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Past 1

Past 1

Ankit’s POV

Lucky escape... that girl pooja was a Godsend. Without her... I get chills just thinking about it.

To ensure that Amit cannot do what he intends to I pick out the most visible yet guarded spot in his office and sit down in a corner with a laptop. I had just inserted the pen drive into my laptop when I hear him say...

“I did not know that you are into girls?”

The best way to deal with Amit in this mood is to ignore him. So I simply carry on with the job at hand I am on a mission, against time that was not on my side.

“I thought that you liked your balls down there but if you are game...”

“This is a video that is essentially made to torment your sister. Any joke in that context would only make me see you as a perpetrator.”

“She is my sister ...′

“That you are not close with who made your life a living hell when you came out to your parents. Had it not been for Sandhya Didi you would be homeless. It was only after you became you the entire family came back and wished to be a part of your life...”

’Let’s be cruder they came for a handout and expected me to be happy that I am getting family acceptance. They get to climb the rungs of society to the top. Beggers...”

“That is no way to talk about your parents Amit. If you cannot respect them at least do it for me. Hello Ankit! Tell me you are back for good!”

Sandhya’s POV

I knew it. Currently, my brother was all smiles whenever I met him I should have guessed that he found Ankit.

I am the only one who knew about him from the time they met. I caught him kissing Ankit one day and Amit fessed up.

I am still surprised that I never felt any apprehension about my only brother batting with the same team rather all I could then focus on was the goofy smile that displayed in his face when he talked about Ankit. They truly are soulmates!

If only everyone was that understanding! Nitya was not! I mean really the girl lives in her own world. She had high hopes for Amit marrying her best friend and when she found that it was not possible she threw a tantrum.

Called up every family member she could just to turn things in her favor. And she failed drastically!

Nobody could ever stop Amit once he made up his mind. Ater that horrible night of being belittled by all the uncles and aunts Amit moved in with me the other black sheep.

Well, what can I say the fact that I rather leave my husband than abort my girls did not sit well with my family. The other fact that I never moved back with my parents even though I needed help with my girls and bought a home, was an eyesore to many.

Not Amit! He is the biggest support I have and I am his personal cheerleader.

But everything changed when some 4 years ago Amit’s name came out in the GQ magazine as the most influential people of the generation. After that people did come out from under the woodworks.

It was quite funny a sight when the same people who claimed that he is smearing blemish to the family name came out of the woodworks and asked if they would search or a good boy for him to settle down. I nearly puked!

The only person who did not come forward to lay a claim was Ankit. Amit was confident that Ankit did not know. Now by the looks of it, my brother has met his match.

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