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Foregone Conclusion

Foregone Conclusion

Amit’s Pov

As I take in the beauty of a flabbergasted Ankit, the pervert that I am Start cooking up the number of ways I could take advantage of him during the next 3 months.

Ahh... Maybe I should strip him naked and have my way with him after I make him stay back for the day... Or maybe just kiss him every moment I can lay my hands on him...

Maybe ... Maybe ...

“Why are you here?... You are not supposed to be... Why can’t you leave me alone? ... Why?”

Yep... I would ensure that he leaves his underwear at home ... Other than presenting me with the much-needed opportunities it would stop him from twisting his at the drop of a hat.

“I hope that my being the owner of this law firm does not stop you from protecting the innocent like you are supposed to ...”

No Reaction... This is a multi-crore property in the posh neighbour hood of Mumbai ... The interiors are done by famous designers but no reaction...

It is nothing short of a palace... Who cares... Classic Ankit... Do not try to boast in front of him ... he does not care.

“The case details... I want to talk to the victim one on one ... tell me everything and fast so that I can go out and do my job”

“No can do...′

“Why? No funny business... I am warning you Amit just try to lay one hand on me ... I dare you”

“You cannot be seen out as if some one out of your department sees you the other on-duty officers would know of it and I would not be able to keep it quiet anymore...′

“You would have all the details you need...”

Seeing that he is becoming visibly relaxed, I could not help but add

“As for keeping my hands to myself... Nobody asked you to be a walking temptation... Asking to be fucked just by breathing”

As Ankit turned the deepest shade of red, I chuckled and messaged Toori to come in

“I am warning you... Amit stay away from me... Go fuck that other chick”

“Not interested...” Quoted Toori as she came in

Seeing a bewildered Ankit she said “Just his junior a single mother with 3 kids under 8... was a prostitute... have really got no place to be... Am protective of Bhaiji ... If you cannot forgive me it is game over for me.. may have to go back to my old profession... prices are rising...”

At this, blatant melodrama Ankit laughed out loud ...

Maybe it is time I gave her another raise...

“But beware of the other girls in the office most are dreaming to marry him...”

Yes, I should terminate her... Today.

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