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Devil 2

Devil 2

Amit’s POV

Not so fast my love. I have waited for a long time for this and now it is your turn.

As I hasten my tongue action I keep him at an arm’s length from my waist. It is the most difficult position to be in. Try to keep your body off and with him while to are in major want of his to be merged in mine.

I keep on fondling his twins peaks with my tongue and mouth as I try to make him overcome with lust.

By the looks of it, I really do not have to work much harder to make him hard... But why take chances.

As I push him on my humble king sized bed and dive after him a sudden idea hits me. Yes, I am a twisted SOB but it is his fault anyway leaving me high and dry for so long.

Once in bed (hopefully with me only), as usual, Ankit’s surroundings cease to exist for him. He becomes a creature that only wants and understands the pleasure that is given to him.

I smile at the thought as I tie him up, in the deftest manner, letting him register and acknowledge only the pleasure as tie his hands up in a simple rabbit knot at the head post of my bed.

As I finally withdraw my lips from him did he finally register his position and starts thrashing around.

“Amit it is not funny, For God’s sake, we are not in college anymore. Untie me now”

What can say I am too turned on to take him seriously! Letting him go is out of the question! I feel the need to cum just by looking at the beautiful flushed body of the man who is currently sporting an erection that mirrors my own.

DELICIOUS! It was my last thought as I lick my lips as start arranging my equipment of pleasure.

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