Just Round The Corner

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Amit’s POV

He knew.

All this time, I was going crazy searching for him... he knew.

Where I was? What I was doing? Hell! he even knew what was happening within my family!

“You Knew... Knew...”

Toori’s POV

This is not going to be pretty. Just by the look on Bhaiji’s face is enough to tell me that ...

With each step taken forward by Bhaiji, Ankit was taking a full step back, looking visibility pale...

“Okay... listen to me... ” said Ankit

“Listening... Keep Talking... ” whispered Bhaiji

“I have a licensed gun”

“I know... It’s beautiful ... I quite the feel”


“Amit Sir, Mrs. Awasthi wants to talk to you, regarding her case ...” and by just saying that Pooja interrupted in the proceedings... Just when I was having fun.

In a split of a second, the scene before me changed.

Ankit scooped up the pen drive from the table and left without a word, sporting his deadpan professional face that is famous in his chosen profession. Bhaiji thanked Pooja graciously and left the room.

Hang it!

“Why do you follow Bhaiji around? Just leave him alone. He is not interested... ”

“What do you get by humiliating Ankit?”

“I never ...′

“Amit Sir was ready to take him here and now, in this office. Anyone could have come in just about anytime... What were you thinking?”

“Nahi... Maine Sab Samhal Leti...” (No... I would have handled everything)

“Really how? Just tell me... What would you have done? Hold of the hoards of people who could hear him moan or beats colleague up as they snicker at the sight of him... Do tell!”

Daam the girl! She got me the bloody lawyer!

“Well! The pretty rich girl got it right once in a while...”

“Is that all you see? Is your vision that limited? With this knowledge how would you bring up your children...”

“Hey, Lady! The thing I have been through you have no idea! Even one account of it is enough for you to vomit in disgust. I was sold by my parents while you were pampered on every whim. You had the choice of Mercedes while I...”

“... Are so immature. So I ride a good car and have money but did you not learn anything from what Ankit said... Light blinds you.”

With that, she turned and left. Slightly shaking her head.

That bitch she was present the whole time... She really is desperate... Look Out Ankit you got competition.

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