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Past 2

Past 2

Amit’s POV

Why does God hate me? Every time I try to get Ankit alone he sends someone to block my clock.

I really want to know about his plans for me. Does he want me to settle down with my boy or not!

Damn It! Why is so hard to get Ankit alone? Well, let’s see how long he can avoid me. He is going nowhere for the next 3 months even if I have to personally tie him down.

Calm down little Amit! It is just a thought. It would be a while before I can take any action.

“What brings you here Di? Anything wrong with ...”

" Why can’t I just drop in to meet my baby bro?”

“Yes, you can. But something seems off today...”

“It can be a certain aunt brought another marriage proposal for me and wishes that you meet her beautiful niece. She is so beautiful that it is bound to make you forget all about boys...”

“Uh..Ha... So what upsets you? This is not your first rodeo and you have seen worse.”

“Aradhya was backing her...”

That is what has got her upset. Aradhya is the middle sister of my sister’s trio and a typical middle child who still has it in her to please everyone. She is not the one you expect to stand against the crowd in your favor if anything goes wrong.

At least she is better than Nitya and would not instigate anything. But I understand. Aradhya was at one point of time closest to Sandhya di. It is still a sight that is beyond me, how someone who does not at all has a malicious bone in her body she is quite insensitive to the problems of others.

It may stem from the fact that she has the seemingly best life of us all. A good marriage in an upper-middle-class family, one son within 1 year of marriage made her the apple of her mother-in-law’s eyes. Yup, she has it all!

“What did mom say?”

“She cried a lot and told Sheila Aunty that talking over the son who is paying all the bills is not good. She then continued how I should stay single for my daughters who would be sad if they see their mom with another man!”

" Okay! What now?”

“I have no Idea. I am not living with them and am totally independent financially. Own my home and two-holiday properties! Why do I often get the need to please her? What is it that I can’t...”

“... Seem to cut the umbilical cord. Yeah, I get it.”

“Enough heavy talk! Update me on Ankit!”

“I want in on his life and he is holding back ... Nothing seems to work ... What do I do?”

“Take your time or Buy the building he lives in ...”

She just started to laugh but paused after looking at my guilty face.

“You got to be kidding me... You really did!!! Ha..Ha..Ha...”

“I am glad Someone finds It funny...”

With that Ankit turned and left.

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