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I'm A Sucker For pain

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Harder, faster, stronger please Make me beg till I'm on my knees I'm a screamer master, that you know For you baby I'll put on a show Kason Mckenna sent away for unintentionally acting out on his masochistic desires, and though he thought being sent to a Boys Correctional Institute was bad, headmaster and Dom saeed proved him wrong.

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Chapter 1

The Masochist desires to experience stronger sensations, but desires that it should be inflicted with love.
~Mélanine érotique

My eyes dart around the room searching for anything to hold my interest but there's none. I try to focus on what the adults are saying but it's no use I already know why I'm here and that's to be expelled, unfortunately. I never meant for my shenanigans to be taken this seriously but this is a private school and no amount of fuckery is tolerated in these places so here I am.

I slouch down in my seat eyes closed swaying the chair from side to side. I was actually feeling at peace like this, that is until my father slid his hand under the desk and gave my thigh a warning squeeze and that's when it begun.

The itch.

My eyes flew open and I looked up at him to see him glaring at me over his shoulder but I remained in my slouching position. He squeezed harder and I felt myself becoming excited, disgusting. I wanted him to hit me, yell at me but I know he wouldn't not in the eye of the public and I'm pretty sure the people in this room wouldn't allow it. He pinched my chubby thighs making me hiss, I reluctantly sat up and he pulled away his hand, no.

"Kason?" Squid-ward our schools principal questioned, I looked up with a blank stare not knowing what he said. “I was asking if you have anything to say?" This is the part where I'm supposed to show remorse for my actions and beg he give me a second chance but I can't; I won't, but I still have to say something to impress my parents.

"Mr. Iction, members of board.”I made eye contact with everyone in the board room before continuing. "I apologize for the trouble I've caused it wasn't my intention to physically or verbally harm anyone especially members of staff." I finished with a bow and squid-ward raised a brow obviously expecting me to beg and plead but I won't, unfortunately I am my father's child and I have too much pride for that.

"I just can't understand how an honor roll student spiraled into this." He shook his head a confused and disappointed look on his face, the members of board murmured their agreement.

"I'd like to know the same." My father squeezes my thigh again and my hips subconsciously bucked.

"Shall we continue?" Ms. Hena the deputy principal spoke up and everyone nodded falling back into their conversation without me.

My father had removed his hands to clasp them on the round table and I glared at the back of his head, wishing he'd put them back but it doesn't work like that and I just can't ask him to.

Slouching a little I spread my legs and began pinching the fat on my inner thighs with my nails, it felt good. I was so wrapped up in this strange pleasure I hadn't noticed my father staring at me. I shyly looked up breathing heavy blush on my cheeks to my father who had that look on his face. That same look from a couple weeks ago when the itch started, when he found me on the floor of my bathroom naked with a boner, cuts and bruises all over my thighs.

When my father looked away I continued to pinch my thighs even harder than before. All the pinches are doing is exciting me I need something more, maybe a blade because when the itch starts it doesn't stop until it's satisfied.

I'm disgusting; weird and I don't know what's wrong with me, I don't want to know either because I'm scared I won't like the answer. I'll admit it'll be better knowing what's wrong so I'll be able to handle the itch better in the future but I still don't want to know that I'm a freak, a disgusting weirdo, an embarrassment as my father would call me.

"Thank you for your time Mr. Mckena.” The principal stood and shaked my father's hand “Mrs. Mckena.” He shook my mother's hand next, I just smiled at him from my seat.

I should be standing.

"Such a shame to see a fine young man throw away his life like this hopefully his outstanding education will earn him a spot in another higher education school." I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

I don't know why people put private schools above public schools, it's such bullshit and not everyone that goes to public schools go there because they can't afford a private education, humans of today are set up so wrong.

"Even if he does get into a good school we don't know how long this phase of his will last.” The deputy principal walked towards me.” This is a form for a boys correctional institute sponsored by the president of the conference himself so I know you'll be in good hands.” She handed me the papers and turned towards my parents. “Everything you need to know is there if you're curious about anything else don't hesitate to call.” She shaked my father's hand and hugged my mother.

I waited for my dad to go out then my mother before slowly following behind them dreading what's going to go down when we get home, but at the same time the itch hasn't been satisfied so I'm anticipating the danger.

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇𝙗𝙭𝙖𝙭𝙣𝙭𝙖█ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

Just as I'd expected the moment I stepped through the glass double doors of our home, my father had me thrown against a wall yelling. “Fucking embarrassment. “And.” "What’s wrong with you?" Unfortunately father I don't know the answer to that question.

My mother pleaded with him to calm down so we can discuss this boys correctional institute and I glared at her, is she seriously considering this bullshit idea?

"Everything is already paid for thanks to him being the top student he just needs to fill out the form." She continued scanning through the papers and my father scoffed.

"After everything that's happened you choose now to be a cheap bitch." My father chuckled dryly and dragged me into the living room throwing me down.

"Do I have any say in this?" I ask dusting my father's hand off my shoulder, he grunted and ringed my ear.

"So now you talk." It was my mother's time to catch an attitude.

"I'm saying this now I am NOT going." My mother raised a brow at me and I rolled my eyes.

"You are and that's final!" My father yelled and I stood up.

"I SAID NO!" I shoved passed him and took off up the stairs. Just as I reached the top I heard his heavy footsteps and I dashed down the hall to my room.

"Kason Mckena!" He yelled.

"NO!" I screamed and ran into my room I apparently left opened.

I turned around to slam the door, but before I could my father stopped me with his foot and shoved open the door making me fall backwards.

He locked the door behind him and shrugged off his suit jacket.

“Jason!" My mother yelled pounding on the door but my father ignored her.

He dragged me by my collar towards my bed and threw me onto it face down. I remained motionless waiting for his next move, the sound of his belt buckle was heard then it went silent, I raised my body so I could turn and see what he was doing but before I could his thick leather belt connected with my backside and I hissed.

“You like pissing on my family name Kason?" He hit me again this time with more force causing the belt to strike my back.

“JASON!" My mother screamed as she rattled the door knob. “Answer me!"

My father yelled and I whimpered biting down on the sheets. “Fucking embarrassment!" He continued to take his frustration out on me. By the tenth strike I was fully enjoying it and the itch that's been bugging me the entire day turned into a kind of high feeling.

"Daddy!" I screamed but it wasn't from the pain it was from the pleasure, and somewhere deep inside me I know this is disgusting but I can't help it.

“Shut up.” He growled and struck me across the back of my thigh.

I gasped and wriggled about the bed as my penis became painfully hard, disgusting. I began sobbing as silent moans escaped me.

“Why Kason just why?" The lash delivered with that sentence had more force than the others and my dick twitched.

“Jason Mckena!" My mother screamed as she was now trying to break down the door. “Don’t hurt my baby.” She cried. I wanted so badly to tell her he's not hurting me, he's actually making me feel real good but I couldn't.

“Stop daddy heee." I begged him to stop as I felt my orgasm near but he didn't, he won't stop until he feels satisfied, just like the itch.

It's scary because I fear if he suddenly decides to take out his frustration on mother he'd kill her. So I allow him to scream at me about things I have no idea about and beat me on occasion because I'd rather it be me than her, plus the itc...

“Oh god daddy please.” I whined as I pushed my body further up the bed.

“Shut up.” I found myself nodding my head and biting into the pillow. He grunted with each lash, I don't know what about it that pushed me over the edge but I came hard.

"JASON!" My mother was now fiercely banging on the door. "Why is he screaming?" She continued to assault the door and for a moment I thought she'd actually break it down, but then the banging and screaming stopped everything was silent until I heard her sobbing.

"Start packing I want you to start school Monday." My father growled and unlocked my door scooping up my petite mother in his large arms. He slammed my door shut and I pushed myself up onto my wobbly knees, I locked my door and slid down to the ground starting at the wet spot on my pants.


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