Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 7



“James, it’s me, Jack.”

“Oh hey, what’s up? Why are you calling? Is Kitty fine?”

“It’s about Kitty, James. She wants to stay and live here.”

A paused from the other line.

“Let me talk to her.”

“She’s already asleep. And she doesn’t want to. She actually forced me to call and tell you before she went to bed. She was embarrassed.”

“Why would she want to stay there?”

“Justin told me she met someone in town and got herself her first boyfriend there.”

Another paused.

“Are you serious?”


“Okay, fine. But I still want to talk to her in the morning when she wakes up, Jack. Tell her that.”


“You’re not against her staying there?”

“Surprisingly, I’m not. It’s nice to have a woman in the house again, she liven up the household. Besides, Kitty feels like a daughter now. She’s adorable and polite. She’s also close to Justin. He acts like he’s her older brother.” I lied, my voice light with fake paternal delight.

“Nice. That’s good to hear. Promise me you’ll take proper good care of her, brother.” My younger brother asked.

I turned to looked at my bounded, naked step-niece on her bed, my old-man cock trying to come out of my pants as it salivated over her young, voluptuous body.

Kitty stared right back at me with tears and fear in her beautiful, electric blue eyes.

“I promise to take proper care of her.”

My son Justin, who had been playing with Kitty’s tits all this time, also naked like me and Kitty, sent me a knowing smirk.

I smiled back at him.

When I said ‘proper’, what I really meant was ‘improper’.

I went to Kitty’s other side and reached between her legs. My fingers teasing the skin of her soft inner thighs, sliding and touching.

“Okay, that’s good. Just let her call me when she wakes up tomorrow. Bye.”


I took the knife from my son’s hand, which was situated on Kitty’s neck the whole time I was talking to my brother, keeping her hushed and silent.

“I. Hate. You.” She spat at me the moment I sheathed the knife and put it back inside my pocket.

I grabbed her jaw in a tight grip, which made her whimper in terror. I got into her face, my voice full of promise and menace, I said to her, “You’re about to hate us more, Kitty, but I tell you this, your body’s going to love us. It will love what we’re about to do to you. You’re never going to leave this place ever again. You’re going to be our little cum slut who will take care of her uncle and cousin’s cocks whenever and wherever we want.” I took my hand from her jaw and stood up over the bed, over her.

“First lesson is right now, Kitty. Tell me, which cock do you want first? Mine or my son’s? Because either way, you’re still going to get fucked by the two of us tonight.”

Kitty gazed at me with so much hate and fear I could almost feel it. I ignored her and began getting ready to take her. I watched as my son leaned down to whisper something in her ear.

She turned her beautiful eyes on him and looked at him in shock and disgust.

“I promise.” My son told her, giving her a charming smile that he usually gives to women he wanted to bed. I knew because we use the same predatory smile.

Kitty’s forehead furrowed for a moment. Thinking hard.

“There’s no chance of getting away, Kitty. So no use in formulating escape plans.” I told her. I saw something died in her eyes, and she suddenly became deflated as if in surrender.

She then looked at me and then at Justin.

After that, she closed her eyes tightly, as if in pain, and whispered hoarsely, “I—I choose Justin.”

Justin shot me a winning smile, his face registering pleasure over being chosen to be Kitty’s first lover.

My cock got jealous, but I ignored it as I went to sit on the chair beside the bed, my hand already stroking my angry cock while Justin went between her legs, his head going down to taste her delicious-looking cunt.

“What did you promise her son?” I asked him before he dove in.

He flashed me an evil grin, “I promised to be gentle as this is gonna be her first fuck.”

I turned to gaze at Kitty, her eyes already opened. I caught it with my dark ones and gave her a dark smirk.

“Wrong choice, Kitty. Justin never keeps his promises.” I told her.

It made her gasp and gape, but then my son dove in to feast on her young flesh.

“You two are devils.” She told us, her sensitive body writhing with the sensations Justin was giving to her.

I smiled at her, and said, “Unfortunately for you, my dear. We are your two devils.”

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