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Ankit’s Pov

I have no idea why I am so surprised? This is quintessential Amit... What he wants must be his at that very moment only. He does not wait or feel any remorse on the way he achieves it?

I cannot believe I am so dumb... I am an officer of the law for God’s sake. I knew that the deal I am getting is too good to be true. Hell, I did not even suspect when Mr. JankiRam my best landlord till date suddenly had me evicted due to putting a nail in his wall. Dumb!

After so many years of handling crimals and liers, I still am the dumb student that fell on Amit’s bed an spread his legs the first chance he got. Idiot!!!

“No, you are not and for the record, it took me a whole month to get your attention and 2 more to get in your bed!”

Amit’s POV

I had enough! 48hrs of anguish! Without him by my side and then not able to touch him while he is at an arm’s length did take a toll on me. Thank goodness the clock has turned 8 and now there is no one in the office. ME HAPPY!

“Go away! I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Good I am really not in the mood to talk!”

Ankit’s POV

Walked right into that one. Shit!

Empty office!

I should have left hours ago but no I had to complete my work. I don’t know why it seemed like a good idea them but the wolfish smile that Amit has stuck to his face has me doubting myself.

“I am not sleeping with you in your office. I am not and was never a Slut!”

“Believe me No one knows it better than me and we are not sleeping here.”

And then he grabbed my arm and led me to his office.

Amit’s POV

I can get used to this a baffled Ankit who is too surprised to question me or understand my intentions.

Can’t believe he fell for it. He is like a lamb. A cute irresistible lamb that is quite difficult to keep my hands off from.

As I led him inside my personal chamber that I mostly reserve for sleeping when I am working on a priority case, he still has not cracked it.

Good! More time for me.

“Why are you locking the door? Amit it is not funny.”

“Oh! I want some privacy you see showing off is not my thing. I am after all a humble middle-class man. And what man wants to expose his wife before another.”

Ankit’s POV

He did not even give me time to react!

After this, he attacked my buttons and while I was trying to push him off he just tore them away from my shirt.

I swear I hate my body it is the devil’s playground to do as he pleases with it.

One bite at my nipple and all the hours I spend at my gym are wasted.

As he started maneuvering my bod that was hot for him, I stretched back to allow him better to it.

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