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Ankit’s Pov

It was hard to look disinterested and cold when all I wanted was to melt in his arms and respond to his every touch.

I wanted to grasp his arms as he was biting me and put a mark of my own. I wanted to let the world know that his erection is mine and there is no one who can fill it up in its prime like me. I wanted... A lot of things that I could not have.

That lady can have him for all I care. I do not want him back!

Been there done that!

Yet as he turned his back to leave, I felt like running to him and hold him back...

But alas I cannot do so...

Good Bye, my love... Leave as my heart weeps for you.

Next Morning

“What are you asking me to do sir? Should I rejoin the office and formally take up the case?” I asked my immediate supervisor DCP Jala.

“No, what you did was wrong! I tried to blunt the blow by assigning you to the traffic duty but the people upstairs are not happy. This case could not have come at a better time! It is a God-given gift. I am suspending you for the next 3 months. This way we would get the hierarchy to show how we do not tolerate indiscipline and you would get the time you need to solve the cases.”

“Yes sir, I would do it. Can you tell me about the details of the case?”

“No, the matter is highly confidential, you need to visit to her lawyer’s office to get to know about the case, and work from there.′

“All right sir, Please text me the address”

2 hours later

“Hello, sir. I am the officer-in-charge of the case SP An...”

“Ankit ... nice to see you again. Aren’t you a sight for the sore eyes?” a cold rush down my spine as I look into the smirking face of Amit.

I suddenly feel utterly naked as he sizes me up ...

Oh God! What Am I going to do now ...

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