Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 8

“I will be gentle to you, Kitty, if you choose me to be the one to take your virginity.”

I knew I should have not listened. Should have not trusted the man who was about to force me against my will. A voice inside my head was shouting at me not to choose him. I think it was my gut feeling. But then I looked at the alternative, which was his gigantic, mean-looking father, Uncle Jack, and decided to say ‘yes’ to Justin.

I mean, a promise was more preferable than silence.

And then, Uncle Jack asked what Justin promised me.

“What did you promise her, son?”

“I promised to be gentle as this is gonna be her first fuck.”

“Wrong choice, Kitty. Justin never keeps his promises.”

Trust and dreams shattered, I called the two of them devils that they were.

“Hmmm... so fucking soft. Your pussy is so delicious.” Justin told me as he continued eating my helpless, tingling flesh out.

I was trying hard not to moan. Despite the wrongness of the situation, what Justin was doing to my body was something I couldn’t control.

I was getting horny. I was getting wet. And Justin reminded me of that embarrassing fact.

“You’re getting wet, Cuz. Your slutty little body loves what I’m doing to it.” Justin said, sending me a wicked, smirk-ish look over my mound—his entire lower face gleaming with wetness—before continuing his attack on it, intentionally making loud, slurping, wet noises that sounded so dirty to my ears but only served to heighten my arousal.

“Go to hell!” I yelled but then I moaned out loud, my back arching when Justin pushed a finger inside my virgin tunnel.

Why does everything that Justin do to my body had to feel amazing? My protesting brain was completely in a losing battle with my traitorous body.

Uncle Jack chuckled from where he was sitting comfortably naked. His large hand stroking his equally large penis up and down while he watched his son pleasure me.

Uncle Jack caught my pleading eyes, but instead of mercy showing in those two orbs, they showed blazing passion and carnal need.

I did not break our eye contact while my body became taut and Justin brought me to my first ever orgasm.

“Fuck.” My step uncle whispered harshly as his penis suddenly started shooting thick white liquids into the air and onto the wooden floor of the massive bedroom.

“Look at me, Kitty. Pay attention to me while my cock breaks your wet, virgin pussy.” Justin told me in full heat as he rose above me. Aligning his body with mine, chest to chest and hips to hips. His pointy cock was now poised directly on my pussy.

I held my breath. Terrified but somewhat excited and curious at what was about happen.

Oh God, please don’t let it hurt me so much. He’s so freaking big, how can he possibly fit that thing inside me?

“Hmm!” Justin’s head swept down and was now kissing me. His tongue forcing my lips to open up, he plunged his tongue inside my mouth at the same time with his cock surging inside my untouched maidenhead.

Justin muffled my screams of pain. I tried to buck him off of me, writhing beneath him as I felt his long cock piercing my insides. Fuck, I felt unbearably full.

Justin let the heavy weight of his whole body fall on my struggling one, pinning and gluing me to the bed effectively while I endured the fullness and pain I was experiencing in my womb.

“Be still, Kitty. Or else the pain will not go away!” Justin whispered roughly on my mouth, his teeth gritting in taut pleasure as he felt my flesh squeezing him so freaking tightly.

“How does it feel inside her cunt right now, son?” Uncle Jack asked, now sitting beside my head, stroking my long hair softly.

“Like fucking heaven, dad. You won’t believe how tight she is. Tightest fuck I ever had since I started having sex.” Justin responded to his father, looking up at Uncle Jack and giving him a glazed, triumphant look that I found quite disturbing but my body found incredibly hot.

Speaking of my body, something was happening... the pain from Justin’s sudden invasion was now slowly ebbing away and was being replaced by a tingling sensation that was quickly becoming into something similar like when Justin had his tongue pleasuring me.

Justin did an experiment pull. Withdrawing an inch of his hard length, and then when he saw I did not react in any painful way (my eyes were close due to the new sensations I was having) he started thrusting in small, short bursts.

“Aw shit!” I cursed and groaned when Justin pulled his upper body back, and sat on his heels. His right hand went to rub my clitoris, which pinched in a bit of pain at the first rub.

Uncle Jack suddenly slapped one of my breasts roughly, and then he leaned down directly to my face so I could see him properly. “No more bad words from your beautiful lips, Kitty. Or else I will have to slap or spank you for each curse word. Get that inside your pretty little head.” He said, his mean, rugged face serious and menacing, then leaned back away. I gaped at him for a second, shocked at what he just said to me.

What the hell? Spanking and slapping?

Just then my asshole of a step-cousin pulled out almost completely, my vagina now soaked from his clit-rubbing, only the head of his cock stayed inside my vagina. And then without any warning he shoved the whole length of his penis in, hard, I could feel its mushroom head pushing against my cervix. Justin didn’t pause this time, he continued fucking me, and just like what his father said earlier, he really did not keep his promises, because now he was fucking me so hard and rough, my untried body was being pushed and pulled ruthlessly against the shackles keeping me spread and bound.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I grunted every time he bottomed out inside me.

“God, you’re so hot, Kitty. I’m fucking glad you’re here. Now I have someone to fuck whenever I want.” Justin said, panting hotly and heavily as he bulldozed his cock into me. His hands were treating my hips like handles as he used them to move my body in time with his pushes and pulls.

I could feel something building up inside me as Justin became faster and harder on his fucking. My second orgasm was near.

And I was ashamed to say that I was chasing it.

“Goodness fuck! She’s coming! Fuck, milk my cock, baby! Take all of my cum inside your pretty pussy! Shiiiiiiit!” Justin dirty talked as he climaxed a second later after me.

His head was thrown back and his eyes were shut tightly, the veins in his neck stood out as he squirted all of his warm semen inside my womb.

My unprotected womb.

I tried begging for him not to release inside me, “Please, Justin! Pull out! Pull out! Please!” I shouted at him when I felt the first thick rope of his cum shoot inside me.

Justin answered by pushing his cock to the hilt to my cervix, and shouted back a “Fuck no!”

Oh my God, please, no, don’t make me pregnant. Not from this. Please, no!

Justin fell onto my heaving, sweaty body when he was finally spent of all of his cum. In which the majority of those fluids were now bowled deep in my womb.

I was so exhausted I was already falling asleep when Uncle Jack said to Justin:

“Get off her now, son. It’s my turn.”

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