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Ankit’s POV

I am melting! I am in me but am still not present here anymore. I hate that bastard! He is my Kryptonite.

I do not hate him per say but I do believe that there is no one who is better than him in doing this to me. Tying me up!

" Last chance Amit! You are assaulting an officer of the law! Untie me now.”

“If you need my brother in your mouth so much please be more open after all it is your dinner today. I would want you to enjoy, too.

“I get to... What! Don’t you dare! If you want a chance with me... No, you won’t... I can’t ... I won’t...”

“Let me... Hmm... I take what is mine... Always have and always will ... You are not escaping me again... I forbid it ...”

I wanted to laugh and say forbid away my love but his stone cold tone stopped me from making that retort.

It has been years but I still remember the time when I met Amit the first time. He was very much into taking liberties on me and one day when I had ignored his call the broke into my room and tormented me the whole hight by not letting me cum...

“Don’t worry this time would be different... after all, you are my dinner as well... I cannot go hungry all can I...”

It was the last time he spoke that night. He then gave me the best update on the 69 positions. He thrust his in my mouth and took mine in his. After that, the whole night became a licking and teasing fest with abundant orgasms but zero penetrations.

Six hours of continuous push, pull, lick and suck, it the most extraordinary loop that spent me and perked me up as well.

I am now glad that we are in his office. Had it been my apartment or his, It would have followed on to the next day as well. I am more than glad that all this would be over in a few hours. I have never really been so glad actually.

“Hmph...” by making this sound Amit suddenly slid off me. I am a glutton for punishment as in this very instant I start missing his weight on me, acutely.

As if understanding my need he starts gently circle his hands up and down my thighs. This act only brings back my nearly gone erection, that is currently standing in its full glory. He chuckles at the sight of it.

“It is not funny...”

“Not funny just blessed.”

I frown in confusion not making any headway into his comment.

“A man who is able to arouse his wife these many years into their relationship is always blessed.”

“SHUT UP!!!”

“And the fact this is 1:37 am Saturday and I have another 30-40 hours to remedy it is nothing short of a miracle! Shall we...”

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