Forced By My Steps (Forced Love #2)

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Chapter 9

“Get out, Justin.” I heard Uncle Jack told his son, Justin who was currently draped over my body, weighing like a freaking sandbag.

Justin’s head—which was buried in the crook of my neck­—shoot up to look at his father.

“Why do I have to get out? You get to watch me--”

“JUST GET THE FUCK OUT.” Uncle Jack boomed that I flinched and was instantly awake once again. I stared at my naked, gigantic Uncle while Justin followed his father’s command. Muttering curses and whatnots as he pulled himself off of me, kissing me one more time and giving me a lingering look before walking towards the door and then closing it.

I heard the click of the door lock.

I almost didn’t want Justin to get out. Seriously. The aura that Uncle Jack was projecting out right now was downright scary and predatory, what with his sinisterly, passion glazed eyes and his long, thick erected cock.

It even worsened when Uncle Jack suddenly pulled out the short military knife Justin threatened me with from his pocket, unsheathed it, then moved towards me, holding it to cut my...


What is he doing? Why is he cutting the ties keeping me subdued? What’s happening?

He started cutting the ties on my feet, I immediately closed my sore legs after they were freed. Then he did the ties on my wrists, the moment he freed them off their restraints I scooted out of the bed and stood up on the other side. My hands automatically covering my large, bruised breasts.

“Wha-what’s happening? Uncle Jack? A-are you g-going to let me go?” I asked, stuttering as fear once again took hold of my insides.

Uncle Jack did not answer. He was silent like an animal on a meal-hunt.

He’s eyes glinted dangerously as he kneeled on the bed and crawled towards me, making me back away. I yelped when one of his hands suddenly swiped into the air to grab me, he missed me by an inch before I jumped out of his reach. I ran towards the locked door and tried opening it, twisting the doorknob so hard it’s a wonder I didn’t break it.

I could feel Uncle Jack’s slow footsteps coming towards me. I abandoned my Break the Door Mission and quickly ran towards the bedroom window, almost tripping as I sprinted my way over the bed and into the other side of the room where my only chance of escape was waiting for me.

It was not locked.


I opened it and looked down, the house was only two-stories high, I could do this. If I jumped I knew I’d either break some of my bones or crash my head on the hard ground which could kill me instantly.

Which I quite prefer in my current situation.

Heart pounding against my chest, I raised my right leg to straddle the window sill. I managed to do just that, when suddenly my hands that were clutching the sill were roughly taken and were held together behind my back by a large hand, while Uncle Jack’s other hand pushed my head down to the outside world, my breasts now squashed against the sill.

I struggled and fought strongly against the monster behind me, “Get off me, you monster! Get off me!” I shouted at him, my head hanging over the window.

I screamed in pain and surprise when Uncle Jack’s hard, monstrous length was suddenly sliding into my vagina.

“My son’s right, Kitty. Your cunt is so fucking tight I can’t pound it the way I want.” The brute said, his voice strained and rough-sounding against my ears.

But pound me he did.

I was already wet from my step-cousin’s semen and my own release, so my Uncle’s monstrosity of a cock was now riding me against the window like a freaking whore, my legs spread wide for his pleasure.

“Fuck you!” I shouted as a response. My eyes crying while I get violated brutally by my own family. And the fact that I get pleasure from such evil act.

Uncle Jack pulled my arms hard because of what I said. And his hips got even wilder in its pounding.

“Fuck me, Kitty? Yeah? Well, you’re fucking me now. I could feel your cunt squeezing me so greedily as I fuck it right now. You want this, you fucking tease. You love getting fucked.” My Uncle said to my ear, bending over my body as his cock continued fucking me furiously.

“I’m gonna kill you.” I hissed hatefully at him.

One of his hands grabbed my jaw and squeezed it painfully. “You won’t have any energy to do that because we’ll be fucking you so much you won’t be able to move.”

He hissed back, biting my ear after that.

“Aw! Stop that!” I shouted at him, turning my head to the side and away from his biting mouth.

“All of you taste so good.” He whispered, now assaulting my neck. Sucking and biting it, his teeth digging into my flesh painfully I thought he was drawing blood.

“Please...” I begged. Now unsure of what I wanted because my body was really loving what Uncle Jack’s doing to it.

Oh God, I was going to climax from this brutality.

In a matter of seconds I was having my third orgasm of the day. My head thrown back and my eyes shut tightly as I shouted the barrages of pleasure attacking my body.

Uncle Jack became a wild animal then.

He grabbed my small waist and carried my limp body quickly to the bed without him pulling out of me. He bent me over it while he bent over me, and then he drilled into my sensitive vagina fast and deep, my arms now free, but I was using them to clutch the bedsheet beneath me while I continued cumming around my uncle’s large cock.

“Fucking! Fuck!” My uncle roared as he shot his thick seed in me. Painting my insides white with his jizz. Filling me in unbelievably copious amount.

With no protection shielding his stud seeds from fertilizing my bare womb at all.

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