Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 6

I tried untangling myself from the hard grip he had on my nape but he only pulled me closer by circling his other arm around my waist, my wrists now being held tightly at my back. That made my breasts pushed out, now my body was flushed against his big one. He let out a groaned when he felt my chest plastered against his.

I wriggled and struggled but he only became wilder in his assault. The hand on my nape slid down to my front, stopping on my right mound.

“Your tits are so fucking big, Kitty.” He told me, his voice full of awe as he squeezed my flesh.

“Ah!” I shouted at the rough treatment.

“I want you so bad.” He whispered breathily as he tweaked my hardened nipple through my shirt and bra.

“Let go of me, you bastard!” I shouted at him.

I didn’t see his hand coming to slap me, but slap me he did. Hard.

I froze at what he did. That was the first time anyone had hurt me. I stared at him, shocked, while he stared at me with dilated eyes full of lust and rage.


“You say one bad word one more time and I will slap the living shit out of you this time.” He threatened as I was about to shout what a motherfucker he was.

That shut me up. The slap he gave me was hard enough, I could feel my cheek throbbing and stinging.

“Now you listen to me, Kitty.” He said as he pulled my body tight against his again, his head going to the side of my face.

“You will not tell this to anyone. Including my dad. If you do, I will hurt you. Got that?” He said menacingly.

I did not answer. He bit my uncovered shoulder painfully.

I yelped in pain.


“Yes! Yes, I will not tell anyone!” I shouted in surrender. My eyes leaking tears now.

God, that hurt so much. I think he left a bitemark.

After I conceded he retracted his biting teeth and replaced it with his tongue. Licking the area wetly where he bit me.

“You taste so fucking good. You’re perfect.” He told me huskily, his voice purring.

“We’re cousins, Justin.” I spoke, trying to guilt him into stopping.

But he just gave me a smirk before french kissing me again.

“Not by blood. So it’s okay to fuck you without pulling out.” He stated with a seductive grin on his face.

I gaped at him, unbelieving.

What. The. Fuck.

“What the hell are you saying, you pervert! Let me go! Please just let me out and I’ll forget this ever happened!” I yelled, panicking and crying now, but still angry as hell. I struggled once again against the grip he had on my wrists. But he’s immovable like a mountain.

“Keep struggling like that, Kitty. It makes your tits rub against me deliciously.” He taunted. I stopped moving at once.

“Please, Justin, we’re family.” I spoke with a tiny, scared voice. Still trying to awake his conscience.

But sadly, he had no conscience because he just gave me a wide smile showing his pearly white teeth that did not bode well on me.

“Not yet... but we are about to.” He said, grinning and looking at me like I was meal. But then his eyes shifted to something behind me and shock registered on his beautiful face.

A second later he reached out to the dashboard and click the unlock button for all the car doors.

The door behind me opened on its own.

And before I knew it I was being taken outside by another set of strong, muscular arms, one hand going around my throat.

I recognized the tattooed arm of my new captor and it’s from my one and only Uncle Jack.

I tried my hardest to battle my way from my Uncle’s hold when I felt him press his fingers on the side of my neck, on my carotid to be exact, and applied pressure to it.

Suddenly, I became weak.

Then darkness claimed me within seconds.

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