t.

Just one taste.

And more.

I hissed when I felt her hands coming to my chest, trying to stop me and push me away. It was like I was electrocuted, a full on zing passed through my body and into my already-hard cock, making my brain fuzzy with so much lust.

She turned her head to the side. That was okay with me as I came down to her neck. Sniffing it and tasting the elegant column.

Gooood, everything about her is such a turn on. Her face, her body, her height, her scent, her skin, everything.

“Uncle Jack, please, no!” She protested. Only that turned me on more. I couldn’t resist it, I bit her earlobe and swirled it around my tongue. Imagining that it was her clit I was tonguing.

“Do you always walk around here dress like that when we’re not around, huh? Kitty?” I asked and whispered to her ear seductively. My cock begging me to hoist her on top of the washing machine, tore her shorts and panties away, then rough-fuck her like an animal.

I put my hand to the small of her back and pulled her against my body, I began bestowing little wet kisses on her neck.

I was so lost in her scent and taste that I wasn’t able to stop her hands from pushing away my face, then slapping me so hard my head snapped to the side.

Fucking shit!

“That’s it! I’m outta here, you old pervert!” Kitty shouted at me. She pushed her way from my arms and ran upstairs to her room.

I stood in the laundry room for a moment. Trying to bring back my wit that had become lost the moment I saw Kitty’s delicious tits. I heard her slamming her door roughly and locking it.

I knew I should’ve felt guilty for what I just did. Because molesting your niece, either step or blood, was taboo and against the law.

But yeah, tell that to my raging cock.

I touched the cheek that my Kitty slapped, and smiled.

Play nice, Jack. You gotta play with your food first.

I went upstairs and knocked on her door, intent on apologizing. I was really feeling sorry, I didn’t want to scare her that badly. Although, I was not feeling any guilt.

“Kitty! Hey, umm, I apologize for what I did down there. That was so out of line. I’m so sorry. I will not do that again. I... I just always forget that you’re family, you know.” I said, trying hard to sound sincere and apologetic.

There was a pause on the other side of the door, and then Kitty answered back, “Yeah? Well, you’re forgiven, but I will never forget. I’m going to call your brother. I’m going to make him take me from here. I can’t stay here. You and your son are both perverts.”

What. The. Fuck.

Anger flared up to my chest, and something within me snapped.

In my head I was no longer seducing her gently. It was my original plan to fuck her, but I was to do it gently and unhurriedly because I knew it was gonna be her first time.

But now...

I knew that my adult and only son, Justin, desired her too. I could see his eyes lighting up with lust whenever she comes in within his eyesight.

It was very strange to find myself not bothered by this.

If my beloved son wanted her too then so be it.

We’d share her.

Now about this snarly little pussycat.

What should we do about her?

Take her against her will. Tie her down. Rip off her clothes till she’s naked. Eat her delicious cunt and make her come for you. Then shove that monster cock of yours inside her tight little teenage body, and don’t stop till you come shooting your white jizz in her womb.

And if you want, tag your son along. He’ll love it.

The devil whispered in my head.

It was wrong. So utterly wrong.

But why does forcing this cunt appeal to me so much? My cock was dripping pre-cum right now at the thought of forcing an unwilling Kitty.

“Uncle Jack?” Kitty called out from her room, interrupting my dark, erotic thoughts.

“Yeah? Oh, sorry. I was trying to call James, but he’s not answering.” I lied.

To hell with James, she’s not leaving this house as long as we wanted her. I’d just tell him that Kitty loved it here and I’d take care of her for him. My stupid brother would love that, he doesn’t care one bit about Kitty.

“Yeah, he didn’t answer mine too. I’d just call him again later. You should go now, Uncle Jack.” My little girl said.

I growled.

How dare that cunt, ordering me around. She’s gonna get it so fucking bad.

I walked away. I went down the stairs, went out of the house, and then straddled my Harley, roared it to life, and speeded away from the house where my temptation was.

And all the while I was formulating a plan on the whats, whens and hows of my Kitty’s downfall.

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