A Year Later

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“You will be coming with us and you will do so quietly, without fighting or I will have to use this,” number one said putting the barrel under my chin. I nodded as best I could ... “You look beautiful Ninita.” He took my arm and we walked around two buildings to get to a large SUV waiting for him. He opened the door, “ladies first,” he said as he helped me into the vehicle. “Ninita, for security…” he said as he placed a blindfold over my eyes. I sat quietly with my hands in my lap as we drove. When we got out he did not remove the blindfold, instead, he led me across a parking lot given the distance and sound of concrete or asphalt under my heels. “There are three steps ahead of you Ninita, step up one...two...three, duck your head slightly and step forward.” once inside what I assume is a plane since the stairs were a little bouncy Senor came up behind me and guided me to a seat. I sat down, and he buckled me up and then sat next to me and placed his hand on mine. I heard two other people enter the plane and buckle up, though no one said anything.

Erotica / Action
Dr A Tucker
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Chapter 1: Looking Back

Home alone again but that night was the night that changed my life, possibly forever. That was about one year ago.

Sitting on my bed, studying for the test in my Ancient Languages class, I have in the morning, when thoughts of Sundae Cone ice cream began to fill my head and distract my studying. Setting the pen down I crawl off the queen-size bed and head to the kitchen, comfortable in my black lace high-cut panties and men’s red t-shirt with a tiger. The temperature is just warm enough to not really need clothes, so not wearing pants at the moment is still perfect. I take a pint of ice cream out of the freezer, take a spoon from the dish drain on the counter and walk back to the bedroom. As I sit down and open my current favorite flavor of ice cream, I hear what sounds like a light knock on the front door, so I stand back up and go to the door. Just as I touch the door knob it suddenly opens, pushing me backwards nearly tripping over my chair. As I try to regain my balance, I drop to my knees with the sudden appearance of a gun in my face from the masked guy that came flying through my door. Thoughts of different ways I could attempt to disarm this person started spinning in my head. He started walking toward me and before I realized it, I was lunging forward with hands up pushing the gun up and trying to take it. During these same few seconds two more masked guys came in and grabbed my arms pinning them behind my back and forcing me back on my knees.

The first guy bent forward using the barrel of the pistol to lift my chin so that I made eye contact, “I wouldn’t try that again if I were you hun. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you make me. These guys will do as I tell them so be good and they will be nice.” The softness in his voice only made the intimidation of his tones that much more intense. As much as I wanted to get free and either fight or run, I realized it would be smarter at that moment to “behave” because these guys are very strong and made their point when they pinned me in place. The first guy obviously finished talking for now, stepped past where I was still being pinned and started walking through my house. Number two and number three practically picked me up and sat me in the big armchair I had just almost tripped over. Number two pointed at me indicating without saying anything that I am to stay sitting in the chair, then he sat down on the couch right next to the chair to watch me. Number three walked off in the same direction as number one.

“If you guys are robbing me take whatever you want,” I said to number two. He simply raised his finger to where his lips are under the mask, telling me to be quiet, so that’s what I did. In the back of my mind I am trying to figure out what they could possibly want in my house, it isn’t very big, I don’t have anything too expensive, and I am no one special. Just then I hear a hammering sound in the front bedroom closet, I start to jump up and get pushed right back down with a glare. I tried to roll off the chair and bolt for the back door but was stopped by a clothesline arm to the stomach. Then number two grabbed my arm, twisting it as he stood up and kicked the back of my knee forcing me back on my knees. He made me move to sit in front of him at the couch, he kept my arm twisted behind my back so that I could not move without breaking my arm. About twenty minutes later number one and number three came back into the living room with a small box in hand, from I’m guessing somewhere in the wall of the closet. Number one signals to number two and he stands up pulling me up with him.

“You will be coming with us and you will do so quietly, without fighting or I will have to use this,” number one said putting the barrel under my chin. I nodded as best I could with the barrel under my chin in response. “Good girl, now follow.” Number one walked out the door and headed to a black van parked in my driveway. Number two let go of my arm and pushed me lightly to follow closely behind number one, then number two followed right behind me. Number three followed last as he closed and locked the door of my house. Number one opened the side door of the van and motioned me in, gun visible to me only in his other hand. I climbed into the van, sat down and buckled up, he climbed in and sat next to me gun still aimed at me. Number two and three got into the front of the van and we left. The back of the van was completely blacked out, but still number one reached to the floor of the van and grabbed a bag, that he quickly placed over my head then he said, “hold your wrists out.” I slowly pulled my arm out of the belt and held my wrists up for him. I felt him tightly wrap rope around my wrists securing them. Now bound and blinded by the bag I sat quietly and tried to focus on the distance we were going or number of turns we took and which direction. After what seemed like a twenty or thirty-minute drive, I had lost track of turns, trying to figure speed or distance. When the van stopped I heard the two in front get out and start talking, they were far enough away all I could hear was mumbling but still. Number one got out but did not tell me to move and since I am buckled in, I am kind of stuck until he helps me move. I hear him walk away and a building door open and close off to the right of me. I start to wiggle and managed to undo the seat belt myself, then I lifted my wrists toward my head to remove the bag but heard a “click--click” sound just behind my right ear and I froze.

“Not a smart move, slowly lower your hands and get to your knees.” said a voice behind me. I slowly scooted forward until I was able to get to a kneeling position with my hands in my lap. “Move forward until I say stop,” came the voice again this time from in front of me. I crawled forward on my knees toward the side of the van. “Stop.” came the voice, and so I did.

Next I felt a hand grab the top of my head and push it downward, I did not fight it as I realized I was in no position to try anything. With the bag still over my head I felt him (whoever “him” is) place a chain over my head and around my neck, what made me completely freeze for a moment is when he tightened it just enough, and I felt the spikes resting just on the surface of my skin but sharp enough they were already scratching at the surface. “Ok, I am going to take your wrists and help you out so that you are standing. If you understand say ‘yes’.”

“Yes,” it was a very quiet and timid yes, but it was clear. Satisfied he took my wrists by the ropes holding them together and pulled slightly forward making sure I kept my balance as I stepped out of the van and onto the ground. Once on my feet he released my wrists and all he held was the lead chain attached to the collar he had just put on me.

“From now on I suggest you follow directions very carefully, it won’t take much for those spikes to dig-in and I’m sure that won’t feel good. Now, come.” He started walking, leading me to the building where number one had gone I assume due to the direction we are walking. I heard the door open in front of me and felt the chain pull me forward, I moved carefully through the doorway, trying not to trip as I was still barefoot. Once inside and the door shut he led me through what seemed to be a couple rooms and doorways until he finally stopped inside a medium-sized room. He removed the bag, it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the lights, though not bright, it is brighter than it was in the bag. My eyes adjusted to see a room with a bed, a large wooden wardrobe, a small table with two chairs, a large box (looked metal), and a large dog cage. He walked me over to the dog cage and told me to get on my knees again. I stood a moment too long because he yanked some on the collar causing it to dig in a bit and he started to push the tip of a knife to my chest. I obeyed and got to my knees. “In the cage my dear,” he said almost sweetly and with a smile. I crawled into the cage as best I could with my wrists still bound, once inside I sat on my knees, head slightly bent to avoid the top. He reached down and unhooked the lead from the collar, then locked the cage door with a padlock. “You are the boss’s new pet, he will be in later to check on you. You might want to get a nap before then, you might be up late tonight.” he said with a laugh as he turned and left the room closing the door behind him.

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