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I Say No

I Say No

Amit’s POV

Even as I bring my lip down to his and start my relentless assault I feel a gap that was not present before. It is as if I am fiddling with a corpse! But it does not stop me from making a continuous effort to ignite his flame.

But nothing works. Sure he has an erection but that slow moaning, those cute little humps, and that all-consuming pull are nowhere in sight.

As I pull myself out of him filling more empty than ever before I look into the blank eyes of Ankit and finally realize the toll the sudden presence of Toori and her innuendoes have taken on him.

I curse her under my breath as Ankit slides off the sofa and goes to the washroom to clean himself up.

I never felt so cold...

“If you are done, please go, and do not bother me again. If it is a hot fuck you want please find someone else.”

“You know I don’t want...′

“Please leave me Amit. I am done being your whore...′

I stagger a step back at his pain. I leave the apartment with haste cursing Toori but also acknowledging her efforts to save me. I need a new plan of action. I need someone else to do my dirty task.

I know just the person for it...

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