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Working Together

Ankit's POV

“Mrs. Sharma was staying in a hotel in Mussoorie with her husband, Rudra Sharma when she claims that this was taken. She is newly married and was on her honeymoon with her husband when someone... possibly a hotel employee made a video of her and her husband in a certain way...”

“Show me the video Toori...” I say to a hesitant Toori.

Toori visibly gulped at this.

“I have seen this evidence and the positions and ... whatnots are really private... so”

“Exactly why I need to watch it. I am the professional here and there is no way that I can do my job if you obstruct me.”

Toori’s POV

The nerve...

“You should know that I am spit of Mumbai... There is nothing dark that I have not seen ... Nothing that I was not a part of ... Hell, I was dragged again and again repeatedly ... I know what I am talking about... I know -”

“As Do I... But there is something you don’t know. You do not know Light. Everyone wants to be in it. They believe that darkness is dangerous because they cannot see anything in it but What do you see in the light, Toori?

I look at him in disbelieve. Light is safe, It shows the way, it keeps you alive, it makes you believe...

“Too much light also blinds you to your surroundings, Toori. Light also lulls in you a sense of security with the deadliest of predators using that security robs you of not only your money but also dignity.”

Okay, clearly the man knows his job and means business. Nothing but the best that had always been the way of Bhaiji!

“Now can I have the video Toori? The faster the better!”

" Yes, no problem Officer,”

I say while taking out the drive in which that video is stored, weighing my options once more before I turn and hand it to him over.

" Make it Ankit ma’am... and thank you”

“Just Toori would Do.”

I smile at him as I turn around to leave feeling for some reason good ...

“Tell Amit that I would take care of his sister well and Ask him not to worry.”

My hand fell off the door handle as I turn in surprise,

“How Did You...”

I cannot complete my sentence that I am shocked is an understatement. Every dark scenario playing in my mind of the details being leaked.

" Nitya Tripathi married to Rudra Sharma in a high-octave Karan Johar type filmi wedding June 2018. Rudra Sharma is the scion of a prominent business group ... and no I am not stalking Amit, I just have a mother who is deeply interested in this kind of news ...”

He says with an apologetic smile.

Just one word ‘astute’. Ahh... if this is what Bhaiji, is accustomed to then we girls have no chance, and I am not even in the race.

“So, you knew where I was from June did you!!!′


Karan Johar - A great Bollywood director known for his lavish wedding sets and family dramas more than his equally famous art house toned films

Oooho - Equivalent to Opps

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